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Hey, my name is Necro. I got the Nickname at school from a couple friends: Potato Famine Necromancer.

Real name: Paul

Gender: Male (Last I checked)

Date of Birth: Dec. 10th 1994 (19)

Music: Linkin Park, The Killers, and Fall Out Boy,Various Dubstep, AC/DC.


Brendan/ D.J.

Hair: Spiked white with black tips

Body: Pale and has tattoo of scythe on left bicep with cross on right

Clothes: Pure black headband, plain black t-shirt, gold cross around neck, black cargo pants, white hoody he occasionally ties around his waist

Eyes: Blood red but blue with slits when he semi or fully transforms

Shoes: Black and white running shoes

Loves nature and has a crush on Bubblegum, Sora, And Mimi right when he sees them. He is a Forest Prince (Beasts). Is one of Ash's only know matches when going all out in a mindless fury.

Ash (Arrancar)

Hair: Longish Black and really messy.

Body: Good tan with little z's under his eyes on his cheeks.

Clothes: White hoodie with purple trim, and white and purple dragon design slacks. Has a white and purple cross in place of mask.

Eyes: Chocolate brown with gold flecks.

Shoes: White Footwraps.

Ash is a high powered Arrancar with a strong sense of justice. Joined Aizens cause to protect his friends when needed after a bad loss.

Ash (Lucario)

Hair/Fur: Red in place blue. Other colors remain the same.

Body: Standard Lucario body but instead of a spike in the middle of his chest he has a tuft of hair.

Clothes: Purple T-shirt and black jeans. He wears his own Pokeball around his neck. (Pokeball is white on top and red on the bottom with a red paw print on the top)

Eyes: Chocolate brown with gold flecks.

Shoes: None.

Ash became a Shiny Lucario (His true form) when his friends lives were in danger. His true form is considered legendary since no other shiny Lucario are known to exist. (Shiny Pokemon are always far stronger than any not shiny)

Ash (Demon)

Hair: None.

Body: Made of Red flames.

Clothes: White Beaten armor with Red and Gold trim.

Eyes: A deep shade of Gold.

Shoes: White boots with Red and gold trim.

Ash was born into Prince-hood over 2000 years ago. He is being held in the castle for the last 1500 years because of something he did that he cannot remember. He is trying to help his Dad believe that he has changed since he wants to be let outside without running away again.

I'm working on some new stories:

The Guardian (Pokémon)

Bleach: The Other Side (Pokémon/Bleach)

Borderlands: The Fire Guardian (Pokémon/Borderlands)

RWBY: The Titan (Pokémon/RWBY)

Complete stories:

Bleach: Ash's Journey (Pokémon/Bleach) (Complete)

Unexpected Bonds (Pokémon/Kingdom Hearts) (One-shot) (Complete)

On Hiatus:

Nephew of The Demon's Head

Adventure Time: Demon Prince Ashura

On Perma-Hiatus(And/or Deleted):

Uncle Oz (Pokémon/RWBY)

I now have a list of some of my favorite reviewers. Here's my list:




Batthan the Dark Knight



Toaneo07 version 2.0

Champion Shirona


(Silight03. This guy... Pointed out a major screw-up. Thanks bro. Or sis.)

Zatch Bell-01

Sad to be Dead

(Sad to be Dead. Your profile pic alone got you on this list. XD)

Antex-The Legendary Zoroark

Negima Uzumaki



(Yes that says Guest. I swear it's the same person everytime though.)


My Review Account

(Thank you for giving a total of zero fucks in you're review. It's hard to find people who are as open about their opinions as My Review Account is.)

If I didn't add you to the list I'm sorry. I'm kinda lazy. Also I've decided all the girls that will be in the harem.

Halibel, Sun Sun, Neliel, Soi Fon, Apache, Mila Rose, Yourichi, Anabel, Greta, Angie, Rangiku(Slight), Kiyone, Isane, Menoly, Luppi(Girl), and Loly.

Ethan will also be getting a girlfriend. Ethan/Zoey

The Character Ash is based of in My Pokemon/RWBY Cross: Atlas, Brother of Cronus and Bearer of the weight of the Galaxy.

Here's a bit of a P.S. for all the Anonymous reviewers that hate on peoples stories. (Some of them are also not so anonymous)

Go eat shit and die.

-Love, Necro.

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