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Author has written 5 stories for Tales of Vesperia, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Radiant Historia, Fire Emblem, and Steins;Gate/シュタインズ ゲート.

Updated 03-08-2018:

Happy new year everyone!

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I updated the profile. Well, here is a small update concerning the two fics I will work on in the near future:

Progress report on Temporal Closure Chapter 7 and 8:

I hope to finish both of these this weekend and post them before my vacation ends. It's a very tall order, but the work count is at around 12000 out of roughly 16000. Most of the story and dialogue has been written and it's in the revision phase. Chapter 7 constantly kicked my ass since Mayuri, to me, is very hard to write. She is like the anti-me, but then again not entirely. Her intelligence level to me is hard to estimate. It is portrayed to be lowish but at the same time she is the only one to figure out that the seemingly random letters on the labmem badges are everyone's initials, and she is the only one to deduce that Daru is Suzuha's real father. This is when her competition consist of Okabe, Kurisu anmd Daru, who all all genius-level of intelligence. On the other hand, this is seemingly the only occurence where this shows, so maybe it was a fluke. You could argue that this shouldn't matter when writing her, and in some situations it might not, but if you put her ina situation where weird or worrying things are occuring then it becomes a question to how perceptive Mayuri would or should be and how it would affect how she acts.

In this regard, Daru, at least, is easier. When it comes to writing him, the more perverted he is, the more accurate he is. I mean, seriously... according to SG:O (the VN), he insisted on constantly taking baths with his own daughter, Suzuha, when she reached puberty. I mean, COME ON MAN. I get that the writers have to give you flaws to not overshadow Okabe too much, but this is really streching suspense of disbelief...

Progress report on nobility, final chapter:

This will be completed after temporal closure part 1 finishes (meaning chapter 7 and 8 are finished).

Personal information

Ah, i see someone is for some reason interested in knowing a little more about the enigmatic reviewer that is known only as Dieuwtjin. I guess i must have made a good impression somewhere O_o

Anyway, you have come to the right place! Come and sit down on this comfy chair here. Can i get you something to drink? Well, anything non alcoholic in any case? Alcohol isn't really my thing... and you wouldn't want to hear me embarras myself with who knows what kind of stories i might tell if i were to be drunk, right?

No, i thought so... but now that we are comfy with drinks and all, what is it that you would like to know?

Real name:

Ow, come on... Dieuwtjin isn't that hard to spell. Actually, Dieuwertje is a real name here in the Netherlands. If you really do not want to use Dieuw, you can call me William, which is a name that does have a close relevance to my real one.


' I'm an old fossil, since I'm 22' was what my profile originally said. Well, that was a long time ago... I'm now roughly 10 years older and probably too old for this. Or aren't I? Hmmm... what do you think?


Can't you tell...? I mean, we're in the same fictional room enjoying equally fictional drinks... hold on, i didn't accidentally grab some extremely potent alcoholic beverage belonging to my housemate, did i...? Well... anyway, i'm male, just to straighten that out.

Physical appearance:

I went to a camp with some friends that i knew only from the internet once (my guild from an online MMOrpg that i once played), and a lot of them (including the girls) seemed to think that i resembled Clark Kent from the Smallville series. They even went as far to make me a special hat with the superman symbol on the front. So depending on whether or not you believe them, you might now find yourself having a drink with a younger version of superman.


I'm a physician from the aforementioned Netherlands. Did i always want to be a doctor/medic? Well, i was in doubt for a long time on what to do, as economics, law school, dentistry and medicine all seemed to be interesting, and i was equally good in everything. In the end, i chose medicine as it was the most practical and direct way to help other people.


I guess i can say that i'm totally addicted to RPG's, anime's, gaming, sporting, reading, writing (for fun), studying (the interesting topics) and working (gotta earn some money to avoid having to live locked up in my room while eating just water and bread!), in no particular order :)

If i had to name a few good rpg's, the best and most memorable ones i have played are final fantasy 7, lufia 2, tales of symphonia and tales of vesperia. In fact, the two tales games are probably the best rpg i have ever played. Thus, it was no real surprise that i chose those to write a story about. For more recent releases I would recommend pillars of eternity 1 and 2 on PC and pathfinder: kingmaker.

For good professional writers, i can recommend Raymond Feist, Robert Jordan, David/Leigh Eddings and J.k. Rowling.

If you're looking for my list of favorite ff.net authors, it's complete yet. But in the meantime, if i reviewed your story, it means you're one of my favorites. That doesn't mean i don't consider you a good author if this isn't the case, as i haven't been able to read even remotely all of the stories going on here, much less review all of them, with my time schedule (as i normally try to make long and detailed constructive reviews). So sorry if i haven't been able to read your awesome story yet :)


Aside from all the standard stuff just about everyone loves to hate, i don't really like going to party's and/or alcohol. I guess i'm way too shy to even remotely be a party animal, and party's are always so crowded and the interaction with everyone is always so forced. And there was this time when i was minding my own buisness when i was suddenly dragged off by a random girl for unknown reasons... (kinda like what happens to Marcus in the first chapter of TDW).

For alcohol, i personally think that anything with alcohol in it tastes a bit like how i would expect dishwasher water (including soap/tablets) to taste. So i don't drink it... and i don't really see the point of being drunk either, as you then just end up doing silly stuff and might even put yourself in danger, depending of where you decide to get drunk. And besides, if you're the last remaining sober person in any given circumstance, you're bound to have a lot of material that you can use to blackmail whoever else was there at the time :P

What got you into writing/reviewing?

Well, for writing, i know a lot of aspiring and talented young writers from my social surroundings. Secondly, I wanted to try writing a story, just to see what it was like... and as i was reviewing a lot of authors here on ff.net, it felt a bit unsportsmanlike to not offer everyone something on which they could completely destroy me in return. Thirdly, just so see how succesful my story/stories would be if i posted it/them here.

For reviewing, i just find it fun to have discussions with non professional writers on writing stories... especially if you both know of the 'story universe', which is almost guaranteed due to this site's categorisation structure. Although the discussions go by reviews/responses/story notes, they are still very entertaining.

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