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Hey everyone!

The whole point of the FF account is so that I can comment on the stories that I read on FF, since some of the author's don't accept annoynomous replies. Unfortunately, I don't have a creative bone in my body, but I love to read fanfic, so that's why I'm here! I have a LJ account (click on the link for my website to go to my LJ) where I post a weekly entry to keep track of the stories that I've read during the week. I won't lie, I tend to forget a few, but I'm trying.

I originally started off reading Buffy/Angel(us) stories. I read those for a about 2 years, and then I took a longbreak from reading fanfic.

I started reading it again in 2005 when Bonesstarted playing on TV. I'm a sucker for Booth/Brennan stories. I haven't read any really good Booth/Brennan fics in a while, though. About this time, I stumbled upon a little site called Live Journal, and I quickly became addicted.

While reading B&B on various sites (including my newest obsession, LJ), I discovered the wonderful world of Spangel (Angel(us)/Spike). Even though I'm a sucker for B&B, I simply adore Spangel. I honestly didn't think that I would like m/m slash, but I was highly surprised when I not only liked it, I actively started seeking it out!

((Have you noticed my little pattern as to which pairings I read about?? If you haven't, it's DB...David Boreanez!))

Anyway, after this point, I started to branch out a little to see what other fandoms I would like reading about. Enter the Supernaturalstories. I started off with Gen. stories, and quickly became addicted. I put off reading Wincest, because honestly, I wasn't sure how I'd feel reading about two brothers having sex with each other. Turns out, I liked that, too!

From there, I accidentally stumbled upon a Jared/Jensen (J2) fic. I was actually about to completely dismiss this story and go back to my Wincest, B&B, or Spangel, but I convinced myself to give it a try. I was very hesitant about reading RPS simply because it involves real people. I'm so glad that I did decide to try it. J2 RPS is actually my favorite pairing (with Spangel following a close second).

And now, thanks to a few wonderful people at LJ, I'm a huge fan of Jared Padalecki/Christian Kane. There aren't that many JP/CK fics out there, but I have found a handful--all of which I love!

I've tried other fandoms, but they just don't seem to capture my attention like these do. I don't read much B/A anymore, although I do have a select few stories that I like to go back and read every now and then. Like I said before, I haven't read any great B&B stories lately, so I'm a little behind in those. I've mainly just been reading Spangel, Wincest, J2, and JP/CK.

Well, that sums up my fanfic reading history. From B/A(us) to B&B to Spangel to Wincest to J2 and JP/CK. Hope you enjoyed the little journey through my rambling. Feel free to check out my LJ!

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