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Personal Information (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

Name: Nope! Not telling!

Age: 30

Birthday: November 8, 1987

Dislikes: Disney, humans, reactionaries, brogressives

Best Friends

LSSJ2 Gohan (FanFiction-net)

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Lists of Favorites

Anime: Beyblade: Metal Fusion, Code Geass, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Super, Elfen Lied, Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night (2006), Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, One Punch Man (can't stand the fandom), Pokémon: Indigo League, Pokémon: Adventures in the Orange Islands, Pokémon: Johto Journeys, Pokémon: Johto League Champions, Pokémon: Master Quest, Pokémon: Advanced, Pokémon: Advanced Challenge, Pokémon: Advanced Battle, Pokémon: Battle Frontier, Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl, Pokémon DP: Battle Dimension, Pokémon DP: Galactic Battles, Pokémon DP: Sinnoh League Victors, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Yu Yu Hakusho

Movies (live-action): Flight of the Navigator, Short Circuit, Short Circuit 2,

Current Stories

Reliving History: A very old story I wrote up in September, 2009. After being uploaded and taken down and reuploaded and then taken down way too many times to count, and at the request of some of my old readers who missed it, Reliving History is up and here again to stay for good. After traveling back into the past, Gohan must also return to the time of the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai to track down Cell and stop him before he can change events in that time too - and he must take great care not to let the past Z Warriors find out who he is, or who knows what the consequences will be! Rated K. Some light Goku/Gohan fluff. No slash. Cover image by Vegeta12345. Don't know when the next chapter will be up.

Crossed Circuits: Another old fanfic from the early 2010s that was taken down a few times, though nowhere near to the extent that Reliving History was. This idea came to me very simply, inspired as I was from one of my favorite ReBoot fanfics on FanFiction-net (now taken down): What if the User entered the Net, and the denizens of Mainframe came in contact with one of their gods? The only problem would be that this god is loud, arrogant, has a very short fuse, and isn't afraid to destroy anything or anyone that gets in his way. First contact with a higher lifeform gone terribly wrong. Rated K. Cover image by Vegeta12345. The complete summary for the way this story will unfold right up until the very end has been saved on a Word document, so I know exactly what to do next, but work is going slowly. Though I am in the process of writing up Chapter 3, don't expect an update very soon.

Dragon Ball: A New Beginning: This is a more recent fanfic. Posted on January 24, 2014, it was the sister story to another, older fanfic of mine, Dragon Ball: Altered Fates. That story has since been discontinued and adopted by someone else, though work is still ongoing for A New Beginning. The premise is simple. A new companion joins Bulma and Goku on their Dragon Ball quest (they start out with one less Dragon Ball than they did in the show), and in the process, come across a lonely, angry orphan girl hearing voices who will impact their journey in ways both huge and small - and in particular, the entire Dragon Ball Z universe. Lucy, the Queen Diclonius, finds a different path, and her life will change for the better because of it. Rated T. Cover image by Vegeta12345. Work has been very slow, and Chapter 6 is being unavoidably delayed for personal reasons I can't get into, but writing beyond Chapter 6 is proceeding, so once it's finally back up again, expect more frequent updates. Can't say when it will be uploaded again, though.

Intertwined Destines: Another recent fic, posted on May 18, 2014, this story was greatly inspired and based off my good friend LSSJ2 Gohan's fanfic, Children of Destruction. Instead of a teen Gohan finding his way into the Elfen Lied universe, it's an adult Gohan, less burdened by the traumas of the past, and with a new charge to look after, as well as no troublesome split personalities. With Lucy on the loose and still dealing with the aftermath of his homeworld's destruction, not to mention his burgeoning feelings for two certain young women his age, Gohan will have to persevere, or be dragged down along with them. Rated M for very suggestive scenes, though the actual sex scenes will be simultaneously posted on and linked to my AO3 account, so there is the option of reading past it for those who feel a bit squeamish about that sort of thing if you so desire. Cover image by Vegeta12345. Work has nearly stopped, and instead I'm focusing my efforts on other, more immediate fanfics, though I do have plans for Intertwined Destinies, but it will likely not resume until I've edited some of the mistakes I made in a few earlier chapters.

