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Author has written 9 stories for Bones, 24, and Once Upon a Time.

When I first started writing on here I made two promises. The first was to finish every story I start no matter what. The second was to write Jack and Audrey stories for 24 until she had successfully been reunited with Jack on the show.

My first story however was a Bones story for Brennan and Booth "Do You Believe Me Now?". In that one Brennan is captured right after her and Booth's first kiss and she ends up running back to him and there's a cute scene at the end. I think it may be my least favorite just because of how I didn't really lead up to anything, and things just seem to workout perfectly. Also being my first story, it wasn't written well let's just say. And for some reason it had the most reviews out of all my later stories until just last month. If you like those cute aww stories than I'd suggest that story, because I can guarantee they'll be nothing like it again.

I'm not quite sure what the order of the stories were after that but my next Bones story has been "Twenty Years". Originally it was a sequel, but after a six month period of writing 24 stories I decided to switch it around completely and deleted the first five chapters. Today I believe it is the longest running story I have with 18 or 19 chapters up, and currently has the most reviews. It's one of my favorite stories with Bones having an extremely troubled past including a strip joint, a shall we say "Boss", and quite a few murders and cover ups. Essentially her fear of this man is so great that she pushes everyone, even Booth who she's currently dating, away from her. Even Angela is kept out of the loop when Brennan's main fear of losing another best friend almost comes true. I have planned it accordingly so that the story ends the day of the 100th episode.

It will also be my last Bones story on fanfiction.

I have thought a lot about this and I feel that there are enough B&B stories on fanfiction. It was never really my goal to write Bones stories, even though I love the relationship they have together. Writing on here has always been about Jack and Audrey, it's how I found the website in the first place. When I first started I was too afraid of writing a story about them because I was afraid I'd screw it up completely. I still think that in my first story "That's what got us here" I did butcher it somewhat, considering how hard it's been to try and post a new chapter up. "Back in Town" and "Last Dance" are by far my favorite stories hands down. They're the two shortest ones I have but in their simplicity, I think you get a good feel about these two people who've lost each other along the way and are trying to get back.

Some people have Romeo and Juliet or Edward and Bella, I have Jack and Audrey.

It all started with Jack grabbing her hand as she went to walk by him. It was a moment that lasted only seconds as they stood there facing opposite directions. Jack's eyes closed, taking comfort in this small touch and the fact that she was okay. Audrey squeezes his hand before letting go because any longer and she would have broken down into his arms. In that moment they're still in their world, one of sneaking around hotels and candle lit dinners and whatever else they got up to before season four. And then it ends. Audrey walks away to the helicopter that's waiting for her and Jack does whatever he does when the clock starts ticking. Not a word is spoken, but they didn't really need to because that touch said everything they needed to hear.

It was at that moment when I walked into the living room and saw that, and was instantly captivated. I didn't know their names, whether or not they were a couple, hell I didn't even know the name of the show. However that moment has been stuck in my mind ever since, five years later.

That is why I have decided to just write Jack and Audrey stories from now on, because I can't stand to see the relationship they had just fade away. Every episode I hope that she'll come back no matter what. Truthfully I believe that she'll come back eventually and like I said until then I'll be sticking with them. I may be crazy and I may be the very last author on here that will write about them, but I hate Renee and the storyline with her this year. They've taken so much from the Jack and Audrey relationship and stuck it with Renee an Jack. Like the whole crazy thing, and Jack getting tazed while trying to sneak her out, Renee slapping him... any of that sound familiar?

Well anyway that's my story, or as much as you really need to know about me ;) . If you have questions or complaints or comments (Or if you want to say how awesome I am =) ) then just send me an email, ecspecially if you want to rant about how much you hate Renee and Jack with their two day relationship.


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