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Hmmm it seems you have opened apon your self the great fear you ever had

Reading my fanfictions! lol

Now i will tell you about myself

Name: Devin.
Gender: GIRL! I hate how people think i'm a guy! (pouts)
Age: High School
Lives: Some where in Florida
Relationship Status: Has her own Jasper (aka I'm dating someone)
Fav. Books: Twilight series (Stephenie Meyer), The Heartbreakers (Pamela Wells), Audery, Wait! (Robin Benway), Clique (Lisi Harrison), Romeo and Juliet (William shakespear) Cut(I forget who it's by)
Fav. Movies: August Rush, P.O.T.C (all Three) Twilight.
Fav. Music: Anything than scremo(some of it is okay)
Fav band at the time: Its a tie between "Jonas Brothers" and "Hands of the Sculptor" (there a band where i live)
Fav Singer at the time: Its a nother tie between "Miley Cyrus" and "Chris Brown"


My thoughs on...

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Truthly I liked it. It was diffrent from most of the Twilight series but that what makes it really cool. I think Meyer did a brave move by making Bella pregnate thought it was stated that she thought she couldn't. I also loved the idea of Nessie with Jacob. It gives Jacob someone and it wont let him morn over Bella's and Edward's marrige. I think alot of us saw Bella's power throught all the other books. I mean she already blocked Edwards power who said she couldn't block anyone eles when she becomes a vampire. Beside her kluts skills (lol) it was one of her greatest aspects of her human life. I also liked the idea of Charile kinda but not knowing she's a vampire and atlease she wont be afriad of hurting him or biteing him. Over all I think Breaking Dawn is a very exclent book. And I remoned people to read not just this book but the whole serises.

Niley (Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus) "V.s" Nelean (Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez)

Really I think both couples are cute. I'm fully a supporter of Niley but if Nick likes or is going out with Selena Gomez he can go out with her. I don't think he's going out with anyone to tell you the truth. And before you say "You your just a fan girl who thinks she going to go out with Nick Jonas" Well your wrong. Yes i'm a fan of The Jonas brothers. ALL OF THE JONAS BROTHERS! I don't think I will ever go out with Nick Jonas. (If you don't remember I HAVE MY OWN JASPER THAT I LOVE VERY MUCH!) Anyways I think (cause there is proof) the only Jonas Brother that is dateing is Kevin. Cause I mean everyone heard about Joe and Taylor Swift breaking up right? Dose anyone remember why? Cause his brothers and family thought it would be best if he wasn't dating right now. Do you think Nick wouldn't be the same. No know know why your like "Then why is Kevin aloud to date?" Umm.. HE'S 21!! If you didn't relize this. No I don't think Joe was focred to break up with Taylor, But I do think he was convinced he should since he's only like what 17? Thats why I think NEITHER of them are dating. Anyways(I went WAY off topic) I don't think Nick is dating Selean. I think they are friends. Thats all.

Jacob Black (From Stephenie Meyer's book serise Twilight)

I don't hate Jacob. Really I don't. I think he's a really playful charcenter that is miss juged. Yes he liked Bella but haven't you ever liked a guy (or girl if your a guy) that has been taked by someone? Or liked someone you can't have? I mean I think people treat Jacob's charecter like crap. Espicaly in Fanfiction. I mean he's like always dieing or is mean or is a horribel charceter. I think thats horribel. It really is. All he did was like the girl. Yes he kissed her without her permission but do you blame the guy? Don't tell me you wouldn't have done it either? So ha! and anyways he got an happy ending anyways! He gets to still be Bella's friend AND he imprinted on somone (Yes she may be a baby now but later on...) In other words i don't think he's a bad guy. I like Jacob and in my stories he's never the bad guy unless he as to be. and its rules

Oi. Lol Yes i really do love Fanfiction. I mean with out it wouldn't really be here with all the readers and fan that i have. Yes i don't like there rules. I think there stupid but if we didn't have rules this place would be crazy! I mean I think some of the rules are stupid but I don't think there not nessairy and I will go by them. They are here for a reason and I have a feeling they wont be going any time soon. And i get it. Its hard staying in there rules when you something creative going in your mind but try. Thats the lease you could do.


Once again. Oi. I think When flamers get on they should be taken off. They are rude and stupid. Just because they don't like a story the report it! Just because they don't like it! I mean its stupid! I've been a victum of that. Where my storyies have gotten tooken down cause some stupid flamer/hater didn't like it so they like "Oh i hate this story hmmm what should i do? Oh i know -clicks the report button and reports for some stupid reason- There that should do it" I mean thats what i serious think they think! Its stupid and it think Fanfciton should read over the story before they think "Oh these people must be right -clicks delet story-" i mean really people!

For now i'm done ranting :D


Parings I write about

Twilight: EXB, JxA, EmxR, CxEs

Hannah Montana: Niley, Jemily/Loe, Kashley, (and at times) Jiley.

Camp Rock: Smitchie, Natilyn, Jeggy, TessxOC

Parings I read about

Twilight: ExB, JxA, EmxR, CxEs, JakexNessie, (only some times if there is no Nessie) JakexAngela.

Hannah Montana: Niley, Loe, Kashley, (At timesFor all three) Jiley, Moliver, Loliver

Camp Rock: Smitchie, Natilyn, Jeggy, (at times) NatexMitchie

Kingdom Hearts(I'm starting to read!): SoraxKairi, NaminexRoxas, HaynerxOlette, LeonxYuffie, (at times) LeonxAerith

Step Up(both): TylerxNora, ChasexAndie


Things from

Where It All Began




Cat's car(The new one not the one that crashed):

Cat's camara:

Cat's Laptop:

Cat's Ipod(the tall one):

Link I told you about:

Rosalie's Koenigsegg:

Alice's Ring:

Bella's New Car:

Carlise's Lamborgini:

Tristan/Wolf: /

Quil/Wolf: /

Jessica/Wolf: /

Cat's place:



Jason's Bike:

More will be put up when time comes.

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