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Important Notice for German Speakers: (Rest of Profile is in English after this :))

German Beta Reader/Translator Wanted!!

Hallo meine Lieben! Also... ich möchte den langen Prozess anfangen, meine Geschichten von Englisch zu Deutsch zu übersetzen und ich brauche die Hilfe von einem deutschen Uebersetzer/ einer Uebersetzerin (oder jemand, der sehr flüssig auf Deutsch ist.) Mein Schreiben auf Deutsch ist nicht zu schön (ich kann lesen, verstehen, und alles viel viel besser als ich schreiben kann). Also ich brauche jemand, dass viele Fehler korrigieren kann, gute deutsche Grammatik kennt, und auch eine sehr gute Kentnisse von Englisch hat... aber die Englische Sprache ist nicht sooo nötig zu haben. Wichtiger ist jemand, dass viel Interesse an einem "Beta Reader" zu sein hat und viel Gedult mit mir hat ;) Also wenn du mir helfen möchtest, meldest du dich einfach bei mir an! Auf Englisch oder Deutsch, egal. ;) Ich freue mich auf eure Nachrichten! :)

To the Rest...Welcome to my Profile!!

An "About Me" of sorts:

A (VERY SMALL) list of Favorite Books/Movies/TV Shows :)

Family Guy
The Soup
Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Harry Potter
Hunger Games
Lord of the Rings
Eat, Pray, Love
Dumb and Dumber (anything with Jim Carrey, really)
The Family Man
PS I Love You
The Big Lebowski

Oh gosh, anything funny. I love dry humor, clever humor, stupid humor, dirty humor, potty humor, all kinds of humor. I love movies with good soundtracks. I don't usually like chick flicks but some go. I'm a total nerd and could lock myself in my room and go live in Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter books or movies for days. I love serious movies. I love sad movies. I could really watch anything.

Music is life. Music is amazing.

I love traveling. I love languages and cultures. But I love my country so much, too.

My second language is German, though I am not yet perfectly fluent. I have been learning and living in Germany for about a year and half now.

I love dogs. I love rain, lilacs, and everything and anything to do with food.

I'm sure there's much more, but that's a brief overview of myself :) Message me anytime of course!! :)

So, about my Fanfiction. My newest stories section is right below here, and my "Ideas" and "Possibly coming soon" list are below as well. Please check out the sections (Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings) of my profile of the stories that you read, or just read the entire profile! :)


None posted right now, but working on some: One for Harry Potter, and one for possibly Hunger Games if I get brave enough to post it :)


Currently, I am starting to think about picking up on this Frodomance I am writing. I have this and my Harry Potter story that are major works in progress right now, and another Harry Potter story I'm thinking of writing, so I'm trying to balance all of that. Plus, some of my writings for the next chapter got erased from my computer for the Frodo/Lila story so it's hard to re-write EVERYTHING after losing a bunch of stuff. But I'm starting to work on it again. May go back and edit some previous chapters, make a few changes, but I don't think I will delete the story :)

I had a reviewer ask about the prequel/sequels for "Stay" and "An Open Book" I hope one day you see this here, because I couldn't reply in a message to you! Anyway, for anyone else wondering as well, I had added those, but ended up deleting them. One day maybe I will get there, you never know ;)

As for my reviewers, I want to give another huge shout out and thank you here. I can't say how much the support means for me on these stories. I'm STILL getting reviews for my two completed stories, and I just want everyone to know how much I appreciate each and every single one and how much they make my day. You're all too kind! Love you guys

Also, a random side note...if you go on google and type in Frodo/OC Romances, I pop up first! Yay;)


1. An Open Book A Lord of the Rings story. The original one was a desperate Mary-Sue, and so I revised it and it's a little better-it's probably still Mary-Sueish. Mostly it is a fluff story, so if you're looking for stuff that sticks to the book and you don't like the whole 10th companion thing, do not read! I wrote it for kicks and if you like Frodomances that are fluffy, check it out. :) I am proud to say that after two years in the making, this story is COMPLETE! It really is my baby story...the first I posted (well, and then revised), and the first story I ever got a review on. It became increasingly popular. It is now complete.

2. Stay- A Lord of the Rings story. A what-if story about Frodo finding love after destroying the Ring. This was also very popular when I was writing it, and I'm proud to say that it is complete. Once again, Frodomancers, check it out.

3) Heavy In Your Arms - My newest LOTR story. What can I say? I love Frodomances ;) This one features Lila Brockhouse, a young hobbit lass living in the small crinimal town of Pincup. When she stumbles across Merry Brandybuck in the woods, her life will change forever, and she will become entwined in the events of Middle Earth, and also get quite close with none other than Frodo Baggins. Not a tenth walker story. Frodo/OC, no slash, pre-quest. Just recently updated and hopefully won't sink into a long haitus again :)


I am working out tutorials and learning some things in order to get a hold of Photoshop. Once I do this, I will be creating banners and chapter images for my stories. If anyone else likes that sort of thing and is interested in doing so, please feel free to contact me :) I will post the links to those here if I get them finished. Also, I have always wanted to do a trailer for my stories, but it is difficult, essentially because I use OC's and it's hard to make the trailers flow with the hobbits and then the OC's from other places... :S But I will work on that too and get links up, hopefully. Again, if you are interested, PM me, I don't bite! :)


1. Decode A Harry/Hermione, Ginny/Draco story that I have been thinking about for ages. It takes place in the 19 year gap between the epilogue, and of course events and outcomes will change. :) Adventure and new love are abound! I'm really excited about this one. Probably 7-10 chapters left. I have the most reviews ever on this story, thank you so much to everyone supporting.

2. Lights Out, Words Gone: Harry/OC. The OC wakes up, not knowing who she is or where she's from. Her past is a giant mystery to her, but she knows one thing: she wants revenge on the Order for her parents, and the Dark Side will help her get it.


Most artwork will NOT be made by me, but by the pros over at TDA that are specifically made to make banners and chapter images for newbies to Photoshop, like me. At the links, you will find the credit for who made the banners or chatper images. Links for these will be here. Please check these out, they add so much to the story and they look amazing!! More to come as well -- Chapters Two and Three are now here, and Chapters Four and Five should be up in the next two weeks.

Link for Decode Banner:

Decode Chapter One Image Link:

Decode Chapter Two Image Link:

Decode Chapter Three Image Link:

Some of my IDEAS include:

1) A new Harry/Hermione story that I have been writing bits and pieces to...something very strange and different, but definitely interesting and something Harmony lovers would enjoy :)

2) Yet another Harry/Hermione...another AU in which Sirius was not put in Azkaban and Harry was in fact raised by Sirius.

3) HUNGER GAMES! Now, Peeta/OC is quite uncommon, but I really want to try it. We'll see...


Item Number 3 From the List up there ;)

I'm getting around to putting an "About Me" Section on here eventually...but if anyone would like to chat, message me of course :)

Hopefully you enjoy, reviews are greatly appreciated, and help is welcome. I would like to give everyone a very special thank you for all the support on my stories. It means so much to me :) Thanks! And if anyone has a question or concern, feel free to PM me!

Also, if anyone would like the link to my Pinterest, Tumblr, or Instagram, let me know and I would love to message them to you, and check out yours as well! I'm addicted to those stupid things :)


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