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Author has written 47 stories for Shugo Chara!, Baten Kaitos, Pokémon, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VIII, Blue Exorcist/青の祓魔師, Fire Emblem, Bravely Default, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

About me?

Not much to say, I love writing and has always loved it, and will continue it for as long as I live. I also enjoy writing stories that people enjoy and knowing that they are enjoyed. I have hopes to be a successful writer someday.

PM me whenever, i will answer any questions, concerns, curiosities or will enjoy having a good debate and chat

you can also find me at:
Deviantart: ImDoomed
Tumblr: imthepunchlord

about the avatar? pictures will change at random don't think too much about it X)

News: SaHS might be done soon, possibly around Ch 30, or sooner; O i have no idea when it will end, maybe Ch 30-50 more or less? F i have no idea either, if it will even have an ending. fiufio is being rewriten

School has started for me so updates will be slower

SaHS will be updated soon, likely in the next two weeks sometime, almost done!

O updated once a week or so

F updated when i can get to it, preferably after all the others have been updated.

MA updated once a week or two

recently been considering rewriting past stories: Forgetting Reality, The Black Knight, and The Lightning Strike, it won't be immediately though

Coming up: WTT, Scars, OSaL, Gravity, GL, Puppy, GatD, Solace, WitF, Stray, ASiSL, fiufio (one of these, depending on which story finishes first)


updates are roughly from about a week, usually on weekends, to around a month, main stories have * in front side stories don't.

*SOLDIER at her side: He was a SOLDIER, a superhuman that she should fear and even hate. But staring down at him and seeing the blood all over him and looking so human... she couldn't bring herself to turn away. Zack and Lightning

Odd: a spell goes wrong leaving Aqua and Terra in the oddest situation. Aqua and Terra

Fabula: Stories come in all shapes and sizes, covering two sides of a coin, and showing the connections between people, magic and all possibilities. a lightis drabble story chapter fic with a variety of different and similar stories told in different views and AUs.

My Angel: a drabble story resolving around Edea and Alternis childhood and life.

Future Stories (still being plotted or hoped to come soon after current stories are finished, the ones most likely to appear soon or next in line will have * in front of them)

Final Fantasy 7/13 none coming soon, but most likely Puppy or Solitaire will be next after SaHS or when another story is done

The Last l'Cie: She fell asleep alongside them, with the fate of Cocoon in the hands of the Oerbas. She expected that, if she ever woke, she would be with them, all of them, at her side. She's awakened, only to find herself alone, alone in a future probably even crueler than her own time.

To Court a Queen: By his king's orders, he was to try and court the Farrons so that Midgar would have some sense of control in Bodhum, and to ensure an alliance with the coming threat of Valhalla. Only courting Farrons is anything but easy though.

Puppy: inspired by 26 Moments of Zack and Lightning, from the chapter Puppy. Zack should have listened to Angeal when he said don't pick up strange Materia he doesn't know.

Free: The last thing Zack expected when he died was waking up in a strange world that lived in the sky, where people ride large, strange birds called chocobos.

Solitaire: inspired by 26 Moments of Zack and Lightning, chapter Blame. She didn't look like a soldier, nor did she look like a monster. If anything, he found that she looked like a lonely, tired girl.

Thorny Rose: There's a new soldier in town, hired by President Shinra to help train troops. No one expected the soldier to be a beautiful woman, and for her to have a white haired, green eyed boy with her. And poor Sephiroth thinks he's the father.

Final Fantasy 13/Versus/15 likely to appear after fuifio is further along or done or another story is done

*Gravity: Niflheim had a legend of constant balance, of fire and ice, peace and madness, life and death. Two dragons that circled each other, playing a never ending game of fate. The reagent of Niflheim rules by the nature of these dragons, rule for war and peace, and most importantly, to protect and kill as the dragons see and think fit.

*Veni Vidi Vici: He couldn't believe his luck. Just because of one mistake, he was kicked out of PSICOM and moved into GC, even more so, he was demoted and had to work under some Sergeant Fargon, someone who would've been the same rank as him. Life was just brilliant. Lightning and Prompto

Hellhound: the hellhound was the symbol of the Shinras, ruthless, ferocious, and intimidating; one they lived up to proudly. It was for these specific reasons that Midgar was unapproachable. Unfortunately, with the upcoming war pressuring Lucis, Noctis is forced into going to Midgar, trying to make an alliance with the cold kingdom and its ruling family.