Other World: Another recent story. Posted on May 23, 2014, this fanfic was based on an old idea I had: What if Gohan died after the Cell Games by contracting his father's heart virus during the brief contact that they had with one another in the android battle? My fanfic is basically the realization of that idea. After finding himself dead, Gohan will take part in the Other World Tournament along with his father, forging a new bond together, and finally, to face the future of death with father and son standing strong by each other's sides! Rated K. Cover image by Vegeta12345. Like Intertwined Destinies, work has slowed down, and while this will be updated at some point, it is quite likely that will not be until I've added a few new edits, and once I can focus less on a few other stories that are more demanding of my time.

Pokémon Tails: A Journey to the East: Posted on January 21, 2015. With 20 chapters, 150,000 words, and over 300 comments, this is quickly becoming my swan song. Originally conceived as a one-shot idea, I'm pleased to say that I poured myself fully into working on Pokémon Tails, with the only breaks taking place during periods when I was feeling particularly uninspired or when I had to work in new edits from the new Dragon Ball Super anime. The premise is simple, but the execution will likely be far more complex: When traveling into another universe with a prototype device Bulma builds for him, Gohan suddenly finds himself trapped in this strange, alien world with challenges that he and his new friends will have to overcome along the way. With a number of secret factions all taking a sudden interest in the strength of the young half-Saiyan, hidden plots, and many confused and conflicted growing feelings standing before their path, Gohan and the others will have to surpass their own limits and rise above it all in order to survive the day. Rated M, though like with Intertwined Destinies, the sex scenes will be moved to my AO3 account, so you don't have to worry about that. Cover image by Vegeta12345. Chapter 21 is in progress and is likely to be very finished very soon.

What to expect from my stories:

Adult Gohan will be given his Revival of F hairdo: To put it plainly, my fics will be retconning the Buu Saga haircut Gohan had once he reaches adulthood out of existence in favor of the new hairdo he was given in the Resurrection F or Revival of F movie. I couldn't stand the Buu Saga haircut. It was too butch, and it didn't really resemble the hairstyle Gohan had as a child. The Revival of F cut does. So if you're going into my stories and you see Adult Gohan in one of them, just imagine him with that hairdo instead, and expect me to poke fun at the Buu Saga cut once in a while. To this day, I get furious whenever I think about how such blatant fan complaints convinced Toei Animation to go back to that god-awful butch cut. (SMH)

The Super Saiyan god forms will be used for various characters: As people who personally know me are aware, I wasn't exactly too sold on the new god forms introduced in the Battle of Gods movie and then later Resurrection F, but with the advent of Dragon Ball Super and the many cool new feats and battles within that series, I've changed my mind, and I think they're actually rather cool. And they are apparently quite easy to achieve, as well, with only a set number of Saiyans necessary to perform the ritual. I may be adding my own touch to the Super Saiyan God ritual (like changing the number of Saiyans or giving it some other type of symbolism), but for the most part, I will be retaining the basic red-colored base hair for Super Saiyan God, and the spiked-up blue hairdo for Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (or Super Saiyan Blue), though I might play around with the names a bit as well.

The Mystic transformation will be used for Gohan sometimes: Again, people who personally know me wouldn't be surprised, but it may shock a few of my casual readers to learn that for the longest time I greatly disliked Gohan's so-called Mystic transformation when he became an adult. Why? Because it didn't feel like a real transformation, at least in my opinion. His permanently spiked-up butch haircut just remains the same, and that's boring! However, with the new Revival of F movie and Dragon Ball Super, it's easy to imagine that his swept-down crop top could easily poke up to resemble the Mystic form, giving it a definite change in appearance, as my good friend LSSJ2 Gohan told me. So yes, while it won't be for every other fic, expect to see the Mystic form being used in a few of my fanfics where Super Saiyan 3 or the Super Saiyan God forms don't play a huge part in Gohan's role in the story.

