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Oh Look, A Profile.

Yup, it's me, elconejoblanco. I don't have any fanfictions written at the moment (while I respect people who do write them, it's hard to motivate myself to write fanfiction when I have my own fiction to worry about) but I will happily beta stuff.

Shipping. Hurrah.

Harry/Draco - Yeah, it'd never happen, and I'm a straight boy, but still, it's so cute! (But sometimes they can be rather badly written. But hey, all pairings can.)

Albus Severus/Scorpius - Nuff said.

Ron/Hermione - If you hate ron go away. kthxbai.

Lost: Charlie/Claire - The second best ship in all the show and it was so like... horrible. He died after only three major action-y moments. Cry.

Sawyer/Kate - Can someone assassinate Matthew Fox so this ship happens? O_o

Jack/Locke - It does everything! It keeps jack away from kate, it gives lost a gay ship, and it's just hilarious! It's like a swiss army knife...

Ron/Dementor - Don't ask.

Other Stories:

Artemis/Holly - awwww. Minerva may be cute but two geniuses is... meh.

Will/Lyra - Although I'm annoyed that Lyra's strength of character dies upon meeting will it was sweet. And then he killed it. D:

Aang/Katara - I sympathize with the twelve year old nerd boy! :D

Percy/Annabeth - I feel stupid that I didn't realize this was going to happen till book 4. T_T

Danny/Reuven, Pip/Herbert, Mad Hatter/March Hare - pretty much anything that makes literature into slash is good with me. :D

If you've come here to inquire about my beta'ng, I will happily beta any fic, but I prefer the ships stated (to recap: as/s, h/d, ron/hermione, anything in lost that is canon and isn't jack/kate, and artemis/holly.) I'm not adverse to yaoi, het, or yuri, so go wild with pairings. But there are a few things I will NOT read:

Jack/Kate. IT'S AWFUL! Unless it's a very minor side pairing... no. NEVER.

Trios: Fics with trios as the main pairing are hard for me to stomach. Sorry!

Incest: If they're not cousins or farther I won't read it, especially not twincest.

Cross-generational stuff: Harry/Snape and the like. I don't mind adult romance but they have to go out with eachother, not little kids. XP

I've read Artemis Fowl, Percy Jackson, His Dark Materials, Harry Potter, and watched Lost and the first two seasons of Avatar. I'll also read stuff on standard literature, inquire as to what stuff I've read.