*When Thunder Tolls: Queen Lightning has cast dark storm clouds over Bodhum, encasing the kingdom in violent shadows, and those shadows are spreading. Noctis, Prince of Lucis, seeks to confront the queen, possibly slay her if he has too as those storms seeped out into the world. Joining him as a guide is Serah, a mysterious girl with her own reasons for going to Bodhum and seeing the queen. With his friends at his back and Serah as his guide, he'll confront the queen and get her to clear away the storms, by any means necessary.

falsum in uno, falsum in omnibus: When Lightning wakes up , she thought she and her family were done and would finally find peace and be together. Only for a cruel reality to grip her when she wakes in a cold, black world for unknown reasons, being hunted by a man that declares that she killed his friend, and finds herself a thousand years into the future; finding friends in unexpected places.

*Guiding Light: "She was our guiding light... my guiding light." Noctis is on the prowl for a queen before his father chooses for him, on his search he discovers Accordo's new queen, Lightning Farron, the greatest mystery to grace Pulse.

Future Fabula

Stray: They were the survivors and winners; they ruled and lived in Pulse, safe from the wild and savage natives of the Mithra that threatened their very existence; or so they were told. Lightning finds that this wasn't always so when she stumbles across a rare black Mithran. F

Free: The last thing Noctis expected when he died was waking up in a strange world that lived in the sky, where people ride large, strange birds called chocobos. F

A Stupid Mutant Sheep: It was Serah that always brought animals home declaring that they "followed" her. For the first time in twenty one years, an animal follows Lightning home, literally. Unfortunately for the strange, intimidating creature, Lightning doesn't want it. F

Mom: Lightning is left to take care of a baby till a family is found. F

Esthiems, Strifes, Farrons, and one Caelum: Noctis is forced to move to Bodhum after his father deems that Eden has turned him into a delinquent and should relearn discipline. To learn, Noctis has to live with General Strife and his family, his very large, crazy, scary, and very disbelievingly charming family. F

King and Lionheart: Hope's father recently passed, leaving Hope the heir of his company, something the young boy isn't sure he's ready for. Thankfully his guardian, Lightning, reassures him that she'd be there every step of the way. F

Angel of Valhalla: Noctis died in the Siege of Lucis, Nifelhiem won the war, ending the Caelem family, and claiming the crystal for themselves. The last thing that he expected was to wake up in an empty city, on an empty shore. F

A chocobo followed me home, Sis: It started with a chocobo, and then came the tonberry, moogle, and then a freaking behemoth; it ended in marriage. F

Forgotten: Noctis didn't know what happened, he thought for sure that he and Lightning were about to be wed, only to wake up and find that they weren't and that Cid was the one she was engaged too; and that she has no memory of him. F

Taming Lightning: a side story of GL, revolving around Lightning's training to become queen and her interactions with the Cruna and her adopted family. Lightning didn't wake up along with the rest of her friends, and didn't wake till she was far into the future, to a kingdom known as Accordo, filling a role she never thought she'd have.F

Black Gold: When Serah was accused of being a witch, Lightning took it up upon herself to declare that she was the witch. Snatched up, Lightning is ripped away to face the crimes of using magic. In her hour of need, a strange man appears, offering her help, though with strings attached. F

Children of Fenrir: It was decreed by the Maker a long time ago that it was man that would rule over wolves in life, but it was only the wolves themselves that would survive the Ragnarok while the rest crumbled away to Valhalla. In the city of Midgar, Ragnarok is nearly upon the world, one wolf looking for work was enlisted to help smear the black city red in this dire era. F

The Last Guardian: Claire didn't know where she'd go, all she knew was that she needed to get away. Far, far away... F

Stress on the Strings: When the punishment called to him, she willing tried to save him, tried to take it for him, only to cost them both. Touched by the act of selflessness, Etro did not make the punishment eternal, giving him a second chance to choose and letting her have her own chance of happiness. Only if the two can make the right decision. F

A White Knight: Princess Noctis didn't want a bodyguard, enough said.

Odin: When your the captain of a band of pirates and not on good terms with the Sanctum or any real particular government, you have to do what you got to do to get by. So when a runaway prince hiding from the Sanctum winds up on your ship, what do you do? You boot him off the ship of course. F

Black Bird: The last thing that she wanted was a bodyguard, especially one as stubborn and infuriating as him. F

Best Served Cold: Stella summons Lightning, Fang, and Serah to come to her wedding, forgetting to mention that she was marrying Vanille's ex... F

Lost Prince: Noctis awoke in a strange place, with strange people, and a strange culture. A culture far into the future. F

Lightning Strife: Lightning goes to Cloud's college in his stead, covering the fact that her older brother was going out biking for a month instead of getting through school like they're dad wanted. Now she just needs to hide her gender in the boy's dorm.There was something about Strife that Noctis didn't like. All the girls loved him, he was an amazing athlete and academic, and he was mysterious, but he always disappearing after school and is never seen again till the next day. His friends declared he was jealous, and maybe he was, but that didn't change that there was something odd about Strife, something he just had to find out about. F

Subtle Soldier: When Noctis thought he finally met the one, he didn't think she would already have a kid.

