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Hey!! Welcome to my pro! I'm probably the coolest dork you'll ever meet...seriously!

i loveeee spending time with my friends, boyfriend and brotherrr:)

music, books, and playing soccer are basically my life

Current Favorite Songs:

Untouchable- Taylor Swift

Rescued- Jack's Mannequin

Two Is Better Than One- Boys Like Girls (feat. Taylor Swift)

Dark Blue- Jack's Mannequin

Mr. Brightside- The Killers

The Mixed Tape- Jack's Mannequin

You're Not Sorry- Taylor Swift

Hear You Me (May Angels Lead You In)- Jimmy Eat World


There was this one time at my friend John's house when i ran into a wall and had a HUGE bruise on my face. Everybody was like "How did you get tht bruise." and when i told them they just laughed.

Another time was when i was with my friend Katie and we were trying to pin my phone up on her wall (don't ask) to film us dancing. And like she totally dropped my phone and it was on camera. then i tried to put it on the wall and i finally got it, she poked the wall and it fell. it was mean but funny!

my cousin david...he prank called my friend john...haha about poisoned milk and dogs...ahhaa


Falling down the stairs in highschool is not fun.


Age: almost 15

Status: boyfriend named Joe :) he's awesome!!

Hair Color: Dirty Blondish

Eyes: Brown/Green/Gold(ish)

Grade: freshman

Height: 5'5"

Weight?: 116lbs


Favorite Books: Maximum Ride Series, Twilight Series, Percy Jackson and The Olympians Series, The Penderwicks Series, Daughters of The Moon Series, Sisters of Isis Series, Everlost, Elsewhere, Wind Chime (I wrote that), House of Night Series, Twelve Long Months, Bourne Identity, The Host, Leaving Paradise, Thirteen Reasons Why, Vampire Beach Series, Lord of The Flies, Romeo & Juliet. . .

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