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Hey Everyone,

I am a college student from Chicago, Illinois USA. I am 20 years old. My favorite tv shows are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Bones, Supernatural, Smallville, Heroes, House, and Grey's Anatomy.

Book Wise I really like the Twilight series, I think it is one of the best young adult series on the shelves right now. I have also read all the Harry potter books, most of the Tamora Pierce books, and most of the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton.

Movies wise I'll give almost any movie a chance, however i do have my favorites. I usually like any movie that is based off of a comic book, and I like most romantic comedies as long as the two leads have good chemistry.

When it comes to Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel I feel there are a few things I should mention. First of all, I loved both of these shows, but there was a point where the writers either seemed confused, or it seemed like they were trying to do to much. Especially the last two seasons of both shows. I've always believed that they were really both one story because they told the story of what was happening in the same universe. The characters interacted several times and I always loved the way that they would interact and wished they could have interacted more. I think that moving Buffy to UPN in order to make the last two years of the show was one of the stupidest ideas ever. As much as I would have hated having Buffy end with Buffy dead, it was a better ending than the one that we got. An ending that posed more questions than answers. I am very glad that Joss has started making the comic books, as they have started answering some of the numerous questions posed by the two finales, but it is very slow and sometimes so frustrating you wonder if its worth it. I think thats why some people don't like the comics. My biggest issue with the comics is that they are with two different publishing companies. Its almost as bad as when they were on two different TV stations. The biggest problem with this being that Angel now has both Spike and Angel. Buffy without Spike just doesn't feel right. Buffy has always had either Spike or Angel there to make things interesting. I have always believed that Angel got the better and more entertaining characters than Buffy did. I also agree with everyone who says that the Angel characters got WAY WAY more character development than the characters on Buffy. Getting to the point in this rant though: the stories on both show are really one show so it makes no sense to keep them separate. Furthermore, in an attempt to keep them as separate as possible they have changed the characters and the way the events would naturally unfold in an effort to avoid references to the other show. The best examples of this being Season 3 of Angel in which Cordy purposely avoided naming Buffy by calling Buffy "her" or "she" as much as possible and shushing anyone who brought up the topic. The excuse was that she was avoiding it so as not to upset Angel, but we all know it was because UPN and the WB put a nix on referencing the other show. (At this point I feel the need to point out the irony of this in that A) they allowed crossovers for the last season of Buffy so what was the point of avoiding it if your just going to do it anyway, and B) The CW is a combination of the two stations UPN and the WB so if Buffy and Angel had survived I think it was two more years they would have been on the same station anyway. STUPID!) I am pretty sure that the majority of the fans of these two shows, or at least of Buffy find this to be particularly frustrating since the general consensus is that when it comes to Buffy's boyfriends Angel and Spike are the most popular candidates. Of course their are the people who root for Giles, Faith, or Xander, but most people agree that she will end up with either Angel, Spike, or someone completely unheard of up till now. However in order for her to end up with either of the two vampires the two "shows" would have to recombine for a really awesome huge battle and the aftermath of the really awesome huge battle. And considering that the new "big deal" in the Angel comic is that Angel is supposed to "Bring an end to all that is good," and in the Buffy comic future Willow seemed desperate to keep Buffy in the future for some reason you would think that (after Angel and his friends escape from hell of course), that they would at least contact one another in order to warn each other or to share information. As long as I'm going to be ranting about the current story arcs BTW I would like to add this: WHY in gods name did they think that sending everyone to HELL is a good idea! When I saw the cool looking dragon at the end of Not Fade Away the only thing I could think was "That's the dragon that almost got loose before Buffy died! Buffy is SOOOOO going to be pissed!" I figured that a cosmic rift might be enough to draw the attention of the slayers, or at least Willow the mega witch. But sending them to HELL! That has sooooo been done before. First of all Angel died in season two to stop the world from being sucked into hell. Buffy died in season 5 to stop the world from being sucked in to hell, plus this is at least the THIRD time Angel has been to hell. SERIOUSLY! And unless the plan on leaving him their for hundreds of years like after Acathla it's really not going to compare. This is also the second time that Spike has been to hell, the second time Fred has been in a hell dimension, and Lorne and Groo used to LIVE in a hell dimension. REALLY! Hell has been done! Let's move on! Oh! and if one of the writers doesn't find away to make Buffy just a little bit less annoying NOBODY is going to like her anymore. They managed to fix Xander and Dawn somewhat now its time to fix Buffy!