The Law of the South: Noctis is forced to travel south when his father has been usurped and killed, forcing him and his closest friends to flee south, hoping to find a home or a flock to join. During their wanders, they come across a growing flock, lead by a pink chocobo that may accept them into her land. F

Dissida: Warriors from all around are summoned to serve and protect. F

Kingdom Hearts will be up when i get the chance

*Roll Away Your Stone: "Darkness is a harsh term, don't you think?" Kairi didn't drift to Destiny Island, instead, she was found by the nobodies. KH AU

*Of Shadow and Light: He looked a lot like Sora, she almost thought it was Sora. Same hair, same height, same body, same face; but now she realizes that's where the similarities stop. For Sora could never have such cold, golden eyes.

Final Kingdom: They were as happy as they could be. Their guardians loving, their friendship true, and their lives as bright and as promising as ever. It didn't seem like anything could tear them apart. When the big day came to see their place in the world, a lot more than just their friendship and loyalty was going to be tested and strained. A lot more than any of them could have ever have imagined. KH AU

The Runaways: Xehanort personally comes to try and take Kairi, only for Vanitas to come and intervene. OSaL

Curious: The last thing Kairi expected or wanted was for some strange heartless to follow her home, especially one so powerful, and than could take on a human form like Ansem. Unfortunately, this one, this "Vanitas" was quite insistent and clear that he wasn't going anywhere.

Heartless' Bride: She was accused of being a witch, chained out into the woods for the Hunter in the Dark to find. OSaL

Wet Ashes: originally, she was supposed to marry Prince Sora, an old friend of hers, which she could accept and grow to love. Instead, strings were pulled and her father was manipulated, now, she finds that she must marry the feared and cursed "demon" king. OSaL

Peace in the Dark: He couldn't understand how she could be so content when surrounded by darkness, living in such a black world. Especially since he should be the one living there. OSaL

The Queen's Shadow: She found him outside the castle wild and hurt, and looking a lot like her friend Sora and in need of help. Taking him in, she welcomes him into her own and her charity, hoping to help him find faith. OSaL

Black Gold: Kairi was taken to the capitol when she was accused to be a witch, a night before her faced crimes, a masked boy appears in her hour of need, though he's not helping out of the goodness of his heart. OSaL

Mine: He saved her when Xehanort wanted her light, he killed his master for her, he offered her a companionship and security when the last of her family was gone from the world. He had a right to her that no one else did. OSal

Dad: Vanitas knows he wouldn't be a good dad, Kairi doesn't think so.

Princess in White: She recently found her family, the father and uncle she never knew she had. Unsure what to do or think with them and the new and pressure that comes with them, all she could do was lean and rely on him as her anchor. OSal

The Heartless King: Kairi lived an unfortunate life, slaving away under her guardian's wills, constantly cleaning the house and cooking the meals, getting beaten and abused both physically and verbally; her only escape and solace coming from the shadows lurking around in the basement. OSal

Day and Night: He was bent on destroying the world, insane and hurt, his light gone from the world and his life everlasting. She was a being of pure light, intent on saving the world and bringing the peace. She made him offer, a chance for peace, giving up her own life and dream with it. OSaL

*Scars: It was decided for me, not long after Xehanort fell, that I would be the one to bring Radiant Garden back, that I would become its queen.

Drifting in the Dark: Kairi goes back in the past when Xehanort wins to change it and save the future.

Bravely Default

The Flower and Snowflake: Tired of dealing with Derosa persistence and the headache that in Crowe, Edea leaves on a short break, escaping to the most likely place where she could disappear into the crowd. Or so she presumed. It seemed one strange flower among many noticed the little flake drifting around the garden.

Grey Blade: Having just arrived in Eisenberg, the group is informed by Zatz about the Black Blades, a small but powerful group that has been favoring the Swordbearers in their war. If war and a closed off Fire Temple wasn't bad enough, Ringabel just has to add to it when they see the youngest member of the Blades and one of the strongest members, Miss Edea Lee.

