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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter.

Soo, what to write? hehe

Ehm my name is Henriette, its hard to pronounce in English so to my english friend Im Henrietta :)

Well, I'm a 17 year old, soon 18 year old (22nd june, yey) girl from Bergen, Norway. i study science and math and physic and international english, and old history and norwegian and german, yeah thats alll my subjects! hehe alsoo i work weekends and afternoons at a local chinese restaurant! i have no idea how on earth i ended up there, but i love working there, and its kinda funny working with chinese people, their culture is soo differnt! Anyways I love the Harry potter books, so I used to spend alot time on Mugglenet. And that is where I discoverd Fanfiction by an accident.!(greatest accident of my life) One of the best accidents I've ever had, and i've had MAAANY And since then I've been obsessed. I mostly read Dramione fics(right now at least, i think i've been through all pairing at some point) but recently I've read a couple of Draco/blaise/hermione fics and some of them are really great, unusual, but great!

Anyway Im working on a Draco/Hermione fic right now, called "All that is left of me". Check it out and tell me what you think! And I'm also looking for a Beta, so if there is anyone out there who likes dramione fics and is looking for a challenge(hehe) let me know!

and again, sorry about the delay, but Im really stuck here so if anybody is interested in helping me out? :) I guess i really dont have the patience to write, but the next chapter is halfway there so there should be an update before the summer vacation sets in =)

So like many harry potter fans before me I have completely fallen head over heels in love with the twilight saga. at first i refused to try it, i would not "cheat" on harry potter with these books about vampires. and any books about vampires are stupid ( or so i thought) but it was mugglecast that eventually won me over, and now im so annoyed that only like 1000 people in the entire country are reading these books! i realize that norway will NEVER become like england and the US with their screaming fan girls, people camping out to get ticets or books, we will never have crazy midnight release parties and edward body sparkle for sale, i wont be able to buy a twilight t shirt ( well i could but the shipping from USA would cost more than the shirt itself) and we will never be able ti buy the two disc special edition of the dvd with the robert pattinson and stephenie meyer commentary.

I got soooooooooo mad when i realized that the dvd i bought for about 30 dollars or 150 kr only to see the exstra material didnt have any exstra material!! gaaah stupid norway with their sometimes acient ways! i mean it had like some delated scenes but i've already seen them and the movie like a million times! for christ sake it came out on dvd like two months before in the US than here in norway, so how was i NOT gonna cheat, you would too. so im rambling now! hehe

go in peace, love from me !

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