Okay, now that my little rant about the shows is done I think I should way in on the whole Buffy/Spike/Angel/Cordelia thing. First of all I should mention that I like each of these characters. I felt that Buffy was a better show with these characters. Cordelia always brought a certain amount of comic relief, and believe it or not Angel was very amusing on Buffy sometimes especially when arguing with Spike or Xander. After Cordy and Angel left the show was not as good. The show Angel got better when Spike arrived. I have always liked Spike and found him to be extremely amusing. However during the second half of Buffy Season 5 and all of Buffy season 6 and even parts of season 7 Spike was so whipped he became almost as annoying, whiny, and useless as Buffy herself. There were times when he even managed to give Angel a run for his money in the brood department. Besides the "vampire with a soul" thing was SOOOO a recycled storyline. Anyway, after Spike arrived in LA he went back to the way he was when he was evil, only a little less evil. He was great. Angel season 4 had been long, tiring, confusing, and at some points downright annoying and depressing. Spike changed that. He also brought Angel down a notch because I was really getting sick and tired of all the "Angel is a champion. He'll save us. He's just the best!" crap that Angel's friends had been spewing for the entirety of Angel Season 4. My take on Buffy's relationship with Spike was this: Buffy did love Spike, but I'm not convinced she was "in love" with him. I think towards the end that she felt the need to convince herself that she was "in love" with him because she needed to prove that she could love again. Also she felt bad for the way Spike had been treated. I do believe that Spike loved Buffy, but personally I believe he can do SOOOO much better than her and her really needs to stop fawning after the women that Angel used to date. Seriously! I wouldn't have been surprised if Spike had developed a thing for Cordy if Cordy had been around for Angel season 5. I believe that Spike is one of the best friends that Buffy has ever had and that he is more important to her than she will ever admit. She can be herself with him. I always got the feeling that Buffy was more comfortable around Spike and Angel than anyone else mostly because she didn't have to hide from them. She knew that they wouldn't judge her like her friends would. Angel's relationship with Cordelia is oddly enough a parrallel to Buffy's relationship with Spike. Cordy and Spike both ended up being very good friends with Buffy and Angel and understanding them in ways the others couldn't. They were both fiercly protective of their friends and seemed at least to have fallen in love with them. However, things were a little different with Cordy and Angel because of the stupid curse. I think the writers were desperate to get Angel to move on during season three because A) Buffy was on UPN, and B) People like main characters on TV to have love interests. Who better to pair Angel up with than Cordy. They already had the chemistry and the background, and everybody knows that Cordy used to have a major crush on Angel back in Sunnydale before he went all homicidal. Problem is... eventually their relationship would have gotten to the point where the topic of sex would have been unavoidable. At that point one of two things would of happened. Either Angel looses his soul and all hell breaks loose and there is a distinct possibility that Cordy ends up dead. That leads to either Cordy not being able to forgive herself for what happened or being afraid of Angel, or Angel can't forgive himself for what happens to Cordy. The other scenario is that Angel doesn't loose his soul which leads to some very uncomfortable conversations, jealousy issues, and Cordy questioning herself as to why she can't live up to Buffy. Both of these scenarios suck! Which is probably why they decided to actually kill Cordy instead of putting her on hold indefinitely. In each and everyone of these scenarios though someone ends up hurt or dead, and Angel would be tempted to leave Cordy for the same reasons he left Buffy. Which certainly puts a kink in the whole Angel plot-line. Yes, of all the potential relationships between these four this one is perhaps the most doomed. That leaves the whole issue of Angel and Buffy. They have a very interesting relationship. The whole thing is so romeo and Juliet it might have well been written by shakespeare himself, and yet in someways it is the most believable of all the relationships on both shows. For some reason neither character seems capable of fully moving on and even the actors themselves have admitted that. When the New York Times declares that two people are pretty much "soul-mates" then you know that you've got something special. The writers for Buffy did such a good job of writing their relationship back in the first three seasons that it made almost any relationship after that seem lame. It's a general consensus that Buffy never loved Riley, even Buffy herself had to admit that later on. If Buffy was really in love with Spike then she would have said that she loved him when Angel asked her about it instead of "he's in my heart" She had no problem telling Angel that she was in love with Riley (even though it was a complete Lie). Angel had never shown any romantic interest in Cordelia until Fred and Lorne started pushing her on him, kind of in the same way that Buffy's friends pushed Riley on her. Interestingly enough as the shows went on Spike became more and more like Angel, and Cordy actually became more and more like Buffy. The other thing that bothered me was that when Cordy dies Angel doesn't even seem to notice. He's sad for like 5 minutes at the end of "You're Welcome" and then a few episodes later he's galavanting through Europe chasing after Buffy as if nothing happened and he's even "dating" that Nina chick. Also Cordy goes into a coma only a few days before Angel shows up in Sunnydale with the amulet and again doesn't seem to notice or care about what happened to Cordelia. Angel was more upset when Fred died than when Cordelia died, and he's supposedly in love with her? Plus the whole Connor/Cordy/Angel love triangle was BEYOND EEWW! Ironically Cordelia is closer in age to Connor than she is to Angel even if you don't count the whole vampire thing. Connor was 18 so she was three years older than him and if Angel died when he was 27 then she was six year younger than Angel. Yep! That whole story line was messed up in soooo many ways. WAY more than Buffy's relationship with Spike. So to sum it all up, I'm not sure if either Buffy or Angel will ever fully be able to move on from that relationship, however I could see Buffy with Spike simply because he is a way better match for her than any of the other male characters. So unless they make up someone completely new she'll probably end up with either Angel or Spike or simply alone. I don't see Angel moving on anytime soon either. After what happened with Cordy, it will be a long time before he can be in a real relationship. Spike has a much brighter future though.He seems to fall in and out of love at the drop of a pin and never seems to have any trouble moving on. I'm sure that there is someone out there for him who has not been damaged in the ways that Buffy has. Spike should really find someone who loves him for him, and has never, ever, EVER, slept with Angel.