Princess and the Little Demon Fairy: Ringabell really should have learned not to chase after every women he sees. Now he got turned into a demonic fairy thing. And his lovely angel isn't too keen in helping him.

The Vestal, the Survivor, and the Stranger: Bravely Default AU A boy survives the destruction of Norende while a vestal travels across the sea to see the source of the destruction. A strange girl waits for them both in Caldisla with a strange fairy as her companion. All the while Eternia is becoming a large looming shadow over all their lives.

Final Fantasy 13-2 unknown

Persistence: As Cocoon struggles with the resettlement on Gran Pulse, Lightning struggles to keep New Bodhum safe from the raging wildlife around and the many new changes that come with this new lifestyle. To add to it, she stumbles upon a recently awoken l'Cie that insists on being her "Guardian" in returns for helping him. Its the last thing a soldier needs...

A Stranger in Strange Lands: Etro makes a deal with Lightning, saving all her friends and giving them the life they deserve, in return, she is to protect Paddra in its prime, and become the wife of a man named Caius, turning his eyes away from someone named Yuel.

Final Fantasy 8 unknown

Game of Prey: a witch was a danger to all of humanity, having power that none other could have. From an unknown source, the SeeD have been alerted that a witch has been sited.

Final Fantasy XIII/Lightning Returns

Her White Knight: Once it was all over and done, Lightning thought she'd never see anything connected to her l'Cie experience. Till one loyal comrade appeared, unable to bear the separation any more.

Fire Emblem unknown

Day and Night: An alliance between Plegia and Ylisse seems like an impossible feat, a peace that no treaty could ever smooth over. A marriage though has a much better chance. With Gangrel refusing to marry, the other option is Grimleal's future head, Siel, the son of Validar.

Barbarian: When Maribelle gets captured, she didn't expect Wilk, a savior among these barbarians, a rare diamond in the rough; if only her savior wasn't the next head of Grimleal.

Dark Soul: Ellyre wasn't like any women Chrom's ever seen or meet, with cold, gleaming, amber red eyes that were calculating and vile, shaped by a hard life he could hardly grasp. And she was to be his queen.

Desert Rose: When Chrom gets captured by Plegia, he finds solace with his captor, Plegian's tactician, Ellyre.

Solace: In Plegia, comfort, peace, and understanding are hard things to come by, especially when you have the blood of the Fell Dragon in your veins. Aeron was surprised to find such comport with mage just as twisted up as she.

Wolves in the Flock: With Plegia under a new rule, the chance arises to form bonds and alliances with Ylisse, to do so, wolves must enter the flock. sequel to Solace, LucinaxMarc, MorganxGerome

Devil Snare: Twins were discovered that day.

Sticky Books: Gaius should have known he was biting off more than he could chew when he stole that book, now he has to steal it back again, only from a witch instead of dumb fat lord.

King of Thieves: Gaius struggles to be the King of Thieves, the ruler of Plegia along with his wife, as well as grasp that he's about to be a father. sequel to Sticky Books.

Thin Lines Between: Gaius and Idola have to make an offer to Ylisse as Valm threatens to invade, and their son Marc has to make a big step he didn't think of taking. BradyxMorgan, LucinaxMarc

A Wild Raven: When Basilio adopted Avera to be their tactician, Lon'qu had little idea what to expect with the woman around.

A Little Crow: Inigo finds a girl unconscious during his patrol, with no memory of what happened or where she's from. sequel to WR

Dirty Paws: An abomination is a creature no one wants to be near or see. Unable to choose their life of their or stand to be around anyone, they keep to themselves, out of the way and distant. Or so they had preferred, till a family of three were dragged into a war that they were trying to hide from when the second heir to the throne ran right into Morgan.

The True Heir: Lucina was always seen as the real threat to Grima; even the dragon himself considered her his true demise. No one ever thought of the second child, hiding in her shadow, watching the war play out through his eyes, never breathing a word of his thoughts. No one ever considered who the true heir of Grima really was.

Pokemon unknown

Grey: Today was the day for Lyco, the day she could leave her home and see the world, just as she always dreamed, and show her town, her rival Hugh, and her mother that would get far, with Plasma gone for two years now, there was nothing to worry about on this journey. She was sure of it.

Dragon Age unknown

Stray: When she arrived, she was merely here to see the mother she never knew, and then go on with her life. She never thought she'd end up grounded.

Hawke's Nest: The last thing he expected was to end up in debt to Kirkwall's Viscount, the infamous Champion of Kirkwall, the Dragonslayer, and the first ruling mage of Kirkwall.

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