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Author has written 4 stories for Bleach, and Harry Potter.

Hi! My name is Connie. :D I'm not going to give you my age... ._. I'm not some 10 year old little kid reading gross stuff on the internet. TRUST ME.

Okkayy, so the main fanfiction I read are Harry Potter and Bleach. I've read/watched much more manga/anime than just Bleach, but I find Bleach is the only fanfiction that amuses me. Same goes for Harry Potter.

Here are my favorite couples!!

Draco&Hermione- OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG! Ultimate favorite!!







Hichigo&...Ichigo?- Lol, I don't even know if that's possible, but Hichigo's awesome!



Daisuke&that guy with the white or blue hair- I think it's Satoshi? I haven't read DNAngel in a LONG time

Edward&Bella- DIE BELLA!


Sam&Emily- I think those are their names...

Ugh, that's all I can think of right now. D:


Okay, I have a lot but I'll just put down some I cannot stand.

Draco&Hermione- only when Draco "changes" and Hermione and Draco fall in love. Awww. Not. D:

Why I hate it:

1. Impossible

2. No humor, just romance. And usually unreal, too sweet romance. -gags-

3. No smirks or sneers from Draco!! That's the hotness factor! :O

Ron&Hermione- shudders

Anything involving two Weasleys together. That is just weird and gross.

Snape&Hermione- Umm...need I say more?! SNAPE IS AN OILY HAIRED OLD FART. D

McGonagall&Dumbledore- I don't care about implied, I just don't want explicit. D: EWWW, BAD IMAGES.

Ron&Harry&Hermione- That's just...ewww.

Blaise&Hermione- I like this couple alone but usually Blaise steals Hermione from Draco. GRR.

Orihime with anyone- I hate hate hate hate Orihime. UGH

Hitsugaya&Hinamori- It was over once she blamed Gin for like hypnotizing Aizen or something? Is she crazy?

Gin&Aizen- Umm...Gin is for Matsumoto!


HATE CROSSOVERS- I've never actually read them, but they sound stupid. I mean, how can you put Naruto in Harry Potter?!

HATE OOC CHARACTERS- Especially Draco. He's an arrogant, pompous, and obnoxious pureblood who thinks he's better than everyone else! I understand that he should be nice to Hermione once he realizes he loves her. But he's not going to after one freaking kiss. It'll take him a lot more to confess that he likes a mudblood. D:

Yayy, I ranted!!

Anyway, hope you enjoy my stories.

Update on Reminiscent Thoughts:

I think this story might be given up. xP I haven't watched bleach or anime in a while, and I don't feel like this story is going anywhere. D:

Hello, Professor Malfoy Stuff:

Here are the dresses Ginny and Hermione wore in Ch. 1




I know, I know, I should be focusing on Hello, Professor Malfoy. But I'm just writing this down, so I don't forget, and so you guys have something to look forward to. :D

So, Draco catches Hermione snogging (unwillingly, but still) an atrocious, gross, undecided character, who's just icky to think about with Hermione. Hermione of course doesn't want to this to be leaked out, so Draco's blackmailing her. She has to be his "slave" or he'll tell all of Hogwart's. At first, he just treats her like a house elf, but things look promising...to us readers!! :D

BY THE WAY, I don't intend or want this fic to be totally sexual. I think Hello, Professor Malfoy is sexed up enough. xD This is going to be a Romance/Humor fic, and it's going to be cute and fluffy and just adorable!! :D Oh, and set in...hmm...how about 7th year, but it's after the war, and they all have to return for another year. :P I don't really want the war to be going on, because then it won't be cute and fluffy and adorable!! :D I'm so excited. And guess how I came up with this story? My own daydreams. And Hello, Professor Malfoy was from a dream I had... Yum. :D


7 Deadly Sins- 7 short, fluffy oneshots about the 7 deadly sins in Draco and Hermione's relationship. I'm excited for this one too! I'll probably get a chapter of this story out soon. :D

7 Virtues?- I think this one would be a little more fun to write actually. xD I'll probably upload them correspondingly, like Lust goes with Chastity. :D

And lust is first by the way. But I don't really know how to write it... I know, lust should be the easiest, but I really don't want this to be centered on sex. xP

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