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Hey guys. I'm Lizzi. Haven't been on here in a couple years, but decided to come back and relive my fanction days. Everything below is what used to be on my profile. Embarrassing? Yes. But definitely too funny to delete. Check my stories out if you wish.

Peace 2 the world!!
Luv always!,

Hey guys! I found pics for most of the Heartbreak High charaters! Click on their names!
Brodie Woodhall (played by Bridgit Mendler)
Cane Tallman (played by Daniella Panabaker)
Macie Manikin (played by Emma Watson)
Virginia Wilkins (played by Victoria Justice)
Holland Tucker (played by Shenae Grimes)

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Rewind by Little-miss-twilight reviews
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Danger Hour reviews
What starts as a leisurely bonfire with Edward and Bella quickly turns into a struggle to survive. Edward and the rest of the Cullens must do everything in their power to keep Bella alive and out of danger.
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