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Favorite shows: Star Trek original, Star Trek Next Gen, Digimon season 1, Pokemon, Naruto, Doctor Who (new series), and MASH

Favorite movies: Wrath of Khan, The Search For Spock, Voyage Home, The Undiscovered Country, First Contact, Star Trek 2009, Angels with Dirty Faces, Indiana Jones (except Kingdom of the Crystal Skull), The Hunt of the Red October, Oceans 12 and 13, and Valkyrie

Favorite books/series: Q-Squared, Artemis Fowl, The Lost Years of Merlin, The Great Tree of Avalon, Wild Fire, Harry Potter, The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, The Amulet of Samerkand, and the Gabriel Allon series.

Favorite Couplings:

Key: bold is a series, italic is a subcategory, underlined is the coupling itself

Digimon Adventure/Adventure 02:

Couples I Support: These are going to be the couples I generally will write into my season 2 revision.

Taiora: To me, this coupling just makes sense. I really don’t know why they got rid of it in season 2. They seem made for each other.

Koumi: I dunno, this coupling just kinda struck me. After all, we know that the computer geek always gets the girl in the end.

Takari: I’m not as big a Davis basher as I may appear to be, but this coupling has history in season 1, and it still has plenty of evidence in season 2…plus it also just kinda makes sense.

Couples I don’t Mind: Couplings I really don’t have any feelings about. They’re not bad, but you won’t see me writing them…at least not on purpose.

Jyoumi: Although I have a preference for Koumi, I really don’t mind this coupling at all. It still has logic and hints within the acceptable canon.

Mimato: Yeah, ummm. This one’s mainly because I feel sorry for Matt. He really deserves someone who isn’t creepy (like Jun) or taken (like Sora). It’s not that I approve of this coupling because it’s Mimi and Matt, but mainly because Mimi is the only acceptable Digidestined to couple Matt with…

Kenyako: Even though this one is canon, I really don’t have any feelings, positive or negative, towards it. I’m not necessarily the biggest Yolei fan, but I will try to do her justice in my revision of season 2.

Daikari: In small doses, this one’s all right.

Daiyako: I can sort of see logic behind it, but then I think to myself, do I even actually care?

Couples I Dislike: To me, these couples make absolutely no sense whatsoever. There is no logic or acceptable canon to back them up. Do note that by ‘acceptable canon’ I mean the entirety of season 1, and anything in season 2 that didn’t destroy or try to rewrite season 1.

Sorato: This is one of the few couplings I genuinely disdain. Basically, this coupling makes a mockery out of season 1. You really shouldn’t toy with people’s feelings like that! There was little to no evidence of this coupling whatsoever in season 1, and all of a sudden, just because Matt’s become a rock star, Sora falls in love with him?! WTF?! Now don’t get me wrong, I like both Matt and Sora as characters, but they really don’t belong together. Sora belongs with Tai, and Tai belongs with Sora. End of story.

(To the inevitable, alleged Sora/Matt moment that took place in season 1 where Matt pulled Sora out of her depression, I’d like to remind you of a few things. Number 1, Joe was there and helped too. Number 2, Sora was depressed in the first place because she thought she was going to fail Tai. How is this relevant? You don’t get so depressed when you feel that you’re going to disappoint anybody. You only get depressed when you feel that you’re failing someone important and special to you.)

Digimon Tamers:

Couples I Support: Although I probably won’t be writing any season 3 fics, if I ever do, these will likely be the couples I include.

Rukato: Yeah the whole ‘Takato/Jeri’ thing is cute, but I just like this pairing a whole lot better. It has plenty of evidence, even in the movies (especially Runaway Locomon). This pairing ought to be canon…seriously

LeeJuri: The two Tamers with the gentler natures seem to make a good couple to me. Besides, I’d rather not couple Henry with a character who a) appeared so late in the series and b) didn’t even appear that much.

Couples I don’t Mind: Again, these couplings I really don’t mind. By that I mean, I will read a fanfic with these couples, but they’re just not the ones I prefer.