Elements from Dragon Ball GT will still be used: Now that Dragon Ball Super has displaced Dragon Ball GT as the new official continuity (even though GT was never canon), I will be adhering to the primary canon of the Dragon Ball Super anime and including many of the characters, settings, and story events that took place from that series, though that does NOT, by any stretch of the definition, mean that I will be throwing out the stuff from Dragon Ball GT. GT was not as bad as many people think, and it had tons of great ideas - in fact, the Baby Saga was my favorite arc when not including Z. So while the story setting will not be the same, fully expect to see many of the great ideas and creative elements Dragon Ball GT had, such as Baby, Super Saiyan 4, GT's Pan, the Shadow Dragons, and many of the planets and even other characters appearing at some point throughout my stories, in some form or another.

Only Legends concepts will be used in stories where Star Wars is involved: As more of a Star Wars EU fan, the "creative decisions" that amount to little more than corporate greed and ego-stroking being applied to the franchise by those at the top are infuriating, to simply throw away so many characters and stories just to sell more shallow action movies, and thus I will NOT be adhering to the post-2014 reboot of the Star Wars canon, and most especially not the characters of Rey (who is too damned overqualified at freaking everything to the point that it's ridiculous) or Kylo Ren (who gets a pass from nostalgic Star Wars fanboys for being every bit as whiny as Anakin EVER was simply because he worships Vader, ugh) as I feel they are Jacen and Jaina Solo that have been put through a blender and repackaged for mass cultural consumption without all the qualities that made them magical or endearing. No, I will only be sticking to the concepts which existed long before Disney took over like characters such as Mara Jade, Kyp Durron, Kyle Katarn, Corran Horn, many of the superweapons such as the Eclipse, the Sun Crusher, and the World Devastators, organizations like Wraith Squadron and the Diversity Alliance as well as even the Yuuzhan Vong, Zonama Sekot, and Vergere, for all their flaws.

The novelizations will be used for the Star Wars prequels: The Star Wars prequels are a pretty polarizing topic among the fanbase, so to compensate for this whenever the concepts or the characters and planets or species from that era are mentioned it will be through the use of the adult novelizations of the prequels, which had far superior dialogue (especially in the case of Matthew Stover's adaptation of Revenge of the Sith; seriously, go check that one out if you haven't read it yet, I'd highly recommend it) and the ideas were executed a lot more skillfully than they were in the live-action films, which were many of the complaints that those movies had. I believe this is a fair trade-off that most people who read my stories that love Star Wars will be willing to accept.

The Borg Queen will not be used, or employed in a limited role: For any story in which the Star Trek mythos features prominently, I will not be adhering to the concept of the Borg Queen, because the entire point of the Borg collective consciousness was that there ARE no individuals, and that is their greatest strength. A single leader can make mistakes, but that is far less likely from the combined whole, and I think the Borg Queen kind of validates that, acting no different from any other alien race like the Klingons, the Romulans, or the Cardassians, making stupid decisions that the heroes were able to easily capitalize on (I mean, really, blowing up your own ships to try and hurt the enemy? REALLY? Why, Voyager... why?). If the Borg truly need a representative to serve as their voice within my works, then they can simply assimilate somebody to serve in that role, like they did with Locutus. Rest assured that when I intend to use the Borg, I will try my best to capture the feeling of inevitability and cold precision that single cube had in "The Best of Both Worlds," which is the way the Borg really should be written. Alternatively, however, for stories where I feel the Borg need to be less unstoppable, and it calls for a Queen figure, then the concept within my fanfics will be that Hugh's reintegration with the rest of the Borg messed up their collective programming, and so a "Queen Hierarchy" was established to help them function collectively in a manner similar to how they used to perform, and without the new Queen system, the Borg would not survive.

