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Konoha's Seed

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Race: I'm pretty fast

Hobbies: Soccer, watching Naruto, writing Naruto fanfiction, video games...

Favorite Quotes: "Focus Neo, stop trying to hit me and hit me! Don't think you are; know you are. What happened happened and couldn't have happened any other way." --Morpheus, The Matrix.

"Look, God's made his mind up about this already, it already happened, it will keep happening, and it always will happen! Life, like time and space, is not a local phenomenon." --Dr. Alexander Denny, Deja Vu

"Suppose I don't recognize my own handwriting and the universe blows up. For all my life, I've been trying to catch people after they've done something horrible. For once in my life, I want to catch someone before they do something horrible; can you understand that!" --Denzel Washington, Deja Vu

"Try not. Do. Or do not." --Master Yoda, Star Wars

My Fanfiction

As a die-hard Naruto fan, I pride myself in knowing and understanding anything and everything about Naruto. I am always up-to-date with the anime (dub and sub) and the manga. So, if you have any questions about this anime, don't hesitate to ask. I will impart upon you my unsurpassed Naruto knowledge. For those looking for the manga, here is the best Naruto anime and manga site on the web, period.


If you've read my first fic "Secret Admirer" (oneshot), than you know I have a serious/emotional writing style with Naruto. I also pay close attention to detail and character development in my writing. So, if your reading on of my fics, try to note even the smaller details as they will be important to the storyline. I like my readers to be able to visualize my writing, especially with my characters' clothing, as it is important to character development. Consequently, I will be very detailed in describing OC's, scenery, and character appearance. All my Naruto fics will be realistic and within the limitations of the "narutoverse". My fics will stay close to the anime and manga storyline. So, if I create a new jutsu for a Kishimoto character, it will be within the limits of that character's abilities. I'm a crazy Hinata and Naruhina fan and, even though I'm a guy, Hinata is my favorite character (with Kakashi as a strong second favorite). I believe Hinata has a lot of potential with her abilities. Therefore, most of my fics will revolve around her and/or her relationship with Naruto.

Unless I'm referring to basic technique categories, such as ninjutsu, taijutsu, genjutsu, etc..., the jutsu names will be in English, like the Naruto Dub. I will also add interludes before or at the beginning of certain chapters. Example:

Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu!

Golden Rule:

As for my writing habits, here is my new golden rule (since I kinda broke my old one), and my promise to all my future readers. I will not publish a story unless I am at least 5 chapters ahead and I will try my best to update chapters on a weekly basis.

3/24/08 - I have just revised Secret Admirer, and ended the story with much more detail and emotion. If you've already read it, please re-read and tell me how you like the change. --(For Mystic4 Gohan)

3/25/07 - I have just released "Bonds of Youki", the sequel/continuation of Secret Admirer. The first chapter is just for setting and character development. I promise some action soon. Hope you enjoy. Pleeeease R&R!

2/22/11 - I know "Bonds of Youki" hasn't been updated for over three years and for that I am very sorry to all my readers, especially those who took the time to post a review. I will eventually finish this story within the year. Becuase haven't been active on this site in a couple of years, I want mark my return with an entire epic Naruto Fanfiction Series. This series will have the volume setup with a total of three books each consisting of about 20 chapters, with a 3 thousand word minimum on each chapter. I haven't published it yet, but I'm deep into the first book and very excited about sharing it with everyone soon. This fic will be very serious in tone, begining with exploring Hinata's difficult and painful but rewarding journey to get stronger during the time skip and her role in the Fourth Great Ninja War while revealing secrets from the Hyuga Clan's past along the way. On the whole, this series will examine the hidden world of Black Ops ninja within the Narutoverse, reveal striking similarities between Hinata and Sasuke's pasts to compare the paths they chose, and eventually come to focus Naruto's relationships with his most precious friends during the horrors of war. I will publish this story within the next 30 days when I complete the first book, and release it one chapter a week. I think everyone will enjoy it, so look forward to a great fic!

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From Lemons246. I thought these were funny:

-Don't reach for the stars you'll just look like a idiot stretching for no reason.

-I used to have an open mind, but my brains kept falling out.

-Come to the dark side, We have cookies!

You know you live in 2007 when...

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I got most of this from a diffrent person on fanfic.

How to improve at work

Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100?

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How about achieving 103? Here’s a little math that might prove helpful.

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1 20 20 9 20 21 4 5 = 100

2 21 12 12 19 8 9 20 = 103

So, it stands to reason that hardwork and knowledge will get you close, attitude will get you there, but bullshit will put you over the top.

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Here’s a dilemma...
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