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Hello all

I am adding this statement here to inform my friends I have to go on hiatus. I will be taking down my work here, for the simple reason I don’t wish to have any of it taken or used in anyway by anyone. I will finish them, but I don’t think it fair to tell my fans I will and never get the time I really thought I would have to post the finished product. I seem to read what I have written, and then I think of another way I could proceed. It will be completed the way my newer vision dictates, but at this time I have no time to devote to this work. Yes, I am very much aware of the fact, this is fan fiction, and I cannot make a profit from it. That is not the reason; I just have strong principles that dictate to remove it before I leave.

I cannot put this “writing for fun” account (fan fiction) ahead of my original work as I have said a million times. I tend to devote too much energy into something I feel passionately about. I do about my stories here, so this is another reason I am removing them. I have far too much on my plate with editing and ironing out certain original plots, to be able to continue these stories here. Of course my time with my family will not take a back seat to fan fiction. That is not fair to them or me. Sadly, I must leave. If not forever – for a while. I cannot be pinned down to a time, so it is best to put things into hiatus.

I have had a wonderful few years here. Thank you for reading my stories and being so sweet. Have a lovely time writing; I only wish you all the best of luck.

Bye ~~AVWD