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Hello, I'm MyFavouriteCharacter.

I honestly don't care about reviews/challenges/pairings etc.

I just write.

Please enjoy my stories, that's why I wrote them.

Love you all...

My Favourite Character xxx

P.S. You might have noticed that all my stories are oneshots/ songfics... a few people have asked me to write more. I'm afraid this is not going to happen. I have a short attention span and I don't like having to work out storylines. I just like breif descriptions and dialogues. Sowwwwwy! :'(

WARNING: I won't reply to any reviews unless they particularly interest me or you ask me to. Kay?

THE ONES LEFT BEHIND: Well... people have said the alternative ending wasn't necessary, and idc. I really wanted to try both, and write them, coz i love Tom, but if it was only the happy ending what does that prove? So tell me which you prefer, mmk?

A bit about the person behind MyFavouriteCharacter:

Name(s): Jess, Jessica, Hess, Yess, Mess, Yellow, Womble, and many many more.

Age: 13 and proud. It's a good age.

Nationality: English and very very happy about that.

Personality: Well, friends, correct me if I'm wrong but this is what I think I am : Bossy, extroverted, analytical, logical, straightforward, funny, insane at times, annoying... very annoying.

Hobbies: Singing (but not well), dancing (not too badly), playing flute, going on msn all day, watching scrubs/ simpsons/ friends/ MTV/ brainiac (yes I'm cool like that) and I love cooking too.

Music: Ooooh, I'm just going to list my faves. The Hush Sound, Feist, Kate Nash, Hellogoodbye, KT Tunstall, Fall Out Boy, Plain White T's, The Kooks, The Fratellis, Snow Patrol and loads more. (BTW by some of these bands, I have only heard one or two songs. I honestly dont care if that doesnt make me a real fan, I just like their music.)

Dislikes: Don't get me started. Cats (badly allergic), meat (I just don't like it), discrimination, people accusing of racism if i call my friend Erica black, because, well, she IS black, and can do an amazing ghetto accent. I don't like lies, jumping to conclusions, and indecisiveness. I don't like people telling me I can't go on msn (makes me cry, aww only joking) and last of all I don't like running. Or moreover, running doesn't like me.

Books: Weeeeell... CHERUB, ASoUE, Harry Potter is okay (but doesnt govern my life), Twilight (Edward

Films: Hmmm... I saw Juno recently, and I loved the soundtrack. Rent is legendous. I love Hairspray/ Grease/ Little Shop of Horrors, but then again, my friends give me no choice. As I said before, i love Atonement. Ooooh, and I love series made into films, like Harry Potter and ASoUE. I can't wait for the Twilight Movie to come out of course

School: Ugh, not so bad I suppose. My favourite subjects are Geography, German and Home Economics, just because I enjoy them all. My least favourite is Maths, because, even though I'm in top set (I honestly shouldn't be) I get very bored and just don't work. I choose to stab me/ my friend/ my books/ the radiator with my compass, because QUITE FRANKLY GIRLS its more entertaining.

A Bit more...

My friends are all amazing. They know who they are. Love them all.

So, that's me in a nutshell. Enjoy my stories please mes amigos!

REEEENT (for Alice =D

Have you ever sang La Vie Boheme whilst standing on a table?

Have you ever twitched when you heard the opening chords of Take Me or Leave Me played?

Have you ever screamed because you met/ saw in film credits someone with the name Mark or surname Cohen?

Have you ever stopped in the street and yelled 'OH MY GOD IT'S MARK' at a random passer by?

Do your friends get irritated by your constant singing of One Song Glory/ Today For You/ Markalicious?

Do your friends complain of your constant wailing of Out Tonight, and Mimi style dancing?

Do you find delight in discovering exciting new pairings? (e.g. Angel/Evita?)

Do you know ALL of the words to La Vie Boheme?

Would you happily pay Mark's rent?

Is your biggest dream to walk in on Roger and his guitar?

Do you compare your friends to rent characters?

D I'm so obsessive. I should get help.

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