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Name: Rani

Age: Unknown

Ethinicity: Indian

Sex: Female

Orientation: Bisexual! :)

Status: Single but madly in love with my gay friend, and I'm kinda crushing on this guy I knowwwwwww


Yeah yeah I'm Rani and I have been writing fanfics for a couple years now and they are mostly, well, um, CRAP. I haven't posted many fanfics online, I did once and automatically regretted it so I took it off! not on Fanfic dot net. Um, I mostly write slash, serious hot slash, but I have been known to write crapfictions with a hetero pairing. And yes, I am naive enough to HAVE to have a pairing in mine fanfics, mostly because my fanfics are where my dreams come true. I sometimes write songfics but, I'm not very good. Um, I regularly mention lesbian couples, nothing serious though. Except occasionally. When I am regularly writing femmeslash couples, I'm enjoying it though.

If you're looking for some music that is amazingly fantastic, check out "Tegan and Sara", they are a Canadian singing duo and they're TWINS. Amazing too. I've also fell in love with American Idol's Adam Lambert...dang it, he's gay too! Haha. OOH! And you'll see me mention Tarkan a lot. He's a Turkish pop star and he's AMAZING!! LOVE HIM!

I really like slash fanfics, if you couldn't tell by my favorite stories, and two of my top most favorite Fanfiction.net authors HAVE to be the ever so wonderful Cheryl Dyson and the even more so amazing maxfaith. So if they ever read this: I LOVE YOU! (Drarry pairings mostly)

In note to the above, I'll have to say that the best writer so far that I've read has to be dracosoftie. I LOVE YOU BRU!! (Also Drarry for the most part)

Another one of my faves is MAKandCHEESE on her Kakashi/Sasuke pairing from Naruto, so if you're getting tired of me not posting slash, read ANYTHING she writes. She's epic. I recommend "Free Ride" for a oneshot, "Uniform Procedure" for a little bit longer, and "12 Days of KakaSasu Christmas" For 15 chapters of amazing slash, even if not ALL chappies have slash, ALMOST all do.

Stories posted:

A Deadly Sin- A Twilight fanfic: Rated T, A confession from Jasper in a journal of his about killing someone and being gay

I am Fortune's Fool- A Twilight fanfic: Rated M, Jacob has finally gotten over Bella, only because he's imprinted. On another wolf. Who? None other than the young Seth. Slash...I'm not sure how long I want this to drag out.

Only 10 Months to Live- A Twilight fanfic: Rated M, Ryan and Leah have finally gotten back together after all of their problems were fixed. Suddenly, Ryan gets told that she only has ten more months to live but she has the control to destroy the thing taking her life. What if she doesn't want to? What if she's really willing to risk it all because she has come to terms with it? Femmeslash.

Stories to soon be posted:

Another Deadly Sin- A Twilight fanfic: Rated M, Jasper has fallen in love with Edward. Edward loves Bella. What happens when Edward and Jasper go on a hunting trip and they let their senses take control? They are both thirsting for something, but it is definitely not blood. Slash oneshot

Yet Another Deadly Sin- A Twilight fanfic: Rated M, Jasper and Edward come home after their smexxi hunting trip to find everyone gone. Carlisle is working, Esme is out shopping, Rosaline and Emmett are in Argentina for a new car, and Bella and Alice are in Port Angeles. What if Edward is craving some more Jasper time? What if Jasper is ready to give all he can just to keep Edward in his bed? What would happen if someone walked in? Find out. Slash oneshot, mpreg

Series of Songfics

I'm totally Lazy so I'm not about to write out every song I picked, but it's interesting. Seth/Jacob of course, but it'll have two endings. One cheery and sickening. The other the exact type I hate: Seth kills himself, but it fits the plot of the song.

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