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Author has written 6 stories for Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, and Naruto.

Name: Asuka or 'suka is fine :3

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Nationality: EuroAsian

Favorite Color: teal

Location: New York, America (don't stalk me -puppy eye's-)

Luffs: Vanilla Mochi (and dun ever forget it) and strawberry smoothies

Hates: Green Tea Mochi (-cries- its just not fufilling) and green tea smoothies...

Hobbies: Staring off into space, writing, reading, playing DDR, running around Manhattan with a 20 dollar bill

About Me: I love Hinata, if your going to flame her just to let you know it goes in one ear and out the other. If your going to flame the pairings I like I've lost all respect for you. I like every character in my stories to have a happy ending unless its Kazuko we're talking about... he can suffer -evil laugh- I love poetry, I write poetry at random times. I love making stories, you can't take it away from me if you steal all my pens and papers. Hm... I'm addicted to writing fanfictions about Romance and Humor. I want to try angst but I don't know if my characters will be very IC in an angst fanfiction. What else... oh, I'm adicted to Kpop, unfortunately I'm learning Spanish now so I can't learn korean. Two languages at one time is a little bit too much for me ._. I can be a big hypocrite sometimes, but I accept that I am a hypocrite cause everyone is a hypocrite! I respect every writer here on, you all are equally awesome! -insert love- and thats... about it hehe

Kazuko – 17, Toki (once Asuka) – 14, Mamoru – 18

(All original characters that may/may not show up in my stories :3)


Anime that is equivilant to love:

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Dogs Bullets Carnage
Tsubasa Chornicals
Card Captor Sakura
Until Death Do Us Part

Kill me Kiss me
Hana Kimi

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Favorite Character: Takeshi Yamamoto
Least liked character: (-le gasp-) none!
1 Favorite Pair: YamamotoHaru
2 Favorite Pair: LamboI-pin
3 Favorite Pair: ChromeTsuna

Dogs BulletsCarnage

Favorite Character: HAINE -squeals-
Least liked character: Magato
1 Favorite Pair: HaineNill
2 Favorite Pair: HaineNaoto

Ouran High School Host Club
Favorite Character: Mori!
Least liked character: ... none
1 Favorite Pair: MoriHaruhi
2 Favorite Pair: HaruhiTamaki
3 Favorite Pair: RengeKyoya
4 Favorite Pair: KyoyaHaruhi

Favorite Character: Hinata
Least liked character: Orochimaru
1 Favorite Pair: SasukeHinata
2 Favorite Pair: GaaraHinata
3 Favorite Pair: KibaSakura
4 Favorite Pair: ShikamaruTemari
5 Favorite Pair: NejiTenten
6 Favorite Pair: KakashiAnko
7 Favorite Pair: ShinoHanabi

Card Captor Sakura
Favorite Character: Touya
Least liked character: Sonami (she's mean)
1 Favorite Pair: SakuraLi
2 Favorite Pair: TouyaTomoyo
3 Favorite Pair: EriolTomoyo


Update // 20th June, 2008

I just read chapters 197 and 198... all I have to say is--

HECK YES! YAMAMOTO IS BACK IN THE GAME... everyone... cheer for the Rain Guardian Besides that...

I'm coming out with a new Sasuke Hinata story. Right now I can't work on The Fawn of Modeling or Even Monotones Dance, they're going to be on haitus until I can find my muse for writing them once more.

Update // 23th June, 2008
Thank you for all your comments on, The Social Retard and The Heart Throb xD
The story was going to longer, in the story Hinata was going to get fired and as it turns out she makes a mistake of calling Sasuke's cell number instead of Tenten's. But I couldn't figure out how to do it... so I just wrote what I did.

Update // 11th July, 2008

Asuka-dono is back, and she's made another chapter for The Social Retard and The Heart Throb. She may be coming out with a new Katekyo Hitman story, because Yamamoto is so awesome... Yama ftw
Check back sometime soon for a one shot of HinaGaara ( because I am going to write one soon ).

Update // 12th July, 2008

The Social Retard and The Heart Throb was updated today and turned into a chapter story... yaya!

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