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Author has written 3 stories for Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, and Final Fantasy I-VI.

A collab file made by two girls. They both love anime with a passion and tend to watch it obsessively. Picklez writes more along the lines of dramatic whilst Cheez writes more laid back comedy.

A brief interview about themselves.

About Picklez:

Height: Probably five-something, but shorter than Cheez.

Age: 15

Grade: 10

Hair Color: Brown. Nothing more.

Eye Color: It actually switches between blue and green, I'm serious.

Likes: Reading, writing, anime & manga, running down random roads, naming inanimate objects, and planting trip-bomb traps in Jame Bond that kill everyone in the area.

Dislikes: People who pronounce things wrong, brown bunnies, people who talk louder than everyone else just because they think it's fun, spam emails, and... people in general, really.

Reasons she's a mental case: My best friend is my cat, and I talk to it. O_o I listen to people's foot patterns and loudness on hardwood floors and memorize them. I know all the smells of my friends houses, because I go around smelling random objects. I'm obsessive compulsive (for example, if I touch something with on finger, I have to touch it with all the rest). I refer to my friend as mom (Ouran much?). And I laugh like: "Kyukkyukkyuk" or "Kehkehkeh" out loud.

Nicknames: Xavier, Tim, Ardeth, Dad, Zoey, and Big Wac.

Favorite Anime/Mangas: Ouran High School Host Club (manga and anime), Eureka Seven (anime and manga), Gakuen Alice (manga and anime), Full Metal Alchemist (manga), Chobits (manga), Nagasarete Airantou (anime and manga)

About Cheez:

Height: Should I know? it's 5 point something.

Age: 16

Grade: 10

Hair Color: Blond with lighter blond highlights. I swear the fumes from the highlights stuff made me dumber.

Eye Color: Blue-ish green, closer to blue somedays, closer to green the next.

Likes: Kicking things, reading, writing, talking, watch/reading anime/manga, playing video games, playing overly dramatic rounds of James Bond with my brother and Picklez.

Dislikes: Annoying...things? When you pinch your finger in lego, when people breath in my personal space (Oi, you wanna breathe don't breathe on me!), making more deformed nicknames then she already has, cheaters, there are others that I have, but am to lazy to discuss.

Reasons she's a mental case: My attention span is like a kid with ADD somedays (No offense meant to anyone with ADD), I refer to myself as 'we' or 'us', I laugh about things that are in no way, shape, or form funny, I've always wanted to be a kitty for a day, I've planned murders in my head (I will not commit them), Picklez and I have started a bail fund for whoever goes to jail first, I wanted to plan a trip to the asylum to see what my future living space would be like.

Nicknames: Janks, Bane, Cheez, Egg McMuffin, Sabby D, Brina.

Favorite Anime/Mangas: Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles(The manga), Ouran High School Host Club (Both), Naruto, Inuyasha(Manga), Full-metal Alchemist(Both),


"Start singing dumbass" - Picklez

"Stop being a wimp and go live with your mom" - Cheez

"Just because I have a double headed elephant doesn't mean you can make fun of me" - Picklez.

"Watch out for- Christmas Jones" - Cheez's brother.

"And then I woke up on the vent and was all 'CRAP! I'M GONNA CATCH ON FIRE' and then I moved" - Cheez

"Damn you Perciful Joe" - Picklez.

"Well, he was being a jackass and stole my milk" - Cheez

"Can you help us oh Great Guru of Yaoi?" The fanfic 'Crack is Whack'

"I'll back-sass your sass back!" - Cheez's brother.

"Oh, the credits, the horrible credits" - Picklez and Cheez's friend Melissa.

"Blah blah blah...BLAH BLAH BLAH" - Picklez and Cheez's friend Amy.

"I'm going to the bathroom" "OOOOKAY!" - Conversation between homeless man in Value Village and Picklez

"For the last time! If a girly man was turned into a girl, he would just be a girl. Likewise if a manly girl was turned into a man. However, manly men that get turned into girls are gay" - Picklez and Cheez's most recent idea that makes sense to them and them alone

"Yaoi is like pie. It's like, gross and pastry-like on the outside, but then on the inside it's like yumm" - Another of their ideas

"It sounds like an M, but it's really an F" - Amy.

"You don't need a chin to be awesome" - Picklez

"Aaaahhh yes, the past, sweeter than the present and more bitter than the future." "What the hell?" - Conversation between Picklez and friend Riley.

"It's fine." "Your mom's fine." "Yeah, she is. That's where I get it from." - Conversation between Picklez and Amy.

"Life, is like a box of smarties. You just don't know what colour you'll get" - Picklez

Vanessa: "And then you had hot kinky sex on the pool table in the living room?" Picklez: "EXCUSE ME!? MY POOL TABLE IS NOT IN THE FRICKIN' LIVING ROOM!"

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