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Author has written 3 stories for Fire Emblem, and Fallout.

Hi, y'all, I'm Excellent!, formerly Ryuuseikan, and usually without the superfluous "!", because ff.net won't allow it in a pen name. It's meant to be more of an exclamation of excitement, not of superiority.

For those who care:
So since my last visit god knows how long ago, I've changed a lot, including my writing and life goals. Previously, I had promised a lot of Fire Emblem femslash, but honestly, I'm just not up to it anymore. I've sort of left that fandom behind. I may write a lot, a may write like 2 more stories and be done. Basically, I write when I feel like it, and I make no promises for anything. It's summer now, so if I'm going to write anything, it will be between today, June 29 09, and September.

I lurk like nobody's business. I really do. I almost never review anything, which is why I don't expect any reviews (especially considering the fandoms I'm going into). Read and enjoy, or not. Mostly I write to entertain myself. I am not and will never claim to be a writer.


Notes Regarding my Fallout Fics: I never have and never will do any research for any fic I write. Some situations, like the irradiated rain and radiation causing sterility, may not be physically possible in the real world, but they sure as hell are in my world because I said so. This is my basic justification for anything and everything that happens in my fics: Because I Said So.

I'm also a "Hot-off-the-Press" type o' gal: most fics will be written and posted on the same day.

Unless otherwise noted, all fics are standalone and one's continuity doesn't affect any of the others.

In all of my fics,a Female Lone Wanderer (FLW) will be named Barbara ("LWB"), and a Male Lone Wanderer (MLW) if I ever use one will be named Paul ("LWP").

I also will never refer to the Lone Wanderer as "I/me" or "you", because that's weird. So do not assume that Barbara is some sort of avatar for myself because you would be wrong.

A Review Response to my Favorite Anonymous Reviewer, Uhhh, in hopes that s/he reads it:

Dude(tte), get an account, please, so I can tell you directly that I love you. I'm not even kidding. I specifically put the opening line regarding my logic for Mortality in hopes that someone would call me on it. And you did, not only for the block of hot-off-the-press ficatude that is Mortality but also for Rain. God do I love being challenged.

So in response to your review for Mortality: Her sterility being caused by irradiation was meant to be justified by the fact that it was only after she had been critically irradiated that her fertility was questionable; I'm about 90 certain that a woman MUST mestruate to be fertile. Note that it was stated that she was exposed to constant radiation that went untreated, so it could have been a long process. Mirelurks are also, clearly, vastly different from humans and so this logic is nowhere near valid. I also thought about cancer; but in the end I specifically decided to leave it out. So who's to say she doesn't have cancer, too? I'd be willing to bet that infertility is a side-effect of some women-targeting cancer (like I said, I don't do research.) As for your complaint, it's your opinion and I'm glad that you enyoyed it.

And for Rain: Radiation radiates; one does not have to touch something that is radiating (i.e. fire) to feel what is being radiated (i.e. heat). In this case, radiation is coming off of the rain, therefore, yes, it can be assumed that there is radiation in the air when it rains irradiated water, at least according to my logic. I also decided that if a puddle of water could retain radiation, then so could any particle of water, including rain (see Note). I would also assume that Wadsworth is equipped with some sort of Brita filter/purification system. I think it's also safe to assume that radiation burns. By "burn", I meant that it stung, not, like, caused something to burst into flames, and stinging usually doesn't leave marks. As for the Confessor, maybe he likes it?

Fic Ideas in Progress:
-some fun with Arthur Maxson, possibly with LWB/SL?; Humor/General
-some fun with Point Look; Swampfolk Huntin'? General/Humor
-LWB/Sarah Lyons slash because I love her; Romance/General
--Holy Crap, I bet I could use Carol and Greta in such a situation
-Star Paladin Cross and LW mother/child relationship?

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