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Poll: If Itachi severely injures Tails, should Sonic kill him to avenge Tails, or should Sauske kill him to avenge his clan? Vote Now!
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Author has written 6 stories for Anime X-overs, South Park, Suite Life series, Sonic the Hedgehog, Kingdom Hearts, and Cartoon X-overs.


I'm just your average guy with a big imagination! That's all I am, that's all there is to it.

I'm curently working on many stories such as:

Operation: When Worlds Collide. It's an X-over story about Numbuh1(I know it's spelled weird but thats how they spell it) accidentally going into Naruto's world. Let's just say when the 2 meet, sparks fly. Sonic and Phineas and Ferb are also in this story. Before you say its corny, give it a try. (Read and Review).

And if you still don't like that kind of stuff, read my other story; Kenny: New and Improved. Its a South Park story, when Kenny wins the lottery, he dodges death 3 times. But as they say, "3 stirkes you out!" And thats what happens. Kenny dies again but its his 1millonth death. He is brought back with God's gift to him, enhanced natural ablitlies. Meanwhile, Cartman steals Kenny's ticket and jumps into the parrell South Park. You could read that too but I haven't updated in a while.(Read and Review).

The Suite Life of Max and Tapeworm has been posted! Zack and Cody have once again gone to the parrallel universe, but this time with Arwin, Moseby, London, and Maddie. But what the boys didn't count on, was something else coming to their universe. Also, the boys learn there's more than one parrallel universe out there. Please R&R (Read and Review).

Now, a story a little depressing has been posted, Kenny's Death Conspiracy. Kenny dies in front of the eyes of his friends. Stan feels himself responsible, and so does Cartman, Kyle, and Wendy! Cartman threatens to have Stan banned from South Park forever! But When Kenny's killer comes back for Cartman and the others, Stan and Kenny's Ghost team up and kill him. Spoiler Alert Dr. Mephisto tries to bring Kenny back to life, and it works, but FBI and CIA agents come in a kill Dr. Mephisto. The kids get away, but Kenny and Stan are kidnapped and brought to the CIA, and imprisoned them. Kyle, Cartman, and Wendy have to save them, but how far up this thing does it go? And will Stan and Kenny's friendship last when they find out a secret about Kenny that Kenny didn't even know?!

Now I'm on the brink of the following stories:

Kingdom Hearts: A Different Storyline. Because of the King's Heartless, Sora, Goofy, Roxas, Donald, and the King's Nobody have been sent back in time. Roxas, Sora, and Riku appear when the island is being attacked by Heartless are being attacked, while Goofy, Donald, and the King's Nobody end up in Twilight Town. The King's Heartless starts to reek havoc on the past Tranverse Town. And things are just getting intresting.

Attack of the Tails Dolls: Tails, Amy, Cream, Cheese, and Rouge all go after Eggman. They were fighting over a lake. That's all Tails can remember so far. He wakes up in a crater right in front of the lake. Chris finds him, and tells him that Tails has been destroying cities for a week. Knuckles doesn't believe it, for he was in Central City when one the attacks were happening. He said that it was like Tails was everywhere at once, but when he finally got up close to one, he said it didn't look like Tails at all. Amy, Rouge, Cream, Cheese, and Eggman haven't been found since the day they were fighting. Sonic was sitting by the lake and tells them that they all fell in and never came out. Sonic cried, "They called off the search a few hours ago. No bodies were found. Th-they're dead. A-and for the f-f-first time...I w-w-wasn't fast enough..." What's going on? How can Tals destroyed cities if he was out cold for a week? What really happened to Amy, Rouge, Cream, Cheese, and Eggman? And what does any of this have to do with the green hedgehog, and the silver one with red stripes?

I'm gonna start this story but if you think it sucks, send me a message so I don't continue it. It's called Pokemon Double Dimension! Professor Oak is trying to create a time machine but accidentally brings in a few other Team Rocket members. Ash, Brock, and Misty! Soon after, Gary, Drew, Paul, and Dawn appear with Max and May running after them, all wearing Team Rocket uniforms. So who's the best of the best? Good Ash, or Evil Ash? Do Pokemon get stronger with hate on their side or love? What side makes a trainer Pokemon Master, Good or Evil?

Thanks for reading my page. See ya.

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