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Hi! Thanks for viewing my profile.!My name is Jasmine C. I love the Twilight Series by Stephanie Myer.I am 12 and single.My favorite color is Dark Blue.My favorite place to hang out is my room,because it is my own creation.I LOVE to ride horses.I love this website and I found out about it from by BFFAEAE.I have brown hair ,brown eyes.I am about 5",not very tall but o well.I have also been in 17 plays! To find out more about me, leave me a comment.


Food:Anything Italian or Chinese

Books:Twilight,New Moon,Eclipse,Eldest,Eragon,Harry Potter Series,Series of Unfortunate Events,The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Movies:Titanic, What a Girl Wants, Monster in-law and Many,Many more!

TV shows:Gilomre Girls,Sabrina the Teeanage Witch,and Many,Many more!



Of all the things I have lost,I miss my mind the most.

Secret Admirers are,Stalkers with stationary.

"Shut up voices,or I will poke you with a fork"

Of course I am talking to myself.Who else can I trust?

Don't follow me,I am lost too.

It's always the last place you look.Why are you still looking for it?

Do I have to spell it out for you or scream it in your face?!

Haha, I don't get it.?

So what if we are acting like immature idiots, we are having fun.!

If at first you don't succeed,skydiving is'nt for you.

Those who chuck things at Crocidiles', will be asked to retrieve them.

Music is my boyfriend!

Poke me,I dare you.

Definition of your Mom: How to answer a question when you are bored.

I will try to be nicer if, you try to be smarter.

This is Bob. Bob likes sharp things. I suggest you run away from Bob.

When life gives you lemons,chuck them at people you hate.

When life gives you lemons,make apple juice.Then laugh when people try to figure out what you did.

Cry me a river,Build a bridge,and get over it!

It takes 42 muscels to frown,28 to smile, and only 4 to slap someone!

Definition of Homework: Some form of mind punishment.

When life hands you lemons,hand them back and say make you own dang lemonade.

Warning:Do not follow in my footsteps,I tend to walk into walls,and occasionaly of a cliff.

The world is full of crazy people.THEY MADE ME THE LEADER.

I am not afraid of death.What is it going to do,kill me?

Did you know:Sarcasm is our bodies natural defense against stupidity?

364 Days of the year kids are tought not to take candy from strangers.On Halloween they are encouraged to.Why is that?

An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.If well aimed.

Paper may beat rock.Cannon ball makes big hole in paper.

Parents spend the first part of our lives,teaching us how to walk and talk.Then the rest tell us to sit down and shut up.

Boys are like trees--they take 50 years to grow up.

The stupider people think you are,the more surprised they are when you kill them.

GASP!!Iam going to die.But don't worry I will live through it.

Don't drink and drive-you might spill the beer.

Don't play dumb with me... I am better at it!

8 Signs You Are Addicted To The Computer

1.) Whenever something cool happens you think,I should have got a pic to put on my blog!

2.) You are a little diasapointed when you get invited to a sleepover,cause that means you will miss your chat with cutee101

and angelgurly463.

3.) When you get into a fight with your friends,you make them mad by threatining to take them off your buddy list.

4.) You change your list of bookmarked websites more than you change your clothes.

5.) You have never met your Best friend but you know her as angelgurly463.

6.) Ditto your second Bff cutee101

7.) When you write your school report,instead of writing full word you use LOL and IDK.

8.) When your mom asks you to walk the dog,on the way out the door you yell ttyl!

5 Dumb Signs.

A street downtown-1 mile

Caution water on road during rain

Entrance ONLY -Do not enter

Stop:Drive sideways

15 min parking 8am.-5pm.

5 Dumb Ads

One used tombstone:Perfect for anyone named Michael Smith

Parachute,never opened,but used once.

Stock up and save.Limit one!

Never used matress-has one large hole and small tears

Snow Blower-ONLY use on snowy days!

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