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I am a 32 years old single mother of two children. I used to live in Illinois (my daughter is 12 and my son is 11) now I live in Tennessee.

I was working but due to personal reasons had to quit (discrimination against my son. He is autistic).

I now have a job that is wonderful and still allows me all the time with my kids (no sitter needed).

I am a GSR-shipper all the way regardless what they say (other shippers grillows/snickers etc; to me they just don't seem right!? but everyone is entitled to their own opinion and this is mine) Jan. 15th word for ya; PERFECT! AMAZING! AWESOME! ABOUT DAMN TIME!(well that's four. those of us who love GSR got our happy

I'm not the best speller, I cheat a lot. I use spell checker and thank god for beta's. :)

I read a lot and spend all the time with my children I can like(movies, books, cartoons, coloring etc:;).

I love all kinds of music; Jazz, Rock, Pop, Metal, Oldies, some Country(but not the sappy stuff-too depressing),some Rap and much more.

My advice on life is live in the moment cause life's to damn short not too, Remember to smile cause it's contagious and it'll brighten someones day..

I try to be upbeat about everything. Cause everything happens for a reason.

If you like/love GSR check out . Awesome site, videos, pics, stories, and much more. I also go by tmschmitt1979, just so ya know. :)


TV Shows: I like...

CSI: Vegas (gotta have the original w/original cast.), Glee, TrueBlood, NCIS,HOUSE MD, Ghost Whisper, Ghost Hunters, The Mentalist, Law and Order SVU and CI, Burn Notice, and anything on the Food Network (i love to cook), love Sci-Fi channel too, I Love Lucy (by far the best comedy, gotta love it), Mork and Mindy(classic), Little House on the Prairie re-runs, i'll add more later. :)

My shippers: i like to read

CSI-GSR is the only one i've written, well so far(anything else is;)

The Walking Dead- Daryl and Carol/ Caryl

Glee- Rachel and Finn

True Blood- Sookie and Bill

House MD- House and Cameron/ Hameron

don't curse or condemned me, i'm entitled to my opinion, likes and dislikes. :)

Movies I like/love:

I love most of Billy Petersen's movies, Night of the Living Dead (the black and white one rocks, but they're all okay), X-men trilogy, Blade trilogy, Urban Legend 1&2, Transformers, 13 going on 30, Dare Devil, Dirty Dancing(classic), Twister, Pretty Woman(adore Julia Roberts movies), Enough(very courageous movie), Independence Day, E.T.(classic and made me cry), IT (Stephen king; i thought was scary when i first watched it when i was 10 i think), Pet Cemetery (you wanna play. i hated when little Gabe died), How to lose a guy in ten days, Overboard(love Goldie hawn), Bird on a Wire, All of the Lethal Weapons, Love Rush Hour(so funny), Goonies, Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, 16 Candles(gotta love ummmm..long duk dong? the drunk guy that stayed with grandma and grandpa), Mighty Ducks, Men at Work (the only movie with Emilio and charlie together), 48hours(Eddie murphy's a gag), Howard the Duck (i know i'm corny but can't help it,lol), garbage pale kids(old ass movie), i would say fuzz bucket(my sister and cousins wrote, on the wall no less, "fuzzy bucket is coming for you" i was 7 or 8 at the time, they scared the wholly hell out of, Mannequin, Short circut (hello jonny 5), Van Helsing(hugh jackman shirtless, need i say more. yummy), 13 Ghosts, I know what you did last summer, Sweet Home Alabama, LOTR trilogy, Bridget Jones Diary 1&2, Cold Mountain (had to pay attention to it), The Others (really had to watch it, very confusing at first), The Beast of Bray Road(sci-fi movie based on a true story), Dog Soldiers(sci-fi orginal movie), The Howling series(talk about wow!), The Monster Squad(funny/kind of scary=very cool), I also remember this one movie about twins; one cursed as a werewolf and the other a total prick/ you can't kill one without killing the other/ they both fall in love with a woman and the nice one ends up saving her with his life (very good movie but I don't know the name?), Caddyshack(Bill Mury, Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield. awesome movie), OH!! and Night Breed (a 1990 movie, I thought was very cool, a bit odd but cool no less), know i'll think of more later. :) i do like some corny movies and just plain stupid know the ones that make you laugh cause they're so stupid, and you know you could do better. :)



"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain." (Who said it? I do not know, but I like it.)

"Never let your Memories be greater than your Dreams." (I do not know who said it.)

"Where there is Love there is Life." (I do not know who said it.)

"Be Safe, Be Happy, Be Free, Be Loved, and most importantly Be Yourself." (I don't know who said it. I took bit by bit and combined it together.)

Karma what goes around comes around.

You reap what you sow.

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Teased and Consequences reviews
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This is another AU story by me. But I suppose it could be taken for future Reality, you be the judge. I'm still not very good with the summary part. Sara is having doubts about her marrige. This is M ,lol. Please read with care and sign the waiver below.
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I am but a virgin my first one *sad but true*.. Love reading others, have alot of ideas but they never turn out the way I want.. All mistakes are mine.. It probably sucks but hey atleast I gave it a shot,lol. My muse was probably not with me,LMAO.. Enjoy.
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