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Death Note is my Anti-Drug

Matt/Mello is my OTP!

Mello/Halle is my OTHetP!

Light/L is a perfection.

Mello/Near/Matt is my OT3!

I hate bad grammar, bad spelling and Mary-Sues.

Don't bash my pairings, bash the fact that I write and love yaoi and don't character rape.

Get flamed? Oh, you poor things...

Wanna know WHY you got flamed? Well, here is a delightful list of reason:

1. Your writing. Grammar, spelling, punctuation...the works. If it's horrible, unreadable and downright shitty, then I shall flame you. Sucks don't it?

2. Rape is not funny. AIDS is not funny. Cutting is SERIOUSLY not funny. Don't joke about that kinda stuff. Don't use that kinda shit unless you're going to be realistic about it. If you're going to use those types of things as 'plot twists' then make them realistic. Don't rape one of your characters and then have them all happy and fucking like rabbits with your OC. Just...no.

3. Character Rape. OOC is fine SOMETIMES. However, if I read one more story where Mello is a total pansy or Matt is a cutter...I shall SCREAM! And flame your ass...definitely flame your ass.

4. Troll. Need I say more?

5. You're using the site as an excuse to bitch and whine and rant about whatever shit has made you unhappy with your fandom. This is not fucking FACEBOOK! Use this site to write STORIES! NOT BITCH-FESTS!

6. Abuse of caps-lock, punctuation, etc, etc...it hurts the eyes, so cut it out!

7. Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus. Awww...your OC is super-duper perfect! She's/He's super-duper intelligent! She's/He's in love with the main character...awww...FLAMED!

8. Review-Whoring. R&R is okay...saying that you won't update until you get 10000000 reviews is not.

9. Your attitude. I can tell when someone is a snooty bitch or a stuck-up cow by they're A/Ns. Unhappy with the amount of reviews? Sad that someone doesn't like your story? GROW UP!

10. Dear. Lord. I can't stand it when people write Jonas fics. Or when people randomly stick a Twilight reference in their story, claiming it to be the BESHT LUV STORY LIEK EVAA!1!111!!111!...no. Just...no.

Read the rules. Accept the rules.

Not happy still? Then PM me...flame MY story...see if I care what you immature brats think...


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