Jurato: Yes there is plenty of evidence for this coupling in the anime, but I still prefer Rukato (for which there is also plenty of evidence).

Jenlice: Eh, like I said, she only showed up at the last minute and not very much, so there’s not much to object to.

Jenruki: I don’t object to this coupling, but I do prefer Rukato…

Couples I Dislike:

Ryuka: Anytime some author feels the need to create a character that’s similar to an already existing character, but the opposite sex, midway through the series, it’s a bad idea. Thus when Ryo the “Digimon King” entered the scene with Rika the “Digimon Queen” it is almost obvious that the writers intended for them to be together, but seriously?! First of all, I’m not terribly fond of Ryo’s character in the first place (hence I’m writing him out of my time line). Second of all, if one character is like a fe/male version of the other character, it’s just…argh!!!!

5/25/14: *sigh* so much for episodes 12 and 13 being uploaded any time soon. I'm really sorry guys. I haven't forgotten about this account, nor have I forsaken it completely. I do have some plans regarding this account and will hopefully be updating at a fairly consistent basis once I get over some of my writer's block. Believe it or not, I finally finished episode 12, which was delayed by combinations of computer viruses, writer's block, and life kicking my ass. I also intend, at some point, to revamp my D0 series. When I first started writing it, I didn't have any clear pictures of the characters in my mind and purposely left out descriptions and so forth to allow the readers to imagine my characters however they wanted. I now have a much better picture of my characters in mind as well as minor rewrites to George's back story. While I do have a lot going on in my life right now, I hope to be able to write for at least a half hour everyday, which will enable me to update fairly frequently. I will occasionally run into writer's block, these things happen, but hopefully occurrences will be few and far between. I do enjoy writing, my problem is that it is more of a hobby as opposed to a profession, and so I can't always find time for it, nor am I as creative as people who do write for a living. I try my best, and hopefully that is good enough that some of you are still left to read this and ultimately read my updates. Anyways, enough rambling, those of you who are still here have been waiting long enough for an update, and an update you shall have. I finished episode 12 last night, and proofread, edited, and had another set of eyes look it over for me today. As such, within the hour shall be the long awaited update to my season 2 revised story. It's about damned time!

7/6/14: As the first act of my revamping my old stories I finally updated that horrendous prologue for my D0: The Satanmon Saga story. The formatting was absolutely atrocious, and the story needed some work as well. I'm actually happy with how it finally came out, and hopefully now, when people open my stories to read them, the first thing they see won't be a tangle of jumbled paragraphs, sentences, and grammar. I'm fairly certain that's a good way to keep people from coming back, so hopefully people will now actually be willing to take a second look at my work now that I've fixed the formatting. Chapter 13 of Season 2 revised is well under way. I only need to write 2-3 more scenes and then I'll be in the final editing phase. Editing this chapter might take a little longer than usual, since there are a number of intentional typos and misspellings throughout the chapter, but over all hopefully it will be up by the end of the week. I had hoped I'd get it up by July 4th, but I didn't quite have as much free time as I thought I would. Anyways, this rambling is keeping me from finishing writing episode 13, so I'll sign off and hopefully, I'll be back soon!

List of Works (and future works)

Key: bold means "completed", underlined means "is currently being worked on", and italic means "a future project, title subject to change"

D0: The Satanmon Saga: part 1 of the D0 Trilogy (revamp)

D0: The Terrible Three: part 2 of the D0 Trilogy (revamp)

D0: The Demonic Dozen: part 3 of the D0 Trilogy

D0 The Movie: Chaosmon's Revenge

D0 the Movie: The Machinations of Milleniummon

Digimon season 1: only a few rewrites, additions, and episodes from different perspectives (similar to "Showdown in Japan" from D0: The Terrible Three)

Digimon season 1.5: The season 1 Digidestined meet George, with a few changes to some of the Digimon movies.

Digimon season 2: almost a complete and total rewrite... (don't ask I just felt like starting it. I know I'm a little out of order...)

Digimon the Movie: The Ancient Evil Awakens

I think that's enough for now...

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