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Welcome to the Most Inconsistent Author In the Wooooooooooorld

(Updated 16/07/18)

Desperately trying to get back into writing, I apologise to everyone that has been reading my stories over the years, and I'm extremely thankful to anyone who has caught up and reviewed some of my stuff while I've been on this hiatus.

I have three stories on the go right now, just thought I'd go into progress and how likely we are to see an update:

Let The Dream Descend

I definitely plan to continue this story, I've been getting reviews for this story since being away and they've honestly spurred me to at least not give up completely. I already have an outline for what I originally planned for this, but as it's been a few years since I started it I've (hopefully) developed in writing and abandoned certain ideas so weighing up what needs to be cut and what needs to stay really. Hope to get on with this ASAP

Gasping For Breath

This was more of an experiment on my part to see how I could write more explicit stories. I'm tempted to continue with it, but it's not a priority. I have ideas for where this could go and probably won't continue until I have a firm idea in place


It's honestly been years since I've even thought about this story so more than likely won't be continuing. Which is a shame because I really miss Sweeney Todd being a main muse of mine but my work has been mostly focused on PotO stories. We shall see in future once I've gotten back on track with other stories but no promises

I look forward to getting back to business!

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Let the Dream Descend reviews
For a year, Christine has been hidden from her world, learning to live in Erik's. Follow them as they learn how to cope in the aftermath of the abduction, as well as the duration of it. Modern day, mostly Leroux/ Kay based
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