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This is more important then my Bio for sure. I am thinking about starting another story. It would be different from anyother storys that I've ever heard being writen because the way it would go is like this. I would write the first chapter and then instead of reviews you would send me a second chapter the way you would like it. Then you can write a third chapter off of your second chapter or you can write another chapter off of someone elses. When all the threads to the story are done then we can have a vote on which track people like the best and it can be posted on ff.net with everyone who participated cited. I think it is a cool idea and I know that a lot of my readers for Not So Invisable write storys of their own and I think this would be very fun to do. Please tell me what you think about it and if you would participate. While you're at it tell your friends about what might be happening so we can have a very large group of people to work with. (I would post my story on a web page instead of ff.net because I don't know how well it would work on ff.net. Like I said after the story is finished then the final voted on story will be put on ff.net in all it's glory!)

I'm 16 and living in Vermont. I also love to write as you can see.
*It might take a while for me to update because I am very lazy but I will try, I promise.
*PLEASE REVIEW!!! The more you review the better I'll feel about my story and the quicker I'll write (I think).