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Read my blog if you want:


I appologize for not updating, but I've been very busy with stuff that has started to go way out of control. Once I get my life back in order a little more, I will continue to update my stories. Once again, my appologies. Please don't kill me.

Update: I've kind of lost inspiration. If anyone wants to help me with that I'm open to it.

Names that I go by: Emily, Elizabeth, Elvia, Susie, Lizzie, Freddie, Becky, Nancy, Beth, Carol, Girl, Milie, Ellie, Mike

Hi. my name is Elvia. Ironically to my former pen name, I am actually a ballet teacher. I really do hate ballet. I love to watch it, I just don't like to perform it even though I'm actually somewhat good at it. I like to go camping and swimming in lakes in the beginning of June when the water is freezing (don't ask). I'm an only child but I have 3 friends and a student that claim to be my sisters: Julie, Elizabeth, Kaitlyn, and Meredith. I am one of those people who will come home from somewhere and just sit and watch the weather channel for hours. I find it very interesting, especially during hurricane season. Sorry about not updating any of my stories but I'm a bit busy right now and can not continue them at this moment. My friends are a big part of my life. I have many quotes by me, my friends, and family. I hope you enjoy reading them. PS I added new ones, again.

Lou: OK, Miss Congeniality. (I was wearing a dress and acting like a boy. Makes no sense I know.)

Me: Happy Pi Day. (once again don't ask)

Me: I've stopped questioning my sanity years ago.

Dad: Pop Tarts are just flat pies. (that was his response to why I wanted to eat pie and poptarts.)

Lauren: Lima beans grow on trees just like weeds.

Me: I think it would be cool and all but I don't want the lives of inocent children in my hands. (don't ask)

Mr. Peebles: What did you do this time? (This was his response to me bringing in a note again saying I can't do gym for a week)

Braden: Just stick it in and go. (if you have a sick mind it will make sense)

Julie: You are going to go into the dressing room and we are just going to keep handing you clothes to try on. (I told her that I was going to take her with on a shopping trip where I need to buy a dress)

Me: I love you, too, Jimmy! (I screamed it in the middle of math class when he told me he hated me, I have no friends, and to get away from him. I got lots of weird stares) (Lou said she taught me well)

Becky: Ya'll look like you're dead.

Me: I'm an only child. I feel so lonely. (Most of this was in German and the teacher loved it)

Frau E: So is human geography like anatomy? (discusing what classes I'm taking next year.)

Frau L: Are you Julie or Emily? (She can't tell me and Julie apart)

Meredith: So Emily, are you getting married this year?
Me: Are you serious?
Meredith: yea.
Me: do you honestly think that I have a boyfriend?
Meredith: yes.
Me: well I don't.
Meredith: Awww. I feel so bad for you. (my student actually thinks I have a boyfriend. I think she's crazy. Maybe I shouldn't have given her my phone number)

Meredith: I've never had a boyfriend for more than ten minutes. (She's 11 and is complaining about boyfriends)

Tyler R: I am not a fluffy gopher.

Ian: Haha... It's not stalking when you're a vampire. It's different. (I asked him if he was stalking me. Kind of creepy that he said he was a vampire but oh well. I went to a movie with him)

Greg: Ian is a robot. (Talking about Ian's grades and how they are high compaired to mine and gregs)

Me: Yeah, all we have left is finals! Crap I better go study. (Im happy that theres only finals left but I don't want to fail them)

Me: Ian, don't your parents ever wonder what you do to your brother and sister?
Ian: They've forgotten about them long already
Greg: What's that supposed to mean? That he killed them?
Me: Yep, and that he killed them so long ago that they just don't remember them. (He really didn't do anything to them. They're both still alive and well. I saw them when I was at his house the one day.

Mom: Holy Crap Em!
Me: What?
Mom: You got 100 on your history final.
Me: I did.
Me: How the heck did I do that? (I honestly didn't think I did anywhere near that good on my final.)

James: My fat cheese is crying. (I don't know how to explain this one)

Dad: Em, what kind of smoothie do you want.
Me: Peanut butter and chocolate.
1 day later
Dad: What kind of smoothie do you want.
Me: Peanut butter and chocolate.
2days later from the first day.
Dad: Em, did you decide what kind of smoothie you wanted.
Me: Peanut butter and banana. (It was a very good smoothie to)

Me: If the goal in life is to die, then why not just go kill yourself and reach that goal sooner. (I put this in my psychology project. The teacher didn't see it yet so I don't know what she's going to say. I'm not actually encouraging suicide, but it was in my head when I did my project.)

