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Author has written 11 stories for Code Geass, and Harry Potter.

I can't very well leave this blank, can I?

About me - Call me Aeromance, if I like you well enough I'll tell you my real name soon enough. I'm a seveteen year old male (crazy, right? A guy writing about boy/boy stuff, it's just blasphemy) and I live in... Well, it's not that I'm hesitant to say, it's just that I'm not too sure where to say I live. I tend to bounce around the United States quite a bit. I'm a traveler like that, I s'pose. I've been to the four corners of the contiguous United States and I've lived in three of them.

I've been writing since I was about nine, and I've been reading fanfiction since I was thirteen (damn hormones). I used to role play quite a bit which actually led me to delve into the fanfiction community more and start actually writing. I dream of one day when I am one of those 'popular authors' that has like a hundred reviews on a story. Big dreams, I know -_- but I figure I'll start small then work my way up. Sensible, yeah?

I love - emoticons, british speak, text arrows, parentheses, language, slash, creativity, the night, air conditioning, weird pins, Lady GaGa, trance/techno, anything French and the word "moist".

I hate - terrible fanfics, disrespectin' the English language, back pain (spends a lot of time on the comp), terrible endings, sad emo pointless stories that only exist to torture characters beyond repair then show them that everything can be magically healed by another character's penis, poor word choice, repitition, repitition, repitition, and did I mention redudantly, redundant repitition?

Message me. No, you don't need a reason. Just - do it, now. Please? o.o

This section is more or less a commentary on my stories and explanations and such.

I wouldn’t recommend reading this if you haven’t yet read the stories (should be obvious, yet they still have to put a “this is not my own original work” disclaimer on works on a website called FANFICTION so I’m going to just be safe here). You should probably also like them, too. Just a guess. Unless you’re sitting there thinking “I just need to know how this fuck-nugget came up with SUCH a horrible story. I just gotta know what went on in his head to lead him to put that eye sore online…” Then you’re in the right place.

Without further ado:

Damn You, Suzaku

This simply came about from my own curiosity about why Suzaku is so often referred to as Lelouch's night and my desire for that to make sense. Because, it really is adorable.

Locker Room Fantasies

This was actually prompted by a picture my lovely role-play partner Suffocated Entity sent me. One day when I’m bored and have absolutely nothing to do, I’ll find the picture. But, basically, it was Lelouch having some solo sexy time and smelling some piece of garment, as pictured in the fic.


Falling, as the majority of my stories come about, was just a spontaneous thing. I put my fingers to the keyboard (thumbs actually, because I did the whole thing on my phone) and went from the dream sequence to the end, having no clue what I was doing. All I knew from the beginning was that it was Drarry. That’s it.

I then realized that the title and motif of dreams probably came from another story called Falling by Shinosuke. There aren’t many similarities besides the pairing, the title, and the dream motif but I believe that was the unconscious inspiration for that piece.

That and the one goal I had was that I REALLY wanted to write a full-out hardcore lemon scene.

Mission accomplished.


Again, really just a random inspiration. I love FML, obviously, and after sitting there, looking at a blank screen for so long, my brain connected the dots and brought together several of my passions for a story (Harry Potter, lulz and FML).


Now, this story actually has somewhat of an interesting beginning and a story to follow.

My asexual younger sister was over at my house during the summer. She is one person who I would say might be as obsessed with Harry Potter as I am. Of course, the subject came up often.

Enter my annoying younger brother (five years old) who constantly sought out entrance to my room. Being the witty teenagers we were, we convinced him that one needed the proper password to gain entrance in my room (meaning someone was always in my room and would unlock the door once the proper password was uttered). Of course, when someone knocked on the door, we had to called out in a drawling voice to resemble the Fat Lady “Password?” It carried on from that point to attaching personality characteristics to the fat lady (because she’s pretty much a blank slate outside of being a dramatic, gossiping, lush who doesn’t like being awoken so often by Harry’s shenanigans).

This transformed to our newly filled out Fat Lady being in different situations and how she would react and become a proper character in stories. Then came the drawing my friend made. It was a glorious depiction of Ron and Harry in the common room. Thus spawned our situation in which to implant the new robust Fat Lady.

Of course, Hermione had to be the pissed off plot-driver and source of lulziness.

Nerds, amirite?

Elder Wand Juice

This was a prompt from my faggy besty, Mimi, bless her.

It arose when I made the apt comparison between the elder wand and anal beads. She demanded a story in which the Elder Wand was used as anal beads.

The title came from a later message in which I referenced “elder wand juice”, being the lubrication the wand would produce via a spell. The name stuck so fucking well.

Pretty much everything about the story was built around that. I started out with why someone would want the Elder Wand up their ass. Going with what I know, I went with Harry/Draco. Then, the Elder Wand became a symbol of power for Draco and so grew his obsession over it.

No-Name Island

Again, a prompt from my lovely slut. Her almost exact words “Harry, Fred, on an island, make it funny as fuck.” I’m don’t think I fulfilled the last requirement, but I tried my best. And I think I’d rather have an unfunny fic than a fic that is clearly trying way too hard to be funny. Hopefully I didn’t end up doing exactly that.

