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The Basics: My name is Rachel and I live in Dallas, Texas. I'm in my sophomore year of high school. I used to swim for a private competitive swim team, but now I swim on the high school's team, and I love theatre. Last year I was accepted in the top show choir, although I had to decline due to scheduling conflicts with the top theatre class, Rising Stars, and was previously in the middle school's journalism class (also dropped for scheduling purposes, and the fact that high school Journalism sucks balls), where I avidly wrote editorials and news features, edited everyone's articles, took pictures at almost every school event for our yearbook, and created and organized nearly all the yearbook spreads. I also started French II Honors this year, but I forgot nearly all of the French I megaspore over the summer.

I discovered fanfiction from my past love of the Twilight series. After searching through the not-nearly-as-interesting fanart, I came across a story the girl's sister had written that went with her illustration, and thus, my search for fanfiction blossomed! Although I've grown to hate the original books, I still read plenty of addictive fanfiction.

My Deal With Fanfiction: I go in and out of fanfiction phases, depending on what I'm recommended through places like LiveJournal and school. Sometimes I get so caught up in the rest of the world that I end up ditching all things fanfiction until I have time to sit down and catch up on a story again. And other times, the only thing I want to do is be home so I can read it. It all just depends on what's going on in my world. And because of things that go on in and around the internet, after I've finally caught up in the fanfiction world, I do not have time to sit down and write my own. I'm very detailed when it comes to things like a character analysis because of my relationship with theatre. It's usually much easier for me to write an original work, especially if it's just a monologue for one-shot.

My Fandoms and Pairings: I guess I like yaoi the best, then het, then yuri. But I hate lemons. Sex that contributes to the plot is good. And with parings, if you can convince me, I go for it. Especially with Harry Potter. I read a lot of Harry Potter. Draco's my favourite. And I lovelovelove the Adam Lambert/Kris Allen (from American Idol, Season 9) bromance. But I read stories of their fictional romance, which is really sweet.

My Writings: I really only have an account to offer feedback and get alerts when stories update. I'm not a writer myself. I write original monologues, but that's really it. Previously, I had posted an And Then There Were None journal project that I did for school, but it wasn't an accurate representation of myself, so I took it down.

Oh my goodness it's someone who doesn't aspire to be a writer: I think I've finally found what I want to do in life thanks to my brilliant theatre teacher and director, who we've lovingly nicknamed Mom. I've decided I want to be a drama teacher at University some day, but will be perfectly happy starting out as a high school teacher. You can tell Mom really loves her job and is genuinely happy to see us (nearly) every day.

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