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Noctis & Draco. Two Sisters separated by a three year age gap. Qiao sisters personified. Formally known as DeadlyxMoogle

.:N o c t i s:.

Shy. socially awkward.early bird. goofball. a bit spacy. bookworm. casual gamer. Japanese language student. i love watching Asian dramas and learning about different cultures. 23 years old.

A few of my F a v o r i t e things: Vampire Academy, Delirium, Nightshade,Anna and The French Kiss, Skins, Kimi ni Todoke, Kingdom hearts,Free!,Atelier Totori,k-pop,j-pop.

more to come



a few Book Q u o t e s!

"She might be wild and disrespectful, but if she has potential—"
"Wild and disrespectful? Who the hell are you anyway? Outsourced help?"
"Guardian Belikov is the Princess Lissa's guardian now, her sanctioned guardian."
"You got cheap foreign labor to protect Lissa?”Rose and Dimitri, Vampire Academy

"Rose is in red, but never in blue, sharp as a thorn, fights like one too." Adrian Ivashkov, Vampire Academy; Blood Promise

"I also have a feeling your mother's going to have one ugly conversation with me."
"You're about to go face down Strigoi, and my mother's the one you're scared of?"
"She's a force to be reckoned with. Where do you think you got it from?"
"It's a wonder you bother with me then."
"You're worth it, believe me.” Dimitri & Rose, VA; Shadow kiss

"I think you have a promising future as a house wife while Lissa works and makes millions of dollars."
"Funny that's exactly my dream." Rose & Christian VA: Shadow Kiss

"Now get back to your room—if you can manage it without throwing yourself at someone else.”
"Is that your subtle way of calling me a slut?” Dimitri and Rose, Vampire Academy

“Guys do ridiculous things for love." Adrian reached into his pocket and held up a pack of cigarettes. "Do you know how badly I want one of these right now? Yet I suffer, Rose. All for you.” Adrian Ivashkov, VA; Spirit Bound

“No," Dimitri interrupted gently. He moved his face toward mine, our foreheads nearly touching."It won't happen to you. You're too strong. You'll fight it, just like you did this time."
"I only did because you were here." He wrapped his arms around me, and I buried my face in his chest. "I can't do it by myself," I whispered.
"You can," he said. There was a tremulous note in his voice. "You're strong—you're so, so strong. It's why I love you.” Dimitri & Rose Shadow Kiss

"Thanks. I forgot how to flip off the English. I'll use the correct hand gesture next time"

"My pleasure. Always happy to educate"

-Anna and Étienne, Anna and the French Kiss

“I wish friends held hands more often, like the children I see on the streets sometimes. I'm not sure why we have to grow up and get embarrassed about it.”
-Anna Oliphant, Anna and the French Kiss

Girl scouts didn't teach me what to do with emotionally unstable drunk boys.- Anna Oliphant, Anna and the French Kiss

“Har. Bloody. Har."
He smiles. "Oh, I see. Known me less than a day and teasing me about my accent. What's next? Care to discuss the state of my hair? My height? My trousers?" Trousers. Honestly.
- Anna & Étienne, Anna and the French kiss

One of the new girls followed me in and said she thinks Toph is an insensitive douchebag motherhumping assclown, and that I shouldn't let him get to me. Which was sweet, but didn't really help. -Anna Oliphant, Anna and the French Kiss

lollolol motherhumping assclown XD I love you, Stephanie! I really have to use that one day.


UPDATE (9-27-13):

i'm thinking of doing some Kimi ni Todoke oneshots/twoshots/short stories and maybe some KH stuff. i dunno we'll see.

(I really need to catch up with KnT S2 because holy crap i'm recovering from Free! ending and stuffs)


"Sex is Art and Art is us"-me
How Do I Look?- She is scrawny girl who is slightly underweight. Wears only dirty converse high tops and an over sized leather jacket.She reeks of green tea and sarcasm.

Vegetarian. Tea Drinker. Likes Thrift stores & anything vintage . Aspiring illustrator. perverted.easily irritated
Professional Kleptomaniac :p

Stories that belong to me

-Sengoku Basara -

How To Train Your One-Eyed Dragon.



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