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Poll: Do you want another Alice, 2009 story, bringing Hatter and Alice back for more adventures? Vote Now!
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Author has written 5 stories for X-overs, and Alice, 2009.

What can I say? I've always written poetry and things, but these past few years got into writing some fiction and well...

I took a fictional writing class and haven't really stopped since. The more I write the better I get (hopefully) haha

10/1/2010- *Update* Need to discuss some things.

First: Judging by the poll I posted and some responses from my awesome reviewers of The Red Knight, I will most likely be writing another Alice, 2009 fanfic. I have been thinking about this for awhile and an idea hit me today of possibilities I could do. Now note, it will be set in the real world with less characters (thank goodness cause its hard to write when you have ten people in the same room haha) however, it will be connected with this past story. I might bring one or two characters from Wonderland, but not many. I wish to make Hatter and Alice's points of view more prominent and less of everybody else, if you know what I mean. The beginning will probably start a few months after the epilogue of The Red Knight, time wise. Not completely sure yet. I know this will make some of you very happy to hear. I wish to please all of you and hope my writing will live up to your expectations.

Second: With that said above, I also have a little bit of bad news for Red Knight fans. I have been dying to work on my vampire series (aka Hidden Desires), considering I've had most of the story planned out since the beginning of The Red Knight. I had been working on my version of a vampire romance, long before Twilight was ever popular and have loved vampires since I was a little kid. I know most people now are sick of vamp stories (so am I), but mine reads more about the drama going on than the physical aspect of the vampire. Meaning mine don't f'n sparkle haha just kiddin. No im not... Anyways, Hidden Desires will revovle around murders taking place in New York city and of course the relationship between the two main characters. Let me say, if you've ever read a Lynsay Sands novel, you might like my vampire stories. And all this means, I won't be able to post on the new Alice, 2009 story as often as I did for The Red Knight. Unless I'm just on a roll lol. But I want to get back to writing on my others stories too. (Including the ones I won't be posting online, because I want to have them published eventually). Please bear with me, I will do my best to post as often as possible.

Third: If you have any suggestions for any of my stories don't hesitate to send a pm or review. I know my Hopelessly Hopeful story is kind of lame since it was my first and I wrote it before I took fiction writing classes so... If you don't want to read that one, it's okay I won't cry. Hahaha But if you see something that is cliche or needs some originality, please shoot me an idea. I'd love to hear from everyone. Thanks ~Eisac

Note: Eventually, I want to move my complete vampire series over to fictionpress.com since it's original work and not really a fanfic. I don't know if I plan to leave the stories on this website or not, but I will have other original works over there too. But it will take some time considering my account at ficpress isn't exactly working correctly yet. I hope they get it fixed soon otherwise I will just post everything on fanfic instead. ~Eisac

10/7/2010- Update

Just wanted everyone to know that Pisachas might seem a little weird, but I promise it's not all going to be about rituals, spells and that kind of stuff. But I'm hoping it will become more of a dark romance. Although I don't have any notes on the book and we will just have to see where it leads. I'm eager to find out what happens to Gilia as well. Please give it a try, you might be surprised. I usually tend to leave people on the edge of their seats every chapter or often so, give a chance and let me know what you think. I feel like this story could have more of a reader influence because I have no idea what it's going to be about. ~Eisac

11/5/2010- Update

I took Pisachas off and put it up on fictionpress if anyone wants to read it. It's under the same author name so... I just figured since it was an original work it needed to be over there. Also, I plan on updating Malefic Morrow as much as possible, but if it takes a little while, don't fret. I'm not giving up on that story. Yay, happy times. I've pretty much worked out the whole story in my head, minus the details, but usually when I write the story flows wherever it likes on its own. Part of what I love about writing. The story has a life of its own. lol Anyways, if I have any new information about any of the stories, I'll let you know asap. ~Eisac

2/21/2011- Update

Okay, I realize it has been forever since I've posted and I'm so sorry. I have been in a lull with writing and busy with my job. I was recently promoted so my hard work has paid off. I wanted readers to know that I have been working on the next few chapters for Malefic Morrow and I will hopefully start posting again. I know I've let you down. I haven't given up on Alice or Hatter and I hope you don't either. Please be patient some more. I promise to work on this story asap! ~Eisac

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