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NOTE: My pen name does NOT-I repeat, NOT mean that I am on drugs. Just so you know, for anyone who thought it did.

Age: Wouldn't you like to know.

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May 11, 2011: Updates and housekeeping.

Hi there, if anyone still knows who I am. Damn, I was 14 when I wrote most of my stuff...Well, anyway, I've got a new idea for a fic. One that doesn't involve a lot of Mary Sue-ish-ness and OC's. Also, I'm completely rewriting Corruption because of its Mary Sue epidemic. Blah.

Anyway, I'll probably completely forget about both of these, but, well, just wanted to say I'm not dead.

JAK AND DAXTER: Condensed summaries

Ah...Where to start with this series? It all starts with Jak and Daxter disobeying "old green stuff", going to Misty Island, and transforming Daxter into an Ottsel (otter/weasel). Needless to say, he wants to get turned back. Soooooooo Jak, Samos the Green Sage, and Keira, his daughter, go and try to find the only people who can turn him back, who are-guess what-trying to destroy the world. So Jak has to kill them. (End Jak 1)

Then a lot of complicated stuff happens and they are flung into the future, into Haven City. Jak spends two years in prison being pumped full of Dark Eco while Daxter is trying to save him. Now Jak has dark powers! :D So they go kill Baron Praxis, who imprisoned him, and Erol, the commander of the Krimzon Guard, and meet Torn (leader of the underground), Ashelin (an Underground helper and the Baron's daughter), Sig (the Peacemaker dude!), Onin (an ooooooooooold lady who talks by waving her arms around), Pecker (her translator), and meet back up with Keira. Then they go kill the Metal Head leader. Oh yeah, and the Baron dies. (End Jak II)

Jak gets banished to the Wasteland and is picked up by Wastelanders, the leader of which is Damas. He gathers Precursor artifacts, meets Seem (a he/she Precursor monk), Kleiver (an old guy wearing a diaper), and catches up with Sig before going back to Haven and trying to get rid of the Metal Heads and Death Bots now in the City. Then he finds out about a Dark ship orbiting the planet, gets light powers, and goes and kills it. It turns out Damas is Jak's dad, and he dies...Hey look, Errol's alive! So Jak beats him down again. (End Jak 3)

During Jak's 2 years in prison, Daxter runs around exterminating bugs and barely escapes an exploding Eco shipment headed for the Palace. So he "disguises" himself, heads to the Palace, and finds one of the Metal Head leaders, who is trying to kill him! Ack! So Daxter beats him down (what else is new?) and breaks Jak out of prison. (End Daxter)

I don't have Jak X, so I can't offer a summary.

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