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Projects (Current and Complete):

Fellow Spirits, A Twilight Story Complete

Synopsis: After a very tense encounter with the Volturi, Edward Cullen gets tossed in a dark room with nothing but his anger and sadness for company. Or so he thinks. The room is the home of another vampire, one Andrew Ravenwood, who curiously seems to know everything about Edward. Over the next few days memories and secrets will be revealed and Edward will realize that he is not as alone as he used to think.

Book Cover


Andrew Ravenwood

Charlotte Brewster

Existentialism, An AU Twilight Story featuring Andrew Ravenwood and Charlotte Brewster Discontinued

Synopsis: Edward Masen is not going to miss his hometown of Scottsdale. All he has left there are scars and an abusive father. He and his mother flee to the rainy town of Forks, Washington, a hideaway for his mother back in her hippie days. When he arrives at school, he is instantly labeled the nerd. He wears glasses on the end of his nose, enjoys the books they read in English, and often trips over his own two feet. But he is not the only one that catches the school's interest. A few days after he arrives, a pair of "twins", Alice and Andrew Ravenwood, arrive at school, and they look curiously like the Cullen family, a freak clan that sits on their own. Edward falls in with Alice and Andrew fast, but keeps an eye on the strange family: Charlotte Brewster, an adopted daughter of the family who sits next to him in English. Why she can't stop staring at him is a mystery. Jasper Cullen, a strong and silent philosopher. Rosalie Hale, a lavish beauty with a taste for politics. Emmett Cullen, his Chem lab partner who gets way too close to the burners. And, finally, Isabel Cullen, the detached enigma with the golden eyes. Over the course of the next year, everything Edward thought he knew about the world will be tested. Alliances will be made. Love will blossom. And an enemy will emerge to challenge the peace.


Charlotte I'm sorry that I totally changed her look, but I love Evanna Lynch's voice. It's just as I imagined this Charlotte's to be. Charlotte is now a blonde, just so you know.

Edward's Car 1999 Mustang Coupe

Andrew and Alice's Porsche Lotus

Isabel's Volvo

Character Profiles: (I thought these were necessary givin the AU-ness of the story)

Edward Masen: A seventeen year old human, Edward loves all things academic. He is a lover of books and music, having written quite a lot of both in his young life. He lived in Scottsdale, Arizona prior to his move to Forks, and now lives in an old bi-level with his mother, Elizabeth. He is 6"0', has emerald green eyes, has bronze hair that sticks out no matter how much he tries to flatten it, and wears black, square glasses on the end of his nose. He meets Alice and Andrew Ravenwood on his second day of school and quickly becomes friends with them.

Isabel Cullen: Born in Texas in 1888, Isabel is the female center of Cullen family. She is a Shield for all mental powers, but is still prone to physical ones. To the people outside her family, she can seem very aloof, but, having spent the majority of her life as a vampire, she knows better than to get close to people. She is 5'8", has long, wavy brown hair, and golden eyes. She plays the piano in her spare time. She is closest to Jasper. He was her Sirer and a very close friend during their time in the Vampire Wars.

Emmett Cullen: Emmett is the heart of the family, always cracking jokes and lightening the air. He is Pyrokinetic and very strong. Rose has been his wife for several years and they are very much in love. She saved his life after a bear attack and he has never let her forget it. Emmett meets Edward through Chem Lab and likes him at once. It is he that insists that his sister's fondness for the boy is something more. He is 6'6", has short brown hair and golden eyes.

Rose Hale: Rose was changed by an unknown vampire in the late 1890s. She hails from New York, New York and was a stage actor by trade. She is very charismatic, but has no manifested power. She is fine with that, as it makes her feel a little more normal. She changed and married Emmett in the 1950s and loves him to death, although sometimes she feels more like his mother than his wife. Her and Emmett met up with Jasper, Charlotte and Isabel soon after their marriage and taught them how to feed off of animals. She is 5'11", has long, cornsilk hair and has a taste for politics.

Jasper Cullen: Jasper is the patriarch of the Cullen clan and is the eldest of all of them. He has the power to manipulate emotions, but refuses to use it upon his family. Isabel is his closest sister, but he feels more responsible for Charlotte. He loves her like a daughter and has chased away every man who has tried to steal her heart. She doesn't appreciate it. He is 6'2", has blonde, curly hair and golden eyes. He is a music lover, but as a rule, he doesn't like country. He doesn't talk much and is very intellectual, as well as philosophical.

Charlotte Brewster: Charlotte was changed at the age of twenty-two and is physically the oldest of the Cullens. She was born in 1901 in Chicago. She had married and had two children before she was turned, but had to leave both behind when she was turned. Her husband died during the aftermath of the flu epidemic. Since then, she has used her motherly affections for her family. She is close to Jasper, as he understands her pain of loosing her family. She is a Pusher, a vampire who can make others do what she says. It is a power of absolute control and she doesn't like to use it. She is 5'6", has long blonde hair and violet eyes from the contacts she wears. She enjoys scrap booking.

Alice Ravenwood: Alice is the adopted sister of Andrew Ravenwood. They met at an insane asylum in Biloxi, Mississippi. Even as a human, she had visions of the future, a terrible fright to her family. She met Andrew at the age of sixteen and convinced him to change her at the age of nineteen. Alice is very close to her brother and could not imagine a life without him. They look so alike, they can pass for twins in whatever town they go to. She has been trained as a veggie vampire and has never tasted human blood. She is 4'11", has short, black spikey hair and enjoys rock music.

Andrew Ravenwood: Andrew was born in London in 1482, making him the oldest vampire in the story. He looks like a much more classic vampire, with his punk clothes, black hair and eyeliner. He was changed at the age of twenty-one and has been alone ever since until he met Alice. He has two powers: the power to "read" minds and the power to mimic any ability he comes across. The true extent of his first power is hard to explain. He enjoys acting and playing the violin. He has chaired in many Symphonies around the world including Budapest, Moscow and San Francisco. His is 6'0", has black hair and golden eyes. His favorite past time is making fun of Edward.

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