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Whats doing?

I would write some creative stuff in here but I'm saving myself for my stories. Those little buggers can get pretty insessant sometimes. Anyway. Just as a general overview, I'm still in high school, a chick and I'm Australian. So any words you can't understand are probably my slang and I'll try and universalise them if that's even a word. Don't tell me that I'm writing wrong, or that I'm hard to understand because I am writing in English and it is my first language. Keep your minds open and it wont be as hard. M'kay pumpkin?

I have restrained myself very very well from writing anything that's even remotely Aussie in my stories because I know a large percentage of the population on FF.net is American or just not Australian. So yeah. Believe me, I would love to start writing about a bogan Roxas who lives in the suburbs of Melbourne and has a XXXX every afternoon, before his dag of a boyfriend rocks up and they have some snags on the barbie. No, that was a lie, I wouldn't like to write about that, and even to me, that last sentence didn't make much sense.

Speaking of openmindedness again, probably not a word but anywho, I read anything and everything- if it is interesting and/or well written. I write Yaoi, Yuri, Het and lots of other fun stuff. Vampires and supernatural stuff rocks my socks so to speak. I will beta once I figure out this confirnit contraption. E-mail me or PM me anytime even to say Hi or tell me some good songs because I cannot write without music, I promise not to bite more than once or twice. Kingdom hearts is my drug of choice as is Naruto and Final Fantasy, but I'm starting to become blase towards writing Naruto fanfic. I like anime but with school and its hecticness and the desire to want to achieve so I can stereotypically 'become something' is keeping me from watching a lot and updating as much as I want to. Also I'm lazy and I put things off normally till late in the game. Good thing I'm not studying to be a surgeon huh?


I was planning on doing a series of one shots under the title A.A.A, which I have forgotten the actual name of, because my friend asked me to. But I realised the titles were getting worse and harder to come up woth. So if there is alliteration yay, if not oh well. My writing usually consists of Kingdom hearts fanfics and mostly AkuRoku just because they're so damn canon. My first story will probably be 'Holding the Hate Hostage' and it will have AkuRoku.

Cassanova and Co.

Axel didn't know what he was expecting when he went into the blind date business. He wasn't even sure that there would be that many people wanting to take him on. But now as the star of Cassanova and Co. life couldn't be better. That was until he met the blonde. Oh boy was Axel going to have to work for his money. (akuroku)

Camp Eventually (W.I.P)

Axel was always there from the beginning. Roxas was always trying to ignore him from the beginning. He was annoying and a freak, no wonder the other kids bullied him. Then one day Roxas gets a call from the Principal, he can't graduate. Why? It's all Axel's fault. Then what happens when they get sent of to a psych camp for bullies and bullying? Roxas learns the red head's worth more time than he gives him credit for.

Don't Act Cute

Axel never met someone quite like Roxas before. Sure, he was gorgeous but he was an actor. A very good one. So as he watched from the sidelines, watched him play around with the affections of other men he couldn't help but feel sorry for him. So he approached him, told him what he really thought of him and then buggered off home. Roxas came in search of him the next day, just like Axel thought he would.

Forgive Me Not

So yeah Axel was pretty pissed. Roxas had gone off with another guy yet again while Axel was just left behind. He finally decided to do something about it, the reaction he'd gotten was not what he was expecting. Then Roxas was crying and he didn't know why his hand was up in the air. Then Roxas was leaving and he couldn't remember the last words from his mouth. But Sora was there and he did, then Axel knew and he kept wishing he didn't. (AkuRoku)

Holding the Hate Hostage (complete)

Here's a plot synopsis;

You can hate someone and then you can hate someone.But what happens when you put two people who hate each other together in a room with people who couldn’t give a shit about hate or the world? But what if these people were armed and wanted to kill you? It can go one of two ways. You can begin to hate the other person, or you can begin to depend on their company like no one else. That is, if you don’t get killed first. (akuroku)

Librarian vs. the Lollypop (Complete)

Weird title but yeah.

Zexion noticed the moment the blonde came into his library. He noticed the way he sat down at the table with a large pile of books about music and all things one presumed would be fun. No one seemed to care about their artstic or factual value. All they wanted was pictures to fill up their minds. Zexion could handle people depreciating the value of words. What he couldn't handle was the blonde eating a lollypop in his library. What if he got his sticky fingers on the books? Or better yet, what if he got them on Zexion?

Like Dissolves Like

Zexion's pov. So yeah they broke up. Everyone assumed it would happen sooner or later. They were just too different apparently. Then why does Demyx seem to want to be around Zexion even now, and why doesn't he object? There are just somethings that won't break no matter how hard you try. Like Dissolves Like a standard chemical equation, but what about two unlikely characters?

Occassions of Clurinary Cunning

I haven't begun writing this yet but this will be a chef/cooking type thing.

