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Hello folks! I am DahkPanda, formally known as Grimalich. I am back for the most part, still carrying all my original stories and bringing in some new content for all of you to enjoy..or bash me in kind. Either way you're enjoying yourselves, right?

Anyways, I am getting myself into trying to write a few stories for Dragon Age Inquisition, as well as a story for Saints Row, as a friend of mine, alith anar, keeps kicking my seat whenever I say I will get back to it. Sorry for the long delay, here's hoping that I can make up for it. Perhaps make another One Piece story that hopefully will come to mind.

To anybody who really cares, here's some old pairings I had liked back in the day (And sorry folks, not a Zutara fan)


Zuko/Toph (Zoph or Toko): Despite the difference in ages, I find myself really attracted to this pairing, for a number of reasons. The two can truly understand each other, with similar backgrounds as opposed to the rest of the groups. Zuko is the fire, ever violent but carries a certain amount of beauty and peace. Toph is the earth that surrounds the fire, and can be just as beautiful as the fire. With the two comes with balance, and it's a fun type of balance. (I'm curious to know what Toph may do to Zuko in the future.

Aang/Katara (Kataang): Definetly what got me into the series in the first place (before I saw just how badass Zuko could really be). Aang is the fun-loving boy that people never really hate, and through the Seasons (Books), he continues to grow to become a better character as time goes on. Katara is that balance to him that keeps Aang smiling. though she has alot of hardships, she remains fond of Aang. The two remain as a constant throughout the story, despite what most people often say. (Sorry, Zutara fans, I fear I just haven't really gotten into the idea of Zuko and Katara together.) Besides, Aang's daydream with him dipping Katara and trying to make out with her was hilarious, and Aang's true kiss to Katara was a lovely sight.

One Piece:

Luffy/Nami: Who didn't see this one coming? What I'm still surprised about is the fact that everyone's favorite story is 'Belli for a Kiss', something I had not expected to be as exceedingly popular as I had originally thought. Now I got to eventually surpass my original One Piece story for something better...crap ;.;. In all honesty though, Luffy/Nami is an absolute favorite, he's the brawn while she's the brain and the two interact well together whenever Luffy is moderately hyper. Plus it doesn't help when often Luffy is the person that Nami goes to for help rather than the others. Nothing against the Sanji/Nami, but my preference goes more towards the future Pirate King.

Franky/Robin: Not exactly sure why, but I find myself liking the older pairing. They just seem cute to me.

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