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Hi...this is my profile, I guess, although I don't really know what I should type...

First things first (albeit a little random): I am 5 foot plus 6and3/4 inches and I have brownish-reddish-blondish hair that curls uncontrollably and drives me nuts. I have green eyes and glasses/contacts. And freckles. And I'm pre-tty pale.

The best thing about me is that I am passionate and caring. And I have an imagination, which can also be a drawback.

The worst thing about me is that I hide my emotions. Not the happy ones, just everything else. It's not a big deal because I am generally a very happy person, but on the odd chance that I am having a bad day, I have to grin and bear it, because everyone expects me to be a chipper bundle of hilarious joy.

I am also known for my run-on sentences and have contracted the deadly one-big-paragraph disease. It's incurable. Plus, I am completely unable to be serious, no matter the circumstance. I routinely dissolve into snickers, guffaws and jocularity at Mass, in class, and anywhere else solemnity is involved. For example, I accidentally laughed when my friend told me about her mother backing over her baby goat... Really, it's not as bad as it sounds, but just imagine a little goat prancing about and a mini-van just kind of, smacking it, and the goat just drops...hee hee. You have just witnessed my imagination, which is not usually cruel, though the above is an exception. My apologies.

Books (might as well get settled, you're not going anywhere soon): To preface: I love to read. My mom makes fun of me for refusing to finish my breakfast until I've finished reading the cereal box. The first chapter book I ever read was Cam Jansen, when I was three. It kind of set the precedent for the number of mysteries on my booklist...

Let's see, how to organize this...

Classics: Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights. Then, Jane Austen in general, and Dickens, especially Oliver Twist and Great Expectations. Oh, and A Tale of Two Cities. I love O. Henry and Victor Hugo. And Phantom of the Opera was enthralling... ooohh! and Shakespeare. I also like poetry. The old stuff, like Browning and Tennyson (he was a cutie). I really love Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. After Edward, Gilbert Blythe is my favorite fiction guy to crush on.

Mysteries: Firstly: Agatha Christie. My favorites (so far) are: Murder on the Orient Express, The Mysterious Affair at Styles and The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. Next: Mary Higgins Clark, although I've grown out of those a little: Weep No More, My Lady, The Lottery Winner, Daddy's Little Girl, I've Heard that Song Before.

Other (Teen Fiction): Well, Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse, obviously. I also love A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray, and its sequels. The China Garden, by Liz Berry. Plus, The Swan's War Trilogy, by Sean Russell. Crown Duel by Sherwood Smith rocks my socks. And The Host.

I have just discovered that I am a sucker for love stories...

Well, that was succinct, I suppose. It may have something to do with the time...(12:30). And the fact that I just ate some chocolate chip cookies! Hooray for SUGAR! And I am watching THE NOTEBOOK!! Eek for Ryan Gosling! OH! That reminds me that I love that book! follows that I love Nicholas Sparks also! Sorry about the exclamations! I was reading Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood earlier and the exclamation point was described as a bat and ball. I thought that was cool.

QUESTION: What else am I supposed to put on this profile?

Music: Ummm, I won't go into a lot of detail here; I am one of those people who constantly has music playing, but can't even name the title or artist of her favorites. I will listen to anything, honestly. OH! I just bought a cd that I liked...We the Kings. It's alternative, but I really love it. Otherwise, I generally listen to the radio. Except for classical, we have a lot of that at home, because my dad loves it. I love Chopin, Mozart, Schubert and Strauss. And Beethoven, even though that's a bit cliché. And hooray for musicals! I love My Fair Lady and Guys and Dolls. Also, Wicked and Phantom (I saw both on Broadway!) The one lumberjack guy in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers has a voice that makes me :O

I guess I can list my favorite classical stuff...

- Serenade (Schubert) - This one is so...awe-inspiring. It makes me think of when Bella goes into the woods to decide about Edward being a vampire...for Twilight junkies like me.

- Emperor Waltz (Strauss) - Yay! Not going to lie, when I am home alone, I fake waltz around the house to this one.

- The Beautiful Blue Danube (Strauss)

- Moonlight Sonata (Beethoven)

- Clair de Lune (Chopin) - And I DID love that even before I read Twilight!...

Oh, and I like listening to Rachmaninoff also...

oooh! I love Nessun Dorma! and Music Box Dancer by Frank Mills.

I also like a lot of rock stuff-I'll listen to Muse, Incubus, Blink-182, My Chemical Romance, Queen, Three Dog Night, The Beatles, Silver Jew, Alice in Chains, Dave Matthews, Paramore, CCR, FOB, Plain White T's, Avenged Sevenfold, Chris Duarte, Counting Crows, AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Fleetwood Mac, Good Charlotte, Green Day, Linkin Park, Lenka, Kings of Leon, Van Morrison, ELO, CIWWAF, Death Cab for Cutie...ummm I am bored listing all that...and I know it's not all rock.

That's really all I have...unless I can indulge you one of my dreams...

Basically, I have had senioritis since first semester freshman year of high school. And now that my four years are up and I've started my first year of college, it has become rather potent. My plan is to drop out of school and hitchhike to California. I will build a little hut on the beach where I will not have to pay property taxes. I will catch fish with my bare hands and cook them in a little firepit outside my shelter. For transportation, I will ride on the backs of dolphins, which do not require gasoline. I will watch every sunset and write about them in my journal that I will make from tree leaves...or something. And I will wear clothing made of seaweed. Come visit if you like. But beware, I will be utterly and irrevocably happy, which can be a sight to behold.

Sorry that this profile kind of sucks...I kind of love watching this movie, so it's distracting me. I can't believe they would pay someone to kiss Ryan Gosling like that when I would do it for free...which leads me to another point: I love boys. I am totally not afraid to admit it. I'm not that guys, sports guys, stupid cute guys...I won't complain, just give me half an hour (or more...).

soo...I'm out of things to say, and Noah and Allie just broke up. So I'm crying and it's hard to see the computer.

p.s. I just started a blog the other day. It doesn't have a whole lotta substance yet, but you're welcome to check it out... ...whatever



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