Top 5 Favorite Stories (Genre)

1) Yu Yu Hakusho (shonen anime)

2) Batman: The Dark Knight (theatrical film)

3) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords (video game)

4) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (live-action television series)

5) Animorphs (book series)

Top 5 Favorite Star Trek Stories (Canon)

1. Best of Both Worlds

2. The Way of the Warrior

3. The Devil in the Dark

4. Wrath of Khan

5. Scorpion

Top 10 Favorite Animorphs Books

1) #26. The Attack

2) The Ellimist Chronicles

3) The Andalite Chronicles

4) #13. The Change

5) Megamorphs #2. In the Time of Dinosaurs

6) The Hork-Bajir Chronicles

7) #8. The Alien

8) #29. The Sickness


10) #19. The Departure

Personal Quotes:

"Avoid helpful idiots."

"Fear someone who has woken up."

"Beware the broken idealist."

"War always teaches the wrong lesson."

"I'm a simple man who thinks of deep things."

"Conflict is the only way you can learn."

"There's complexity, yet there's simplicity buried within."

"The intelligent one admits to how ignorant they really are."

"The most powerful men attract the most powerful foes."

"The strong one accepts the inevitability of their own morality."

"There's a great difference between a hero and a convenient ally."

"Overly confident guys tend to be the most full of themselves."

"The intelligent minority are too few to save this planet from the dumb masses that ruthlessly plague it."

"You can only see the times I fail because you can't see the times I succeed as well."

"It's not that you didn't want this — you didn't want the consequences of this."

"Modern society is just a really sophisticated form of tribal rule."

"No matter your reason, no matter what potential you once had, there comes a time when you cannot justify your acts anymore."

"Just because you should respect other cultures doesn't mean you can't point out their flaws."

"Better later than never, better sooner than later, and better now than sooner."

"Abortion is a choice, and choice is power, and power requires responsibility."

"Real men aren't afraid to let women stand on their level."

"I'm not crazy, I'm just very complex."

"Today's heroes are tomorrow's enemies."

"In war, there are no victors, only lost causes."

"For every end, there is another beginning."

"War just intensifies what is already lurking beneath you."

"It's hard to open your heart when it's known nothing but scorn."

"We in the West are cavemen with computers; those in the Middle East are cavemen with guns."

"An innocent child should not be held accountable for the sins of the parent."

"A visionary on his own is not dangerous; his followers are."

"Even the strongest moral high ground will not stand if your methods divorce you from it."

"If you wanna seek war whatever the reason, seek the male; if you wanna seek peace whatever the reason, seek the female."

"Nothing is more dangerous than living."

"Cherish women, but take them as seriously as any man."

"Be wary of those overly concerned with justice."

"I find no fault with the female form; I find fault with the female personality."

"Only the fool tries to claim a woman's body without first winning her heart."

"It's easier to respect your country's strengths when compared against another country's weakness."

"The ones who think they are the most sane also tend to be the ones who are the most insane."

"The greatest murderers always think of themselves as the greatest heroes."

"Necessary evil, after time, becomes simply evil."

"There is a thin line between patriotism and fanaticism."

"I swear allegiance to the nation of Homo sapiens!"

"You can either choose to respect women or degrade them."

"As long as there is injustice against women, the world will suffer."

"Overly masculine men tend to be among the most childish."

"How can we expect those who have power to act responsibly?"

"Your past does not excuse immoral behavior. It just gives you an excuse to justify being weak."

"For rapists, there is no redemption, just the cold certainty that you have no soul."

"Treat women like ladies... except if they don't respect you back."

"Those who are heterosexual do not have to prove they are heterosexual."

"It's always sexism when women are hurt."

"It takes two to argue, but it takes just one to offer peace."

"War is just an excuse for men to behave like pigs."

"Primitive conditions breed primitive people."

"Sex is all about the woman."

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