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Hi my name is Amelia I am 17 years old. Right now I am a senior in high school. Yes, I was skipped. I was born in New York and still live there. I decided to join here because I really do enjoy reading and writing. The three books I think that I will be mostly writing about are House of Night, Harry Potter and Twilight. I am hoping to eventually become a beta reader and improve my grammar and spelling on here. Some things I don't like are when people complain about other people spelling things wrong when they can barely spell themselves. I don't mind constructive criticism and I tell when you have mistakes. Hopefully you will take what I said and use it to improve your story. Other things I like to do is play the piano and the viola which are my two favorite instruments. Another thing I like is watching anime some I like are Blood, Bleach, Death Note, and Vampire Knight.

Favorite Books: Speak, Stalemate, Mary Queen of England and the Isles, Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, Every Harry Potter book, and so much more.

Favorite Authors: Stephanie Meyer, J.K. Rowling, James Patterson, Margaret George, Nora Roberts and more.

Favorite Musicians: Simple Plan, Saving Abel, T.I, Blink 182, M.I.A., and more.

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