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Hey everybody!

(dr nick simpsons style awwww yeah)

I have been reading fanfictions for years now, and i recently started thinking about making one myself.
So i have decided to gather my courage and find residence here.
I started out last year with the (still ongoing) fic Occurus superbia. I had to take a break in between because of personal reasons and a shitload of work.
But i'm back here to stay and finish this story, and the other one i did as a friendly request.

Writing and thinking when i have spare time, between my 2 jobs, cosplay and having a social life ( MADNESS ensured!!!)
I can manage it all, don't ask me how i do it but i still work over 40/50 hours a week, go to dinners ,board-game nights and movies with friends. Make time to hang on the sofa with my boyfriend and watch a show.

If what i do write is confusing or if you guys see mistakes do not hesitate to mention them. I am not a native English speaker so i am prone to make grammar faults or spelling mistakes. And if you feel i am making horrible wrongdoings in characterization the same rule applies, some ocnness will take place but i still aim to make something decent.

I love to read good fanfics ( and just in general books), be they lengthy stories of fandoms i'm in, or just a short one that makes me fall on the floor and weep. Recommendations are always welcome.
For those curious i like to read thing about:

Avengers (deuh silly me)
Other marvel verse things ( although i have not read a lot of comics, i am catching -up. Civil war has left me a broken mess)
Final Fantasy ( but nothing from 13 or higher, they lost my interest with those)
skip beat
1/2 prince
harry potter
dr Who

And lots of other stuff

I used to love anime, but that gradually died out when i got older. I mostly watch tv shows now read books and manga.
please take that into account if you do recommend a fic, i really don't like bleach,naruto,attack on titan or whatever anime is the rage right now.
Not saying that they are bad, there just not my cup of tea anymore.

If you guys see big mistakes or if you have questions/advice feel free to pm me.

Don't hesitate to leave a review, those things are food for the soul!! And i will devour them like the evil fan fiction writing demon i am * kekekekeke*

On further note everyday i get back from work i see that there are new people following, favoring or even reviewing my work.

And i get all soft and mushy on the inside and go like ieeeeeeeeee and i want to hug you people.

But my brain also goes like YES GATHER MY MINIONS.

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Occurus superbia reviews
Loki sits in Asgardian jail, awaiting his trial. But when judgement is finally cast upon him, his "Father" strips him of his power and he is cast out to Midgard. The once prideful and arrogant Loki now has to learn to deal with his own humanity. Frostiron.
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