Here are my on going fics:

1. The Final Battle

I came up with the idea for this one while reading Buffy Season 8 and Angel: After the Fall. I was trying to figure out what would happen once Buffy realized what happened in Los Angeles. Plus I also thought it would be fun to have Buffy and her friends meet the characters from Angel especially considering all the stupid stunts some of those people pulled. I guess this is my way of resolving my unresolved issues with the way the shows ended and with the way the comic books seem to be going. It got to the point where Buffy was almost as annoying as she had been during season 6 and 7, and Angel was getting beyond depressing so I though they needed a little sprucing up. It was obvious that Buffy would be better with Angel, Spike, or both in it, and if you added Buffy to the mix the Angel story line but be just a little less depressing. The way I figured it Buffy always seemed much happier and much better off whenever Angel or Spike was in Sunnydale, plus the both have a knack for making people less annoying so I figured it was time for a vampire intervention. This story pretty much follows canon up through the wolves at the gate story arch in the Buffy comic and a good chunk of the Angel comic. Once Angel and the gang are out of hell though its pretty much AU. Lately I've had trouble coming up with ideas for the big evil that they are going to fight, but I haven't abandoned it at all so don't worry. As far as pairings go, other than the obvious ones, they will work themselves out as the story progresses. After all thats the fun of reading the story!

2. Some things happen for a reason

I came up with this one while waiting for the last "episode" of the fray crossover arc. I really liked the idea of an immortal Willow and thought that it might be interesting to tell the story of what happened to her over the years and how she got that way. This stays with the comic books up through Buffy #18 which is I think the 3rd one in the fray arc. I don't want to give too much away but basically the story taking place in the future is being told while the reader (you) gets to read old diary entries and figure out what happened in the past. Let's just say that this will try to answer many questions posed by both the comics and the tv shows, it just takes the characters a few centuries longer than they thought to get the answers they were looking for.

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