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10/31/12: Happy Halloween my loyal readers! :D

So it's been eight months without any kind of updates but I have a new DDR HEARTS II chapter posted entitled '(Do Not) Take Note' that is Halloween themed with an appearance by a fellow that has gotten quite popular in recent times so I hope you enjoy it despite it's short length and our regularly scheduled chapter of DDR HEARTS II will be out sooner than later...I hope.

Oh, also, I posted my massively long, but totally complete story I wrote for another site based on the video game 'Hyperdimension Neptunia mk.2' and went ahead and just posted the whole thing as one long story. It's pretty decently sized so it should prove a good read and if you've read anything of mine before, then you totally know what to expect in terms of writing, jokes, situations, and all that jazz. ;) So I hope these things tide y'all over until I can get some other writing done but...it's the winter-time so yeah, gonna get avalanched by the gaming rush so we'll see what happens! :P

Till next time dear readers, this is Ryan and Darkness Shade signing off! Now go get lots of candy for your Halloween dreams, because we've got ours! ;p

2/12/12: Keeping it Consistent...

So less than a month since the last update and I've got a trio of awesomeness for you guys to read: First on the docket is a small tale I cobbled together after finally beating Horatio for the first time simply titled 'The Tale of Horatio'; secondly we have a new story staring everyone's favorite half-demon Darkness Shade as a (supposedly) hard-boiled detective in a film-noir-esque pilot story by the name of 'UNREAL Detective Agency'; lastly we have the newest chapter of everyone's favorite DDR crossover craziness, 'DDR HEARTS II', which is strangely titled 'CC Corps: FETCH THIS!'.

Funny thing about that newest chapter, it's the first time I've actually based a chapter on a fairly recent game which, for those of you that can't figure it out right away, would be 'Solatorobo: Red the Hunter' an amazing game that anyone with a DS should totally go out and buy! I highly recommend it! Anyway guys, the next chapter might be a while as it's a series I haven't watched in some time and I need to go crack open my Complete Collection of it to brush up and avoid any type of plot inconsistencies or character goofs despite it taking place after the series is over, but trust me that chapter and the one following it will be pretty awesome when they're done so be patient and keep reading!

P.S.: Seriously, let me know if people want to see more of the 'UNREAL Detective Agency' as I do have ideas for it ready, including the origin case that lead to the agency's unusual name.

Ryan and Darkness Shade

1/18/12: I'm Back in Action!

A new year and you know what that means guys...no, not another year long wait for more stories smartass, a new chapter for you to enjoy and feast upon! So enjoy the first chapter of ACT III: Business As Usual and hopefully I can keep cranking them out, the next two chapters should be quite enjoyable. Also, it dawns of me that I'll have been writing for a whole decade this year so I'm trying to think of something special for it...hopefully I can come up with an idea but we'll see!

Ryan and Darkness Shade

7/7/11: So Yeah...

Another year and another nowhere near amount of writing I'd hope to be done with...the Cardinal Gate has been ambitious but the final chapter is near completion despite some personal issues in my life; then it's back to business as usual with chapters focusing on one storyline with just bits and pieces all connecting. I've got all the ideas and such jotted down in my notes for future chapters so it's just a matter of finding time and the mood to type. To anyone that still is a fan of my goofiness, thanks and all I can ask is for your patience.

Ryan and Darkness Shade

Quick EDIT: Chapter 13: Nageki no Ki should be posted by the time anyone sees this. The end of the CARDINAL GATE SAGA has arrived...thank GOD! XD

6/6/10: Part II: The Cardinal Gate Updated

...*blinks*...*notes it's been nearly three years since the last update and wonders what kept me from updating when I've had chapters finished for awhile now* *clears throat*

So, yeah, it's been awhile, I know...um, I hope my fans are, well, still there...maybe...hopefully...someone has to have their alerts set for when my stories get updated...looking at them, I still don't get why FF.net fubars my formatting when I'm using Word but oh well...it should still be readable enough...maybe. Drop me a line if it isn't and I'll do what I can to fix it. I should have the Cardinal Gate finished at some point and then it's back to the crazy whatever world I figure works arc for Part III...that might go a bit faster but hey, till then...enjoy! O And let me know if anyone out there still reads these...I'd like to know if I've still fans after all this time.

Oh yeah, I also, in my years of writing, finally worked and finished the continuation to my Sonic stories that I've been piecing together for the better part of two years so there's that to enjoy to; it's called 'Homecoming...' so it should be in my list of works so enjoy that to if you want...it does tie into one of DDR HEARTS 2's new chapters so maybe that's some motivation. ""

Ryan and Darkness Shade

10/31/2007: Part I Concluded, Part II: "???" Start

(No, I will not reveal Part II's all encompassing name no matter how much you beg! XP (Maybe by next update I will though.))

Happy Halloween to my, albeit few, fans. XD" As a special treat, the next three chapters of DDR HEARTS 2 have been uploaded (the last two chapters of Part I and the first chapter starting Part II) so read those and enjoy them hopefully. I'm trying to work on Chapter 7 and the next ones as best I can, but real life and all that...plus, November is the time of year where the gaming world rapes not only my wallet but my free time too and well, distractions! XD

8/27/2007: Part I: "Awakening and Confusion"

Looks at last update O.O" It's been a year since I posted that!? Jeez...

Anywho, for anyone that is still out there and pays attention to my silly little stories, I've finally uploaded the first three chapters of DDR HEARTS 2's first part. I've got the other two chapters of Part I written, but they're not polished yet and as such I still need to re-read them for grammar and spelling. The first three chapters should have most if not all of the mistakes fixed, so if anyone is still out there...I'm still writing. Life in general makes it hard to find time (work, school, and that dreaded nemesis of Writer's Block as well as it's cousin De-Motivation. XD""") but I will work as fast as I can on chapter six and then things will really start cooking (i.e. it'll be a tad easier to write the chapters); as for other stories, I do have one in the works that my fans might be interested in involving our two protagonists...if you're still out there. hears voice echo That's not a good sign. """

Ryan and Darkness Shade...

UPDATE: 8/15/2006: Two hereoes return after a long absence...more to come soon...heh, heh, heh.

Props go to Charmy: My biggest fan and to all my other fans (Dark: We have fans?), thanks for all the support! ""

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