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Hey - Sorry its been so long. Theres been a lot going on the past couple of months. Sadly, I am putting off "Pillow Talk". By inspiration for it is shot, you know how it is. Anyway I've got a couple ideas so I will try to get them down and update!! Love, Alexandra

Hey there! My name is Alexandra. I am 15 years old and am a huge Reba McEntire fan. My fav singers go as follows:

1...Reba McEntire
2...Taylor Swift
3...Carrie Underwood and Avril Lavigne

I listen to all kinds of music except for rap...I like very few of those songs. I love love love caffiene, but call me addicted and I'll call you deprived. I think I have Witch blood in me, but I'm Lutheran/Protestant. I hope to be a singer/actress/author, and take pride in all my stories, and love reviewing and getting reviews.

Lots of my time is spent playing the guitar, singing, and writing (lyrics, poems, stories). My parents are amazing (My mom, though I love her to the moon, is pretty much Barbara Jean), I have four sisters (one reminds me vividly of Cheyenne) and am squished in the middle of them. Yep, two older, two younger.
My friend and her boyfriend are the perfect Cheyenne/Van couple and can't do anything without my help. So I'm Reba there. You know it was sweet when they first started it's a little annoying...! If you think I'm frustrated, I am. :)

Old shows are my favorites - (but Reba isn't old and it's at the top of the heap). I LOVE "I Love Lucy", "Laverne and Shirley", "Andy Griffith", "I Dream of Jeanie", "Bewitched", "George and Gracie", etc, etc. My favorite movies are usually musicals, and I am a sucker for chick flix (27 Dresses- OMG JAMES MARDSON IS DREAMY). I could go on and on about books I've read...Wuthering Heights, Twilight series, Narnia series, Harry Potter series, Anne of Green Gables series, books books, endlessly books.

Well I guess thats mostly it. If you have any questions, you can send me a message (but if you ask me where I live, I will get scared and hide under a rock. Until you find me...then I may get violent. Did I mention I'm the Reba/Kyra of the fam?)!!

Other stuff:

Eyes: Green

Hair: A bunch of shades of brown...all natural (I have been told I'm blonde, but I fail to see it)

Height: Around 5'4", give or take a centimeter

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Flower: Totally unromantic...I love Iris' because they smell like Root Beer. And Forget-Me-Nots because you can stick them behind your ears without having to worry about huge bugs crawling around on your face and hair.

Favorite Reba Songs: I Know How He Feels, Rumor Has It, What if it's You, The Last One to Know, Face to Face, Does He Love You, I'll Be, Forever Love, Take it Back, On My Own, Why Haven't I Heard From You, The Heart Won't Lie, Fear of Being Alone, And Still, The Greatest Man I Never Knew, Will He Ever Go Away?, One Last Good Hand, For Herself, He Wants to Get Married, Till It Snows In Mexico

Other Songs: Another Try (Josh Turner, Trisha Yearwood); Everyday, I'm Moving On, Better Now, Words I Couldn't Say, What Hurts the Most (Rascal Flatts); Songs About Rain (Gary Allen); Tied Together With a Smile, I'd Lie, Your Anything, Permanent Marker (Taylor Swift); Anything But Ordinary, Girlfriend, When You're Gone, Things I'll Never Say, Nobody's Home (Avril Lavigne)

Instruments I play: Guitar, piano, hopefully base and drums someday. I'd be a walking band.

Favorite bands: Rascal Flatts, Lifehouse, Paramore, Beatles, Lady Antubellum

Favorite Broadway songs:
Annie Get Your Gun: You Can't Get a Man With a Gun, They Say it's Wonderful, Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better. Phantom of the Opera: Music of the Night, That's All I Ask of You, Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again, The Point of the No Return
WICKED: The Wizard and I, Loathing, Popular, I'm Not That Girl, Defying Gravity, As Long as Your Mine, No Good Deed, For Good

IF YOU... God with your whole heart and are 100 percent proud of it, copy & paste this in your profile.

...can listen to a song and match some of the lyrics up to your life copy and paste this onto your profile.

...absolutely LOVE to sing even though you may or mat not suck copy and paste this onto your profile.

...have music in your soul, post this in your profile.

...KNOW Reba is Queen of Country and anyone who says otherwise is smokin something, you know what to do.


Reba/Brock...God...The Declaration of Independence...The Right to Bear Arms...Caffienated nail polish...dressing in Abercrombie/Aeropostale/Amercian Eagle sweats daily... beating people up who deserve it...writing 24/365...Peter Pan...Tinkerbell...Captain Hook IS STILL ALIVE...Wendy/Peter Pan...Elizabeth Bennett/Mr.Darcy...Anne Shirly/Morgan Harris...Troy/Gabriella... Lucy/Desi...Rock Hudsen/Doris Day

MY FAVORITE REBA QUOTES: If a group is bolded, they are from the same episodes

Barbara Jean: ...and you're not the boss of me!
Reba: I know. If I was your boss we'd be sleeping together by now!

Dr. Ted: (explains why their therapy is still simmering soup)
Reba: Oh! Well, while we're waiting why don't we make us a sandwich with all this bologna?

Reba: All right, it's come to this. Here Barbara Jean (hands her a book) "Getting Rid of the Unwanted". I saw it and thought of you.

Barbara Jean: (reading from Oliver Twist) Boring...boring...orphan, orphan, orphan...Please, sir, I want some more? MOOOOOORE??
Reba: Are you still reading or did you just pass gas?

Reba: This box says I've accepted your decision..!
Kyra: No, it doesn't! It says you hate me!
Reba: You know what our problem is? This box is a two faced liar!

