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Author has written 22 stories for Legion of Super Heroes, and Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

Ello Govnars,

I'm LadyGuardianofKeondes.

Heres what I like to draw and Type about:

Legion of Superheroes.


etc i'll add more

Heres where you can find my deviant art pictures and how my characters look:

My favorite Characters:


Shrinking Violet aka Vi: she is sooo cool and cute I love her shrinking powers. She knows how to earn respect and she's nearly as smart as Brainy. She has a major crush on Brainy now that he is Human. She and Brainy are learning how to raise Skittles and Drew as their siblings even though they don't consider themselves as siblings.

Brainiac5 (Now known as Brainiac5.1) aka Brainy: He is cute and smart, pretty much the smartest of the legion. He leaves the Legion for awhile to sort out his feelings. He's now got his wish which his people say will never come true. He's human now. He likes Violet. He and Vi are learning how to raise Skittles and Drew as their siblings. But he doesn't consider her as his sibling cause of his feelings for her.

My Oc characters of Losh:

Anita Connel aka Skittles: Class: Grounder.

Don't ask why she wants to be called that or you can face her wrath of her blades and powers. She is a 10 year old Class A Warrior, the highest class in the warriors. She longs to become the next Gaudian of her planet. She is one of the two twins of Drako and Echo Connel, two Keonden scientists. She is brave yet sort of Unsocialized due to her past. After escaping Imperix, Skittles and her brother took shelter in the Legion's HQ. Skittles acting very timid and trusting no one but her brother, yet later two heroes: Shrinking Violet and Brainiac 5 earn this girl's trust, and teach her to trust others. Brainy and Vi adopt the two nutty twins as their siblings (they don't consider each other siblings though). After a terrible mishap, Skittles is gifted with the powers to control all of Nature's elements instead of one element like her brother and her friends. She is also gifted with the powers to heal and amp all of her team mates' powers. Yet her gift comes with a terrible price.

Andrew Connel aka Drew: Class: Aerial

This boy is pretty much the smartest kid on Keondes. Unlike his warrior twin sister, Drew loves to hit the books and help Brainy design weapons. He becomes a sibling to both Vi and Brainy.Yet when a terrible incident happens, Drew is gifted with the powers to create plants and hypnotize animals under his command, as well as the power to control earth. His twin sister is gifted with the power to control all of nature's elements, yet he worries for her Naive nature and her powers. Her powers are putting her endanger. he's got a crush on Ayla

Rochel Londo: Class: Grounder.

She is 9 years old with a scary past...she was transformed into a cat girl by her father and has to now find her old brother, Brin, in order to learn on how she can control her own powers. She is very strong in fact the only ones who can beat her are Superman, Brin, Kell el and Skittles. She was beaten by Skittles in an ice cave on Whrola the man made ice planet. She came up with the name Cavalry for the new team that aids the Legion in battle.

Tito Wazzo: Class: Grounder

He is the hyper 7 years old first kid. After being struck by radation, he adopts both laser power and some of his sister, Tinya's powers such as phasing. Shortly after being reunited with his mother and sister, Tito fell into an accident caused by Mordru that also affected his friend Skittles who became blind and their sisters, Tinya and Shrinking Violet who were poisoned. He was then wheelchair bounded which made him unfit to be a jester. The Grounders decided to take him in and he has fully adjusted to being handycap.

Classes: There are three.

Jesters: The thieves of the Calvary. Led by Cosmic Boy's little sister, Stella. These kids are quick on their feet and in groups or alone can steal anything from any enemy with out being noticed by using their powers. Though these are mostly made up of children from 3-9, these kids are the cleverest yet hyper ones of the group.

Aerials: This group is mostly made up by Magicians led by Zyx. These guys can easily fight in the air without lifting a finger. Some like Zyx and Drew can fly on their own without even a flight ring, but those like Zyx's cousin Oblinara use brooms or hover boards to fight. They show more focused skills on these items and throw bombs filled with either sleep gas or something else sometimes poison. They are the brains of the group.

Grounders: Grounders are ones that contain some skills of the two. They are more agial on the ground rather than on air. They are not led by anyone because each it is a leader. They are more faster than the other two and require both strength and speed to fight. Girl Grounders are those that are faster than the boy grounder but boys are stronger than them. But Grounder Skittles is a hybrid of both strength and speed using her skills to fight. Their attacks are more Mana than Melee and physically damages their enemy. There are atleast 7 Grounders: 4 are 10 year olds, 1 is 9 and the last, a raider is 7.

My favorite pairings: B5/Vi, LL/SG, TW/PG, BB/TG.

OC pairings: Drew/Ayla, Jordan/ Obi.

Oc/Legionnaire pairings: Butterfly/Karate Kid.

Crack pairings: Sun Boy/ Shadow Lass. Heck opposites attract as well.


