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Hey! I'm Crimson Fox4. If you have any comments, suggestions, tips, or constructive criticsm about any stories I may write, I welcome it! That sort of thing always helps me to improve my writing. Besides, it will help me keep you guys happy! And I love reading your reviews!

I hail from the land of the true North strong and free, eh!

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A Phoenix Among Hawks - COMPLETE

APAH: Amazonian Avenger - COMPLETE

What's the WORST that can happen? - COMPLETE

Counting Chaos on the Condor - COMPLETE - Go to Unleash The Shadow's page to find this one, or check for it under my favourites. UTS and I both wrote this together, although it was their origional plot bunny.

Wishing This Wasn't Goodbye - COMPLETE

So Long Sorrows - COMPLETE

Music to my Ears - COMPLETE

Was it Worth it? - COMPLETE

A Weird Christmas Tale - COMPLETE

A Cyclonian Cupid - COMPLETE

Story Status

A Phoenix Among Hawks

Over 50,000 words as of 5/04/08 - WOW I honestly never ever thought I'd get that far...

Over 100 reviews for this story!! YAYS! I think I might burst soon! That is so awesome for this being my first fic! Thank you so much for all of your encouragments and critque so far!! - Crimson Fox4 - 5/11/08

Over 3000 hits on my story so far, wow you guys are faithful in reading my story (or at least going to it)! Thanks again - Crimson Fox4 - 4/28/08

Chapter 1 - Knock Out - Completed as of 3/19/08

Chapter 2 - Caged Hawks - Completed as of 3/21/08

Chapter 3 - Into the Darkness - Completed as of 3/23/08

Chapter 4 - Orders - Completed as of 3/23/08

Chapter 5 - In the Kinck of Time - Completed as of 3/24/08

Chapter 6 - Captured? - Completed as of 3/25/08

Chapter 7 - Chains Broken, Secrets Revealed - Completed as of 3/28/08

Chapter 8 - Confessions and Memories - Part 1 - Completed as of 3/30/08 - Part 2 - Completed as of 4/03/08 (Yes this chapter is so long that I'm writing it in two parts)

Chapter 9 - Escapee Turned Fugitive - Completed as of 4/05/08

Chapter 10 - The Clue - Completed as of 4/11/08

Chapter 11 - The Letter - Completed as of 4/13/08

Chapter 12 - Waterfall Wonder - Completed as of 4/18/08

Chapter 13 - Complications - Completed as of 4/27/08

Chapter 14 - A Caged Renegade - Completed as of 4/30/08

Chapter 15 - Behind Enemy Lines - Completed as of 5/04/08

Chapter 16 - Hallucnations - Completed as of 5/11/08

Epliogue - Completed as of 6/01/08


(Anyone is welcome to use the snippets idea on their profile, I'm sure people have done this before I did!)

A Phoenix Among Hawks

Reunion, Dissent, and New Beginnings

Chapter 1


"Get us out of here Stork!" I yelled up at Stork on the bridge, motioning to him to power up the Condor in case he hadn't heard me over the noise of all the Atmosians we had just freed. With a quick salute and yank of a lever by Stork, the Condor's engines came to life.

With Piper standing next to me on the Condor's runway as we moved further and further away from Cyclonia, I enjoyed the feeling of having her by my side again, glad that we had been able to free her from the Cyclonians.

Looking down at Piper, I smiled and put my arm around her shoulders as we cleared the Cyclonian terra. Having finally realized how close I came to loosing Piper back on Cyclonia, I told her, "It's great to have you back by the way."

Deciding we ought to be heading inside, Piper began to giggle softly as she let me lead her towards the hangar bay. Her giggling stopped as she tried to point out to me, "I was really only gone for maybe ten hours at the most when you think about it."

"Yeah, well I still missed you." I knew what she had said about her being gone ten hours was probably true, but I had missed her none the less. "I'm just glad I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't get back to sleep. I went to check on you and you weren't there."

"You just felt compelled to go and check on me in the middle of the night?" Piper asked in a teasing tone.

I knew she was just teasing me and that I hadn't done anything wrong by checking on her at night, but I still felt embarrassed. Using my hand that wasn't on Piper's shoulder, I rubbed the back of my neck out of habit. After a moment though, I glanced at Piper and grinned as I retorted, "Well, at least I did. If I hadn't, we wouldn't of figured out you were gone until now probably."

