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I'm quite new here. cause i got bored and stuff in friendster. hehe.

"sometimes you have to put walls up around you

not to keep people out, but to see,

who cares enought to break them down just to be with you"

This saying really struck me. It's just very meaningful for me, for my life.


I'm Rayne it's my nickname, not my real name

living in the middle of adolesence right now. i'm loving it but hating it, at the same time.

I was planning to go to Japan but i can't. Philippines won't let me go away.

A highschooler. i'm not simple but not extraordinary.

i love chocolates, it's my life. but unfortunately, chocolates don't like me as how i like them.

i crave for kitkats right now! gimme one please? one hundred!!

i like some animes. no offense but i often hate animes with robots. not all of them. (depends on the story)

i also love cartoons like danny phantom, american dragon: jake long, totally spies, kim possible, lola and virginia, spongebob squarepants, fairly odd parents and many more!

I also also love the shows like drake and josh, ned's declassified school survivor guide, zoey 1o1, wizards at waverly place, raven, hannah montana, naturally sadie, suite life of zack and cody and others.

i'm lazy. so what? i love being like that. but sometimes being lazy makes me bored. gosh

and oh. i'm a CHRISTIAN, a part of the CHURCH. i believe in the Holy Trinity. God. Jesus. Holy Spirit. Virgin Mary and others which is realated to it.

crazy and being naughty is what fits me. i don't know. it's me.

i LOVE my family and friends.

CAN NOT live without gadgets. don't tell me i'm exagerating. i tried it. and know what happend to me? i was about to die, but my mom gave me my cp so here. i'm alive.

I hate physical activities. NOW.

i dream to be a writer. who writes great and extra ordinary plots. I want to go to Japan. and i want to own a chocolate factory!



i read stories like everyone else. but i'm different cause i get bored if the chapters are long. this is the fascinating part, if the story's chapter are long and i kept on reading it. wow. THE AUTHORESS IS THE BEST. making me not bored like that. -applause- i read extra ordinary stories. i can read stories from angst to humor. It's ok for me to read the same plots with different authors, but make sure you will add some interesting scenes. I don't really like reading then reviewing. I only review if i want the author to know that i appreaciated her/his work. i like cliff hangers, it makes me want the author to UPDATE THIS MINUTE OR ELSE. it makes me intrigued. yeah. that's the word. As a reader, i'm not that kind of reader someone would like. hehe. kiddin'


i write stories too. My mind is always at work, cause i'm very imaginative. it's like that i have a very big goal that i myself can't even reach. I like writing very much, i think it's my passion. writing on my mind. cause i'm very lazy, sometimes i don't want to write it. and sometimes, i don't want to type it. I have so many ideas but i don't really know how to write it there. My mom and big sis told me that i could be a great writer if i will read books. but i hate reading books. sometimes. hehe. i write in english, cause filipino words are... you know. deep. but even though i write in englsih, i'm not good at it. i'm not good at grammars and such. that's why i envy some persons who are like in my age but has a great english grammar and words. and i envy how they come up with their plots. wow. and oh, i always have a -writer's block- and i hate it so much

A glimps of me

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emina25 - my very first friend in ff.net. sarah-chan! love her!

pepperella - new friend

SeraphMia - my new Neechan

Heaven's Memoirs - we really have so much in common! yey us! i love jenny-chan!

k0nek0 - my new cat friend. kitty-chan. ahihi. kitty-chan is beta reading my works!! yey her! kitty-senpai.

tokyobend17 - my new friendly friend.

Sarah Patrick - SarahNeechan! =)

xxtranscendence - dianaNeechan!

Caffeine-tolerant - Nattie-senpai? hehe.

Sakura-hime246 - Sakuchan!

.SkiE.2314 - pinay friend!

i wanna have some friends!

ym: rainnie_chan187


assassin in campus reviews
Alice Academy is a school for exclusively rich students. An assassin is inside the campus, who has a mission to kill a student studying there. Who is the assassin and who will be the one to be killed? NOTE: There will be a twist and turn in the story
Gakuen Alice - Rated: T - English - Romance/Suspense - Chapters: 4 - Words: 3,720 - Reviews: 16 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 5/29/2008 - Published: 5/14/2008
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