I'm going to do a remix on Chapter 1 on Losh: The ying and yang chase, because of Dark Victory pt 2 I want this story's plot to begin after the after math. Yea Brainy is a human now and comes back to the legion after two months , plus Vi ...well she's gotta a crush, she's gotta a crush. Skittles and Drew will still be my main characters in this one along with Brainy and Vi. The new chapter will be Chapter 1 will be in Chapter 2. Sorry. The story will be different alot with Brainy now Human.

Future stories:

Violet and the Rosetta Stones-Before Shrinking Violet ever joined the Legion she used to be a guitar/ lead singer well known band called the Rosetta stones. Still today she rocks out on her guitar inside her room, and yet disturbs the peace for everyone else. The Rosetta Stones enter in a band competition and ask Vi to help them out. With her friends and family encouragement she rejoins her band. Yet a rival band called the Delete Nation cause trouble for the band and the Legion. Brainy starts to Avoid Vi because she is hanging around Skeet, the Rosetta Stone's drummer. Stressed out, Vi has to face the music and pull it all together yet theres one problem with the Rockstar Superhero, she now got stage fright.

Auntie Skittles and the kids from the future- After Guardian Anita aka Skittles recovers from her coma, she is forced to stay behind on earth while her friends go off to help the Legion fight evil because of her "hazardouscondition" with her powers. Bored to death she patrols New Metropolis and battles it out with some Scavengers. She comes home only to find a portal inside her bedroom. She searches the HQ and finds a 4 year old girl and a 1 year old baby both children have Brainy's coluan symbol yet the baby has white skin like Vi. The girl claims that Skittles is their aunt. Skittles has to keep kids away from everyone else in order to protect the future of her two siblings. But how long can she keep them hidden?

Just a friend?- Mage Andrew is the lord of nature's element: Earth. He can revive people and is a Class A mage. He is friends with everyone including Lightning Lad's sister, Ayla. But after one dance at a party for Phantom Girl, he begins to feel this odd feeling for the Lady of the winds. He turns to his twin sister who had never had a date but is a dating expert. Skittles tells him to look inside of his memories. He thinks thats another one of her dumb tatics. But it happened with his older brother and his older sister, they were best friends and now they are a couple. Yet he grows madly in love with Ayla yet is afraid of her brothers. Can opposites attract without causing any damage?

I miss you- two Lovers alone in some resort yada yada...but weeks laterafter a huge fight with Brainy, Violet feels that she should just leave the Legion, even if it hurts her. Brainy doesn't care at first and starts dating other girls and breaks up with them on the first dates, but he begins to miss the things he use to do with Vi like get a good night kiss or strolling in the park. He struggles to move on and get over her, yet memories now are coming, to make matters worse, he feels like he's being pushed away from his two younger siblings who were Violet's siblings as well. It drives him insane and he realizes that he had broke Violet's heart. Skittles finds a file and shows it to Brainy. The file shocks Brainy and forces him to find Vi now, but can he find her in time? and what was inside that file?

An uncovered past- Timberwolf now is taking care of his long lost sister, Rochel who looks like a cat human. Rochel knows now and hates her father who turned her brother into a monster. Dr. Londo is in prison now. Rochel one day uncovers a file in her father's data files yet it does not involve his horrible experiments two are her and her brother. It is a bio on some woman named Athena Franklin who looks just like her. Rochel shows this to TW. Timber Wolf was raised by his father and Rochel raised by a care taker. Yet they both never knew who their mother was. They visit Daddy dearest and demand to know who Dr.Franklin was. Dr. Londo states that she is their mother. But she has dissappeared. Now hoping to find some answers, TW and Rochel must find out if she is still alive...what ever the cost.

A stupid answer that I made up... like 2 weeks ago in Art Club:

Art Teacher: Okay so who wants to be President and Vice President of the Art club.

Some kids: raise their hands

Me: I want to be citizen!!

Yes how stupid can I get.

Oh yea some stuff about me.

Me hobbies: Drawing, Losh, talking either alot or... not so much. (Really I hate talking to others that get on your nerves), typing that's what I am doing right? , reading... fanfics (sorry but books... they get you into it then they lose their action right when it is getting good. Example: The looking glass wars, The princess was taken away from her home to escape danger then...BOOM lands in London from flying out of a puddle. and Stupiditly it drones on after that. Good plot...NEEDS MORE ACTION!)

What I distaste: Finicky people, Long days, Parents not giving me a chance to speak my heart out, Sasage, Misspellings, boring stuff.

My favorite band: Superchick. They are awesome! I used their lyrics in my stories but I give them credit.

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WARNING:CONTAINS SPOILERS TO YIN AND YANG CHASE. Skittles's paradise in her mind is crumbling. With the help of her older brother and her friends, she regains courage and reawakens the warrior inside of her. Use of Stand in the rain by Superchick lyrics
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This is for a project I'm working with at school. The Characters are Shrinking Violet, Brainiac5.1 , Skittles and Drew. They are referred to have similarities as the Mythology Gods and Goddess. Yeah I'm learning about Mythology in School !
Legion of Super Heroes - Rated: K - English - Supernatural - Chapters: 1 - Words: 569 - Favs: 2 - Published: 5/1/2008 - Complete
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