Piper shrugged her shoulders in response, and a bit later once we had weaved through the escaped prisoners, we had made our way to the door that led from the hangar bay into the interior of the ship.

Before either of us could press the button on the wall to open it, we were both surprised when the door opened to reveal Finn on the other side. "Piper, there are a couple people waiting in your room that wanted to talk to you..."

With an eyebrow raised in question, Finn trailed off as he glanced between myself and Piper. That's when I realized I still had my arm around her.

Oh great, now Finn is going to make up some ridiculous story about Piper and I to tell the guys...

Sighing mentally, I figured I may as well enjoy having my arm around Piper's shoulders before I got teased too much, but before Finn could get some wisecrack comment out of his mouth about Piper and I, Piper pushed past Finn who had been blocking part of the doorway.

I decided to go with Piper – her room and the people waiting there were in the opposite direction of Finn after all. I pushed away my thoughts and worries about the many mischievous ideas Finn must've been thinking of though as we approached Piper's room.

We walked into her room together, but I reluctantly let my arm fall from her shoulder though, as I didn't want the couple sitting and talking quietly on Piper's bed to get the wrong impression. I don't think Piper noticed the absence of my arm though, as she stood with her eyes focused on the man with bright neon blue hair and red eyes that was hushing the woman next to him, having noticed Piper and I enter the room.

Soon, the woman with hair as dark as the night sky turned around. She stared at Piper for a moment, and her golden eyes locked unto Piper's amber ones.

As the woman rushed towards Piper and embraced her like she'd never let go, I took a few steps back from the pair as the woman cried, "Oh Piper, it is you! I'm so glad you're safe!"

Piper glanced at me for a second, her eyes spelling confusion before she looked over at the man who was now standing next to her bed. As Piper gave the man a good hard look to figure out who he was, I took a few more steps back from the scene in front of me and into a dark corner of Piper's room.

I noticed Piper's eyes widen in shock, and I could tell by the look on her face that she had finally recognized the man and knew him well. Despite this, I still pressed the button on each of my shoes to disguise myself again, as I knew my toque could only cover up so much of my blaze red hair. Piper blinked several times as the man with tan skin just like Piper's began to smile widely.

Wait, he has the same colour of skin as Piper?

I looked between the two adults in the room and Piper before my eyes widened in shock as I heard Piper whisper in disbelief, "Dad?"

That's right... this is a snippet from the next story in the APAH series... yes... I have added something new to my profile after over a year, Yes... I have been typing - some. If you want a further explanation please keep scrolling to the bottom of my profile or message me, though I may not be able to reply right away because of the realities of life. Hopefully you all won't hate my guts or think of me as a hypocrite, but... on the plus side, the last APAH story is forming slowly in my mind, and excruciatingly slower through the use of a keyboard. Only chapter one is completely written, and yes, there will be more... eventually... but I'm not going to post any of the story until it's complete. It'll be better for everyone that way I believe. And finally, yes, I know that this is like a deja vu of the last chapter of APAH: Amazonian Avenger, and that's because it is, just told through a different pair of eyes.

Cookie Challenges

(If you are the winner of a Cookie Challenge, go ahead and tell the world on your profile page, you should be proud!!

Cookie Challenge #1 - Who was the snippet of chapter two told by that I had posted on my profile? Answer - Aerrow! Winner - Unleash The Shadow

Cookie Challenge #2 - Will be awarded to anyone who can guess at what I will do with Piper's necklace in this story. (Will be awarded Cookie if you are thinking along the right lines, you will receive an honorable mention for just trying!) SakariWolfe, Unleash The Shadow, HiveMind, and I-am-a-fighting-dreamer, and MissDedodakes have made some very good guesses... Honourable mention for now, but you all have till before I post chapter 7 to win this Cookie!! Extension!! You now have until chapter 8 Part 2 is published to guess at some of the specifics of what Piper's crystal does. If you don't, I'll end up choosing a random person from my honourable mention list who will recieve the cookie!! Wow, I think SakariWolfe desreves this cookie after practically READING MY MIND! but I am generous. (Pulls out batch of online cookies.) Everyone gets one, but I think SakariWolfe gets the biggest one... Anyone can still send me answers to this question, and you too can earn a Cookie!!