Spencer: Ok. All you guys are wrong.
Mr. Peffley: What are you doing?
Spencer: I'm putting them in their spots.
Mr. Peffley:I just fixed them. They are fine.
Spencer: But they're wrong. (I hate Spencer but I loved when Mr. Peffley told him he was wrong about a lot of things. It was funny. This was just my favorite part of the conversation.)

Ms. K: Alright, lets do it one more time.
Leah, Katelyn, Me: There's no such thing as one more time.

James: Where's your stuff for English?
Me: Tis Yonder.

Sarah H: Is that a hippo?

Ms. Zorrilla: An angry hippo is really dangerous.

Tegan: The birds! The birds! They mark the spot! (hears random bird call and starts cracking up laughing. Jess and I were holding the birds when Jess made the bird call)

James: I never knew that's what flogging meant. (He said this in the middle of English class to the teacher.)

Stefan: I love flogging. (This was also during English class)

Nana: It's breast awareness month.
Me: I believe we're all aware we have those by now. (She ment Breast Cancer Awareness Month)

Me: If we can talk about tampons, hickeys, and douch bags, we can certainly watch the Phantom of the Opera. (You don't want to know.

Dad: Nancy, come here.
Me: I'm not Nancy.
Dad: Alright then, Becky come here.
Me: I'm not Becky either.
Dad: Girl! Come here!

Liz: You should have told me you liked my brother. I could have set you guys up.

Me: I'm not getting along to well with my dad right now.
Zeke (Liz's friend): That's why you should invite a bunch of guys over to make you happy and piss your dad off.

Random speaker about the middle ages: In the middle ages there was no such thing as X-Box, Nintendo, or Play Boy. (This was during a school assembly for fifth graders.)

Liz: Ok, I almost flew into that cow's butt.

Me: Did you just say "My phone doesn't have sex?"

Me: That was definately not a girl's voice.
Nick: Did you just call me a negro?

Mr. Schwalm: Men have boobs, too.

Me: I wandered lonely as a tree. (I was supposed to be reciting the poem "I wandered lonely as a cloud" but I messed up.)

Meredith: Emily, did you graduate?
Me: I'm 16. Why would you think I graduated?
Meredith: I don't know.

Meredith: I'm on my eleventh boyfriend since the beginning of the school year.
Me: Weren't you only on your ninth on Saturday. (At this point it was Tuesday)
Meredith: Yep.

Daulton: I ate bird poop before.

Daulton: I can read.
Me: What does this say?
Daulton: I can only read chapter books.
Me: What does this say?
Daulton: I can only read books with pictures.
Me: what does this say?
Daulton: I can only read on Wednesdays.

Kaitlyn: What is the seed of man and the seed of woman?
Me: . . .
Kaitlyn: Why are you smiling?
Me: I'm trying to think of how to answer your question.
Sandi: Its a part of a man and a part of a woman that come together to make a baby.
Kaitlyn: Ew.

Me: I felt like such an old person the other day. I sat there as soon as I got home and watched the Weather Channel 'til someone else came home.

Madison: Mike, come here I have something important I want to tell you: Hi Mike. (I don't know why she calls me mike but she does)

Amelia: I should buy those condoms for you Em. You'd probably have them all used up in a week.
Me: Don't worry about me. I think you should buy those for yourself.

Meredith: Baby's need to be burped?

Meredith: Do donuts grow on trees?
Owner of the donut shop: Yes. (she was being completely seriouse when she asked that. She really thought that donuts grew on trees. She's 12, I think she would know better.)

Ms. Zorrilla: I want to throw this computer out the window right now.
Me: That's a good plan, but there's no windows in this room.
Ms. Zorrilla: Quit rubbing it in.

Daulton: Madison says you have big boobs.
Anamaria: She's probably just jealous that you have some.

Copy and Paste stuff.

Pick the ones that fit you (Mine are in bold)

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I'm RELIGIOUS, so I MUST shove my beliefs down your throat.
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I don't have a RELIGION, so I MUST be evil and have no morals.
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