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Hi everyone. Ok so i am really really sorry to say this but as some of you may know as of june 08 i had a bad family crisis. Since then my updates have been few and far between and i'm upset to say that i have totally lost the will to write. I know i've had many of people supporting me and my stories and i am very very greatful for everyone who has reviewed or messaged. But im arfaid to say that due to my lack of motivation (and i've really lost the connection to torchwood. i havent watched any of it recently and i just odnt really feel a good ocnnection to it to write about it), and my very busy and hectic personal life i will sadly be putting all stories on permanant hiatus, and deleting my account. I know that alot of people were really enjoying my two main stories, the parent trap and their child?, and many people have ideas about it, so i will be leaving my account active untill the end of october 09 so that if anyone wants to take over my stories where i left off they can. If you do want to carry on from where i left off please get in contact with me on (please do not just start to post the story, because i would like to know who is carrying on the story first and recognition). You can send me an email and i will gladly allow you to carry on my stories. Remember after october 09 i will be disabling my account so if you are wanting to continue my stories for me, please get in touch soon. I'm very sorry for anyone who was hoping for me to return but im afraid i won't be. Thanks for everyones support with my stories, an i love you all.

Kirstie xx

hi im starry-eyed-torchwood-lover, and i love writing, and am a big jack/gwen shipper(yes im in that little poulation lol) i love torchwood and am hoping to get plenty of ficcage up. please read my stories and review because it inspires me to write more.

I've also rewatched Princess Diaries 2 again, after not seeing it in like 5 years, and have fallen in love with it all over again. So I might think about doing that. You just gotta love clarisse/joseph. u know i've got a teacher at school who Hector Elizondo reminds me of lol. i swear its the beard!

i love:

torchwood, doctor who, robin hood( just a tiny bit coz the actor who plays him is REALLY FIT! lol), Friends, X Factor, Ugly Betty, Secret Diary of a call girl( on the odd times because its got billie piper from DW in lol) and lots of other stuff that i 4get about lol.
And not one to forget about, the almighty Star Wars!! Just love the new trio. Hayden Christensen (swoons) lol. I used to love it then kinda forgot bout it but been watching them again lately and remember why i loved it so much. lol might start writing it.

Favourite pairings:

Princess Diaries: Mia/Nicholas, Clarisse/Joseph. Torchwood: JACK/GWEN!!, Tosh/Owen, Ianto/Mel (read my story, 'their child? lol). Doctor Who: 10/Rose. Robin Hood: Robin/Marion. SDOACG: (Hannah/Belle)/Alex. Star Wars: Anakin/padme, Obi-wan/sabe, Obi-wan/siri, Gui-gon/Shmi, and some others that i cant be bothered to put lol. A Cinderella Story: Sam/Austin, Carter/DJ Girl.

my favourite music is by:

NickelBack, Leona Lewis, John Barrowman, Billie Piper, Westlife, Girls Aloud, Mariah Carey, Julie Andrews(Mary Poppins!! omg classic!) and others lol

My Favourite Song:

Green Day - Wake me up when september ends (it makes me cry sometimes lol)

my Favourite movie:

Star Trek (the new one with, once again, Chris Pine-swoons-Its propa great. highly recommend it. Leonard Nimoy is soo cool. Propa love that vulcan dude :) )

Favourite Characters:

Amelia Mig...(you know the really hard one that anne hathaway plays in Princess Diaries lol)

Nicholas Deveroux

Clarisse Renaldi

Joseph (is it Bonnell?? it is int it?)

Lilly (ok im not even attepting her second name)

and others from princess Diaries like the lovable Lionel lol

Jack Harkness (obv durr!)

Gwen coooper (same again)

Ianto Jones( Not Jack/ianto. IANTO. Him on his own or with another partner im all for. But i got to say it. i love him. Torchwood wouldn't be the same without his one liners.)

Who am I kidding I love all of torchwood characters and rose and Doctor.

Anakin Skywalker

Padme Amidala

Obi-wan Kenobi


Qui-gon jinn

Samantha MontGomery

Austin Aimes

Carter Ferrell


And the original Star Trek clan. can't beat t'old Mr Spock :P

Torchwood and DW best lines:

Ianto: I have searhed the phrase 'i shall walk the earth and my hunger will know no bounds' but I keep getting redirected to weightwatchers.

Owen: How did you know that?
Ianto: I know everything...and it says so at the bottom of the screen.

Tosh: We could feed the world
Ianto: We could release a single

Ianto: Mobiles, landlines, tin cans with bits of string, everything, absolutley everything, no phones, phones all broken, (miming phone) Hello anyone there?, NO, cos the phones aren't working.

Doctor: Wierd. You're not diferent, you're not special, you're not important (or along them lines)
Donna: This friend of your's, before she left did she punch you in the face!

And so many more from the comical Ianto and Donna! (cant mention them all.)

Note: Doesn't anyone else think that Ianto and Donna would be like, THE perfect match. All the comedy and one liners! Theyre perfect for each other lol.

p.s i could do with someone to beta my torchwood fics for me so if anyone is interested plz send me a message to let me know. i would greatly appreciate it.(but you have to be a torchwood fan Lol. im just picky xx)

Also may i just say that there are now two copies of my fic 'the parent trap' up. Sorry about that but my computer doesn't seem to be showing it on the list so i thought it had got lost and re-put it up but everybody else seems to be finding it so i suppose my computers just dodged. Sorry for any confusion. xx

You know you like Tochwood when: 1. You have endless arguments about whether Jack goes with Gwen or Ianto (Gwen) and you get caught passing notes in physics or (insert lesson here) for doing just that 2. You buy John Barroman's album and realise that all of the songs on there can relate in some way to Torchwood love triangles 3.You watch old episodes endlessly on Youtube 4. You live on BBC iPlayer, and stay up until the new episode come on so you can watch it before anyone else 5. You can quote from the episodes 6.You actually have dreams about Torchwood characters (proper dreams, not daydreams, everyone has those) 7.You watch other programs just because they have members of the Torchwood cast in 8. It becomes your life amibtion to kill/maim Rhys in some way (frying pan always works) 9.You spend HOURS on Youtube watching ship videos 10. You trail the internet for HOURS to find spoilers for episodes other than Reset...if you have any of these symptoms copy and pase this onto your profile. If you have all of them, I'll be very worried.

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I admit, it got me!!

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The truth was that halfway down the road, the guy realized that his brakes went out, but he didn't want to let the girl know.
Instead, he had her say she loved him & felt her hug one last time, then had her wear his helmet so that she would live even though it meant that he would die. (I got this of of ladygwens profile. I actually cried when i read this. One of my friends died on a motorbike too, going too fast down a hill. NOTE: to everyone. always check safety wise in cars and motorbikes! and drive at reasonable speeds!!. there, now my rant is over. carry on)

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All Family Jewels by ChickNick reviews
This is my take on what happened after Clarisse and Joseph's surprise wedding. Mia and Nicholas are in it as well so you'll see how both couples' relationships play out. Please read and review. I don't own the characters - Meg Cabot/Disney do.
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