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Hey everyone! I am a huge book lover! I read all the time! love a lot of things! These are the things that I love: Harry Potter, Twilight, New Moon, Eclispe, etc., Chronicles of Narnia, Pirates of the Carribean, City Of Bones books, The Meditator series and my awesomely awesome friends!! Oh well!! Enjoy!! I like Harry,Ron, Neville, George, Fred ,Charlie, Bill, and Dobby from Harry Potter. I like Edward,Emment and Jasper Cullen from Twilight And Tristan from Stardust!!. I like Peter and Edmund and Prince Caspian from Chronicles of Narnia. I like Will and Jack from Pirate of the Carribean. I like Riley from National Treasure. I like Fang from Maximum ride. I like Jace and Simon from City of Bones. and Alec too! I know I like a lot of guys but I don't care. I'm not weird!!

Now my BFFFFFFF'swho are far better and more talented than me SUZIE will say something...

Peter:... I'm a girl. Got stuck with HIM. At least he's KINDA cute. -not really-:
Well. Yes Suzie's obsessed with about 2... hundred guys. But she has heart. I think. She punched me earlier for calling her Suzie. It hurt... TT_TT

Edmund: p.s. i'm really a girl, we just made nicknames about Narnia and i got stuck with least he looks cute in the 2nd one...
Suzie is, WELL, a good way

Lucy: Ditto cept for the being cute
Suzie, yeah well she is right here so SHE IS GREAT!! (maybe)

Yeah so those are my awesomely awesome friends. AND MY NAME IS SUSAN NOT SUZIE!! i hate that!! They had to give up a weird nickname, but whatever. Enjoy!!