Brock: (sarcastically) See, everything is my fault, everyone's problems are my fault!
Reba: See, you say it. But it doesn't sound like you really mean it..?

Cheyenne: I don't want Dad living in UTAH?
Reba: Cheyenne, Las Vegas is in Nevada.
Cheyenne: Oh, right! I thought you said Los Angeles!

Reba: C'mon, Kyra, do that baby talk again!
Kyra: I don't know what she's talking about, Granny's had some "cider"...

Brock: Do you know what a Mulligan is?
Reba: The booze you been drinkin?

Barbara Jean: Last night, I had an epiphany. Y'all know what that is?
Van: Is it some kind of booze?
Barbara Jean: (some stuff I can't remember but it isn't very important anyway) Now, Reba. How many times a day do you call me?
Reba: Zero.
Barbara Jean: Right. And how often do you pop in on me?
Reba: Never.
Barbara Jean: Now, how many times do I pop in on you a day?
Reba: 50. And apparently sometimes at night through a window.
Barbara Jean: Right again! Now, there's no way that you would put up with that if didn't like me...!
Van: I think someone needs to start knocking back on the epiphany...!

Brock: (to Kyra) Honey, when things are tough you stick with it. (Reba turns menacingly to glare at him) Well - at least I didn't hit anyone!

Dr. Baker: Why are you here?
Reba: Well if I yelled at you over the phone you could hang up.
Dr. Baker: (slyly) So you're here because of our relationship..?
Reba: (sarcastically) Well, you gotta admit, it needs work.
(I dont know about anyone else, but I think he liked her. A LOT.)

Barbara Jean: Reba, you're just a very special person to me, and it's nice to know that I'm special to you!
Reba: Wa-wa-WAIT a second here - I'm still way more special to you than you are to me.
Barbara Jean: (Sing-song) But I'm catching up!

Reba: Barbara Jean, I have had a long, BAD day, and I am not in the mood to hear any news from you. That's also true on a good day.
Barbara Jean: I have a crush on my marriage counselor!
Reba: Tell me.

Barbara Jean: Kyra, sweetie, in my experience there are two ways you can deal with bullies: You can hide in the bushes until they forget about you, or you can buy them presents. Which reminds me, Reba, I picked you up a little something at the mall the other day!

Barbara Jean: New rule: No saying dumb at the table!
Kyra: New rule: No BEING dumb at the table!

Reba: (to Brock) Is this your mid-life crisis? Because you leaving me for the blonde was supposed to get your mid-life crisis - you only get one!

Reba: (to Barbara Jean) You've already got a man - that's all you get, they're not collectables!

Kyra: You don't have to worry about me, mom. I know all about birth control.
Reba: Oh really? At what age is it appropriate for a young lady to become sexually active?
Kyra: 40.
Reba: ...Have I mentioned you're my favorite?

Kyra: (about Van decorating Cheyenne's room) Oh really? Which headlights do you like better - the ones on the truck or the ones on the cheerleaders?

Brock: Maybe that's why they call you controlling.
Reba: Well it would have been nice if you could have been more controlling over whats in your PANTS!

Van: (thinks its Cheyenne)...we can keep on celebrating! (bites her under the covers and starts crawling closer)
Reba: (sits up and turns around) I have a headache.

Kyra: (In the morning, to Van) So, now your my brother-in-law AND my new daddy?"

Reba: Just a little celebration! (sits Van down in a chair) Not the one you asked for last night, but a good one!

Cheyenne: (to Barbara Jean) You used to smoke?
Barbara Jean: Pack a day. And I'm telling you, smoking makes you a social poria. Nobody wants anything to do with you.
Reba: Are you sure they knew you smoked?

Brock: ...You'll turn him into a mommas boy!
Reba: Jakes not a mommas boy!
Jake: (From living room) MOM! Where's the sewing kit!
Reba: (rolling her eyes) IT's WHERE YOU LEFT IT! (To Brock) Hey, tough guys sew, too!

Reba: If he wants to decorate his helmet, you let him! (leaves)
Brock: (chuckling after Reba leaves the kitchen) You're not the boss of me.
Reba: (slowly walks back in) What was that?
Brock: ...I was agreeing with you!

Reba: Now, Brock, I realize the rules of marriage have always been a little shaky to you...but you can't be married to two people at the same time! They even made a law about it!

Brock: (after being Botox-ed, turning to Reba, says angrily) I left you alone for TWO. SECONDS.
Reba: Don't give me that look! Oh, I forgot, it's the only one you have.

Barbara Jean: I don't know what I did to make you treat me like that!
Reba: Like what?
Barbara Jean: POLITE!

Reba: (To Brock and Barbara Jean) NO! We're her parents, not her drinking buddies! Well, things will be different over at my house. (sarcastically) Oh, and before I leave, what kind of cigarettes do you buy for Jake? (Leaves)
Barbara Jean: (turns to glare at Brock than smacks him with paper)
Brock: What?
Barbara Jean: You let Jake smoke?

Reba: Are you having an affair?
Brock: What?
Reba: An affair. You know, that thing where you temporarily ruin everyone's lives because you still wanna feel 17?
Brock: I'm not dumb enough to make the same mistake twice!
Reba: Oh please, you make the same mistake twice, you're just getting warmed up.

Reba: Brock, I am not about to go with you and your cremated father to a golf course in the middle of the night.
Brock: I remember one time you went to a golf course with me in the middle of the night...
Reba: Yeah. Look where it got me.

Reba: (to Brock) Okay, fine, I'll tell you!! But one of these days I'm gonna get remarried and I'm gonna stick YOU in these situations!
Van: (Chuckles quietly) Yeah, okay...!

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