Obviously, there are a limited number of plausible ways in which to put two characters on an island, especially when one, SPOILER ALERT, dies during the books.

The idea of a dream seemed pretty obvious and having just finished the books again, the place where a dream-like place could plausibly be placed seemed rather apparent. From there, I just kind of typed with no set expectations on where the story was going. I only really knew what I thought the point of the “dream” was for Harry.


The last request from Super Slut Whore Deluxide. She reasonably asked for a Harry/Ron experimentation fic that didn’t end in nauseating admissions of long repressed feelings of love and devotion. Because, usually they’re fucking teenagers and teenage boys are too busy fucking they’re hand into blisters to have devotional love for much of anything. I can say that, because I’m a teenage boy, so I’m not racist.

Having just previously discussed why some sexual feelings between the two might be possible, it was rather easy to draw up a list of cannon occurrences that seemed pretty charged with serious emotions from both parties.
It was originally going to be a reflection piece where the boys thought back to all the extreme emotional times between them and connecting the dots, then sexy happy tiem. Obviously, it didn’t exactly happen that way. I started typing and confused Ron wanted to come out and tell his story. So, he did.

One thing I really wanted to show with this story is something I have personally grappled with. That is the definite, committed love to a best-friend (almost a family member) and then the very confusing addition of a growing sexual awareness of that same-sex person, and dealing with those two different feelings slowly mixing and confusing the hell out of you.

Dos and Don’ts of FanFiction

DO learn anatomy.

Boy/girl/alien/whatever. Just figure out how stuff works I cringe at the "and he used a preparation spell" (for my main love is Harry Potter) but at least its something. Just don't have the boy "stick it in, and hit the g-spot every time." One needs LOTS of preparation and lubrication to even think about anal sex, and the prostate is about two inches in and upwards towards the navel. Kthxbai.

DON'T say "NO FLAMES" in your summary.

It clutters it up, first off. Second, no one gives a fuck. If you're the type who goes and trolls like that, looking for innocent stories to take your anger out on, nothing is going to stop you. Except a well places gun shot. in fact, if I were such a troller, I would target the people that say NO FLAMES or DON'T LIKE, DON'T READ. Because, no one stumbles on mature gay fanfiction. No one reads the thing about it being an M-rated romance Draco/Harry and THEN sees "Don't Like ,Don't read" and goes...oh...I get it. Thanks.

DON’T beg for reviews.
Conversely, no one is going to review your story if they don't want to. In fact, I kind of find it pathetic to say that in your summary. It smacks of "I"m a newbie and this will probably be a bad story." Not that all stories with that are bad, or that new authors are bad. I am simply saying, if you've been around a bit, you know there is a LOT of crap on this site and you start to look for indicators so you don't go wading twenty thousand words in to realize you're wasting your time.

DO spell things correctly. Okay, typos, everyone has them. I would get a beta for those things. But two places where things MUST be spelled correctly are: character names, places (I don't mean just typos. I mean, consistently spelling it Voldermort) and on your summary. That is a SMALL few sentence blurb. Fucking spell check it. You know when you see commercials for cookies and they look amazing? That's because you don't put the burnt ones on display or no one will buy.

DON'T discredit yourself. Ever. You may be shitty, fine. I promise you, we'll figure it out soon enough. But nothing is worse than an author pointing that out. "Sorry, I didn't use spellcheck. Lol." Back button will be pressed now. I'll figure it out myself, promise. Or maybe I won't. Maybe you're a pretty good speller and you only misspell a few things or your story is so good, I don't even notice. Who knows? Oh, wait. I don't. Because you discrediting yourself scared me off. Another bad one is "I SUCK AT SUMMARIES!" That is a waste of space Again, I probably already figured that out. Don't put it up in shining letters. Its shameful.

DO reply to reviews. I wouldn't necessarily say you have to reply to every "OMG. So good. update." But the ones that bring up good points and such deserve a reply. They put their time into reading your story and providing some thought for you, you best reply to show your appreciation. And if you don't get many reviews, I would recommend every replying to the "OMG. So good. Update" too and say thanks. They'll appreciate it, and if you start talking, maybe they'll tell you more of what they thought.

DON’T assume something is canon and don’t bother to explain it.

I hate, hate, hate when people almost insinuate things are cannon when they are clearly not.
Sorry, but these examples will be from Harry Potter because that is what I'm currently obsessed with.
For example: The Dursleys. Yes, they're terrible people. Yes, they neglected Harry. But, no, they did not starve him and no, Vernon never beat him. It actually specifically states in Philosopher's Stone that they never starved him.
Don't get me wrong, obviously, fanfiction can't follow that cannon all the time, but people really usually assume that to be cannon and that upsets me.
Another thing, Jo has specifically stated that there are no Wizarding Universities. So, if you’re going to throw that in there, don’t just assume your reader should just accept that and move alone. Flesh out the idea of a little because it isn’t Rowling’s work, it’s your own creation.

That's all for now -huffs-


"Passion is in the risk." (One quote for now...)

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