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08/18/2012- Well, I never thought I'd see the day...but the boy is out of town this weekend for a business thing in Chicago (if any of you live there and see a tall guy in a suit who looks very handsome, probably wearing a crazy tie...tell him I miss him! lol) and I find myself at loose ends with nothing to do! No wedding plans, no appointments, no obligations or meetings! Yessssss. It's time to write. To those of you who have patiently waited for me to update-thank you. Seriously, I am so sorry it's not even funny. Now, let's just get on with this already, shall we?

02/07/2012-I am ashamed. I'm now, more than officially, one of THOSE writers. I hang my head and beg for forgiveness. :) Life is crazy and sometimes the things we love most, like writing...take a backseat to all of the responsibilities we pile on our shoulders. I apologize, sincerely, for my lack of updates. That being said, having an unfinished story is not okay...what do you say we get this thing sealed up? Here here! :) (Oh yeah, and my profile is now so beyond outdated that it's hysterical that I'm not going to update it...because it's an antique! :) )

Hey everyone! I am a student entering my fourth year in college and I'm studying Forensic Anthropology. I also work in the accounting department at a car dealership, you know, to pay the bills. It can be both exciting and mundane, but I like it because the people are nice.

Other than all of that I love writing, hiking and camping. I have the most adorable Shih-Tzu (and he will gladly bite your face off, y'know...if that's ever something you'd like to have done). He loves me but pretty much hates everyone else. It's kind of embarrassing :). We're working on it. Just the other day he actually allowed my younger sister to hold him in her lap, yay for baby steps!

Also, general disclaimer: I don't own the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew...but if I did I would invite everyone over for a huge party and we'd get to ask them all sorts of wonderfully random questions. Also if I owned any of them...Callie would have never existed (sorry Callie fans...I do like her...but...) and Frank would be mine forever. :)

I think that's it! Maybe I'll update this later when I re-read it and realize how crazy I sound! Until then, I hope everyone has a great day!

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Under The Influence by Red Hardy reviews
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