Cookie #3 Awarded to Dragonwings144 for having an amazing eye for noticing an embaressing mistake I made in chapter 1. Did anyone else notice that I spelled Sky Knight like Sky Night? (Its fixed now!)

Cookie Challenge #4 - Cookie will be awarded to anyone that can help me come up with a better colour to describe Piper's eyes with other than Orange:P - Awarded to SakariWolfe for helping me out, in future chapters I will use some of their suggestions, such as tangerine!

Cookie Challenge #5 - Cookie will be awarded to anyone that can tell me who's perspective the snippet from chapter 4 is told by! - Another cookie awarded to SakariWolfe! - Answer : Snippet of chapter 4 is written in Master Cyclonis' POV

Cookie Challenge #6 - Cookie will be awarded to the first person to message me with the correct message hidden inside of the clue in chapter 10 Snippet!! - Congratulations to Aces of Aces 2.0, Quazety, and SakariWolfe that correctly found the clue within the clue! They receive on of the three cookies I am handing out for this challenge, and I am also awarding one to CaelanBell as I believe they know what it is, they were just kind enough not to say it outloud ;P There is still a cookie left to be won! (And everyone else who guessed, a lot of you were making a lot of good guesses as what the clue itself meant, but you didn't find the clue hidden inside the clue :P You had to look at this one with a technical eye. Don't worry, I loved all of your guesses!)

Cookie Challenge #7 - Cookie will be awarded to the person who comes up with the best name for my new Amazonian bird of prey. It has a yellow crest on its head, green body, and blue tipped featers. Knock yourselves out! Only one cookie will be awarded, but you still receive honourable mention for being creative and participating!! - Congrats go to Crystal Lit Moon, and their Alarian Hawk! The other contributors to this challenge will be added soon!

Cookie Challenge # 8 - Cookie will be awarded to the first 2 people to tell me who's POV the snippet of chapter 16 of APAH is told in. I know you can all guess it! Winners: Black-Wolf-Warrior and Unleash The Shadow. Congratulations! You have both won a yummy cookie! Answer: Master Cyclonis' POV

Cookie Challenge #9 - Cookie will be awarded to anyone who guesses what was in the glass jar that Piper poured on Finn's records in chapter two of 'Music to my Ears' and what Piper picked up from Finn's floor in chapter 3. Good luck! Congratulations to: Saerphe, Child of the Storm, SakariWolfe, Black-Wolf-Warrior, and last, but not least, LoveFlame. Some of you were so darn close, it was scary! And otehrs of you only got one out of two right, but I decided to give a cookie out to everyone who participated! Congrats!

Cookie Challenge #10 - Cookie will be awarded to the first person to tell me in a review or message what is different about the POV changes in chapter 6, 'Trap! of my story, 'APAH:A Amazonian Avenger' that I've never done with the POV switching in ANY of my APAH series chapters.



Hey everyone, it’s me, Crimson Fox4. Well, I think I first mentioned this near the beginning of the year that I had an important announcement to make at the end of APAH: Amazonian Avenger, but I’ve decided it’s best to tell you all now.

I know hardly any of you are expecting this, but I’m going to be leaving FanFiction . net soon. How soon is soon? Well, I’m sort of aiming for in around the Easter weekend. I’m sorry that this is so sudden and all, but can you see now why I decided to tell you sooner than I originally planned? (As those who are currently still keeping up with APAH:AA know, it’s not quite finished yet, am I right?)

Anyways, I know you’re probably all wondering why, especially after me being a member on the site for a little over a year now, but the truth is, I’m pretty sure my parents have close to no idea that I’m even a member on this site. So, I guess you could say my conscience has caught up with me. I just really don’t want to have to hide this sort of writing from them, but at the same time, I also don’t really want to show them and have them get mad at me for not telling them about this for over a year, you know?

But yeah… another thing that I don’t think many of you know about is that I’m a Christian. And I’ve sort of been realizing lately that lying / avoiding telling my parents about something isn’t the best course of action for a Christian to take. Plus, I know to some of you this might sound all ‘preachy’ and all, but I’ve sort of been feeling God working in my life as of late - especially regarding my writing.

