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Hi, I'm Spartan-1207.

As many of you might have guessed from my name, I like both Star Wars and Halo, hence the 1207 (RC-1207, Sev, if anyone doesn't know) and Spartan (ok, if anyone does not know this, you are not playing Halo and you might have visited the wrong user).

Anyways, I've just registered and not a very great or even good writer, so bear with me for any problems with my story. I'd greatly appreciate the comments though. Suggestive and criticism comments are welcome but not any thing like "I hate you", or "I hate your story, get out of here" type of comments.

Thanks guys :D.

Also, I might consider writing a story for Naruto, depending on whether I can get my thoughts sorted. Sorry for not updating my story - all my English coursework revolved around writing and I'm sick of writing for a while :(. Not to mention the exams coming up. Literature exams belong in the cemetery being burnt while I celebrate by dancing around the fire. Very typical of me.

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A little bit of personal information

Name: Spartan

Preference: Playing Halo, Playing Star Wars: Battlefront II, reading books, hanging out with my friends, writing, um... trying to find my memory at times when I don't remember, swearing for no reason out loud... Oh, lighting something on fire, that's definitely on my list of things to do

Nationality: Chinese


I'm writing a crossover story right now, and might write more in the future, but right now, I want to focus on this one first, then maybe a sequel, a new story, depends. ON HOLD because of exams and well... can't think of any ideas. Stupid Brain.

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