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UPDATE 10/23/08: Apologies to those people who have asked for more on Moments of Clarity. I don't know if that is going to happen or not. But I am starting to get into the swing of the grad school thing so it is looking like a possibility again. Thanks for your patience!

AGE: 26

GENDER: Male (I know, weird huh? I swear there are about 300 girls for every guy on this site.)

OCCUPATION: Graduate Student/Teacher/Theatrical Designer

LOCATION: Currently Ohio, formerly Hong Kong, Florida, and Colorado, among others

HOBBIES: Theatre, travel, singing, reading, writing, games, conversation

STORIES: Harry Potter slash for now (what I read and what I write)

MISCELLANEOUS: In case you're wondering why I'm a guy who likes slash... duh, I'm gay.

MORE ABOUT ME: (in paragraph format, cause that's how I roll)

I love reading, but I'm a slow reader and so I don't read as much as I'd like to. I love writing, but my attention span is short so I hardly ever finish writing anything longer than a few thousand words. I love the fine arts, especially theatre, and I'm a professional theatre designer and also an amateur singer. I love to travel, I wish I knew more languages, because languages fascinate me, and I wish I was better at 2D visual art. I'm 26 (shocker! I swear I lost track of time, I still feel 20!) I've lived in many places, some longer, some shorter. At the moment, I'm living in Ohio, pursuing a Master's in Theatrical Design... but over the past few years I've lived in Colorado (my home state), Florida, California, Paris (for a short time) and Hong Kong (for two years)

As far as books/reading go: I'm not really a super devotee of any one series. I enjoy the Harry Potter books and books by Carol Berg (who is a lesser-known but very good writer of fantasy). I have otherwise very disparate tastes, but here are a few books I've read recently and enjoyed, for reference: Ender's Game, Da Vinci Code, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Belgariad, Magic's Price (& prequels). I'm not actually all that well-read. Books I've read recently and didn't like: The Diagnosis, Wicked (but I like the musical!). As far as TV: don't really follow anything, so I won't be writing about any TV inspired stuff.

On to the point of this site: I am pretty new to reading or writing fan fiction, on many levels it's a good fit for me. Almost every book I read, I have some level of "I wish this would happen" and I imagine scenarios in my head... I've just never written them down, or read other people's versions of what they "wish would happen." So here I go!

As for writing: my stuff is probably going to be mostly slash or at least have some element of male/male romance, since that's what I always envision anyways when it comes to stories. I'm always disappointed that there aren't more good M/M couples in PUBLISHED literature, and since I am a guy who likes guys... well, I just have to pretend that existing characters are gay. I hope that, even though I'm an honest-to-goodness gay guy writing in a genre (slash) that is hugely dominated by straight female writers, I'll be able to write some stories that appeal to the general slash fanbase as well. As for what I read: I am practically obsessed with Harry/Draco (they are so perfect for each other! ...and I am pissed that in canon, Harry gets with Ginny, yuck) but I have come to accept the possible merits of the occasional Sirius/Lupin fic as well, and even some other M/M pairings within the HP universe (though not so big on teacher/student ones since I'm a teacher and that bugs me).

I am also (like many of the people on this site, I believe) an aspiring writer. I have tried and failed in the past to write a full-length original novel, and I hope at some time to revisit that particular project or begin another.

Thanks for reading about me! Drop me a note, say hi!


P.S. Much love to my faithful readers and reviewers! Your comments have really been encouraging on my first project, and I hope to continue it and add some others soon.

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