I believe that my ability to write stories and such is a gift he’s given me, and I haven’t exactly been using it in the best way really that glorifies him. I mean, I know if you’re reading this note right now, you’ve probably read at least one of my stories. And you may or may not have realized that I try to keep the content and language cleaner than most other stories on the site, but other than that, my views and my beliefs as a Christian haven’t really been integrated into my stories at all, and now I realize that I should’ve been doing that, even if it means it would’ve probably turned half or more of you off of my writing. For instance, Christmas is supposed to be the celebration of Jesus Christ’s birth, yet I haven’t put any of that into my Christmas story that I just recently finished. In fact, I ended up changing the final chapter a lot as it just didn’t seem right for Piper and Aerrow to kiss – mistletoe or not.

So if you’re wondering what this all means, it basically means that my fanfiction writing is going to be done in about a week or so if all goes according to plan. Out of my three stories I had on the go, one is now done. I’m also hoping to have A Cyclonian Cupid done this weekend depending how much time I get to work on it. After that, I’m going to focus on condensing the ‘A Phoenix Among Hawks’ series. This means adding APAH: Revelations and APAH: Caged Phoenix; New Apprentice onto the end of APAH: Amazonian Avenger. There will probably be a lot of time skips, but I think it should turn out alright in the end (hopefully). Also, I’m figuring out now with a fellow author on the site whether or not they’re willing to write the final story in the series for me or not, as I‘d really like you guys to be able to read that one in the full length it was intended to be. Like you, I’ve always disliked when an author just ups and leaves without finishing their stories, and I think that’s one of the main reasons why I’m still ‘here’ right now. So I’ve been trying to think of ways to shorten and condense what I’ve had planned to write as you can see.

Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know about this beforehand, and I’m sorry to those I didn’t tell prior to now that I wanted to, its just I’ve been really busy between typing and homework lately, so yeah….

Please feel free to send me a message with any questions or concerns about this you may have. Even if you just want to yell at me, I guess I’ll accept those messages too, but no matter what type of message you send me, I probably won’t get a chance to answer them until my stories are done, so you’ll only have to wait for in around a week or so or until I need to take a small break from speed writing. Also, I know I usually reply to all of my reviews, but I may not have time soon, so please forgive me those of you who actually enjoy me replying to your reviews. I do enjoy them, so please keep leaving them!

Well everyone, thanks for all of the input you’ve given me over this past year, and thanks for helping me become a better author, but I think it’s time I moved on and focused on writing my own original story with my own original characters where I can incorporate whatever ideas I need into it.


Crimson Fox4


(That's right, I'm alive)

Well, if you're reading this, it's probably because you just finished reading my newest story. To make thinks short and sweet, I'm back, for the moment. I'm not going to be posting things as often or as consistently due to the demands of my real life, but I'll still do my best. Anyway, the answers to some questions that you may be asking:

The reason why I'm back is because writing is something I enjoy, and the critical feedback and comments I get through this website by posting fanfiction stories helps me to improve my writing, and helps my style to improve as well and lets me experiment with different genres and styles of writing I may not always use myself normally.

The other reason is because I finally talked to my parents about the site, and was told that as long as I can keep my priorities straight and spend my time wisely, I can still write fanfiction as long as it's not my main focus or that it doesn't come before school. In any case, I've just been doing some thinking and maturing over the past year and a half. It's all kind of hard to explain, so I'm sorry if this is all vague. If you want a better explanation or clarification, feel free to message me with your questions, thoughts, or even anger, all reactions are acceptable.


Crimson Fox4

~~~Failure is an event, NOT a person~~~

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A Phoenix Among Hawks reviews
After a series of unlikely events, Piper and Aerrow discover the true origins of Piper's necklace. What will happen when the realization of its power and ability sink in? Will it's existence become known to evil? Find out in this mild Aerrow/Piper romance
Storm Hawks - Rated: T - English - Romance/Mystery - Chapters: 18 - Words: 58,853 - Reviews: 150 - Favs: 48 - Follows: 23 - Updated: 6/1/2008 - Published: 3/19/2008 - Complete