Roxas never cooked. No, you don't understand. He never ever cooked, so what was he doing as a dish pig at this restaurant? He had no clue. The only thing he was aware of was the head chef and his fixation with the gas burners. God help him. (akuroku)

Performing under Pressure

His parents kicked him out of the house when he told them his life long ambition. His friends nearly suffocated themselves from laughter when he told them he wanted to be a air host. The blonde pilot, now he didn't laugh but Axel wasn't sure if he prefered that to the alternative. (akuroku)

Please Don't Kiss Me (Complete)-May have a sequel

Roxas's friends all wish he'd just get with someone, anyone so that he would relax a bit more. He's been too tense lately and they're fed up with it. But Roxas just doesn't like the idea of kissing anyone let alone having 'that' kind of contact. It's unhygienic and gross. Then along comes Axel, can he change Roxas's opinion? (AkuRoku)

Romanticide (in progress)

When they said bad things came in threes they weren't kidding. Demyx is down but not out and still clutching to his romantic ideals and searching for Mr Right. But what happens when everything around him tells him he's wrong and there is no such thing as true love. Should he just give it up and run a life of one night stands? Can Zexion push aside all logical reasoning and just jump head first into something he's not sure of? Will they meet each other half way?(Zemyx)

Split Ends (yes not exaclty alliteration but the 's' can work)

Axel had his hands full ever since the Kingdom Hearts Catwalk where he'd gotten his big break. His chain of salons had taken off, all except one. So he personally travels to the struggling chain store to show them how its meant to be done. What he didn't expect to find there was a blonde mop, blue eyes and a boy with a hell of an attitude.

Sink or Swim?

Zexion has never ever swum in his life. He's never wanted to, but a recent spook lead him to feel that he needed some security. So he takes lessons. His coach an ex-pro (in the club's opinion) Demyx seems to be made from water, even his brain at times appears to Zexion as nothing but mush. So why does his heart beat faster when Demxy holds him and helps him to float? Maybe Zexion's just water logged, maybe he's just high off the chlorine fumes or maybe the reason he keeps returning after he's finished training is something much deeper.

I write in any genre and it does depend on my mood and the song playing on my computer. I have an account in FictionPress, if you would like to read some of my original stuff and I promise it will be good. I am going to try and update more there and here seeing as schools nearly out but I have exams soon so wish me luck.

Also, if you think you've got a good story feel free to PM and give me a link I would be happy to read and review if it is as you say, good.

Another note, I don't take myself to seriously so you really shouldn't take me to seriously either. It makes horror movies so much easier to watch.

Current favourite band-muse, just because they are damn awesome.

Things I hate to read in fics (my pet peeves)

Characters whose persoanlities immediatley switch to something different in the next chapter/segment. If you're gonna write it one way at least make it consistent.

Characters who are overly emotional and pathetic. Yeah sure there are people like that out there. But really if they haven't stopped crying/whinging by the third chapter I'm not interested.

Stories that have been done to death. You all know what I mean.

Crack stories that could be good if they were written with care but are not. I've read some interesting stories that have died in the ass because the author decided that detail wasn't important. As a note, it is.

Authors who write themselves in as the character. Yes we all love them but that's not what I want to read. I'm sure you've got a great personality but really when I read a fic I'm not concerned about you. That's what authors notes are for.

OC's. Enough said.

People who scream and say totally unimportant and time wasting things in authors notes or their profiles. Yes I do read profiles. If you review a story of mine the least I can do is reply and or skim your profile. Profiles are great fun, but too much of a good thing is most definently BAD.

Authors who are inconsitent with grammar and spelling or write with text speak i.e lol, u, cya, ru, lil, l8er...and so on. There are betas for a reason, and if they don't fix it then get another one until it's fixed. Or better yet fix it yourself. That being said I am only human and make mistakes in my writing, but I appreciate people telling me grammar, spelling mistakes and try my best to correct them.

Roxas as a push over, major uke or someone who just immediatley falls in love with Axel for no reason at all other than "he's hot'. Sure it could happen, but I don't want a quick resolution. That being said I don't want a long one either. Also the main goal of a story shouldn't be the characters having sex, unless there is other plot joined with it. Sure smut is good, I'm a big supporter but if I wanted to read a fic about sex and nothing else, I'd get out a porn mag.

Off the topic slightly, but I don't like those long listed things i.e "I'm a WHITE GIRL so I must be a naggy bitch hoe" or whatever. But that could just be because I'm DEFENSIVE SO I MUST ...oh its not worth the IQ points.

Another point, this one is specifically touchy on certain moral grounds but I believe it should be said. Users on this site who have suffered abuse before or a traumatic incident in the past should be dissuaded from writting their stories on fanfiction.net. This site is souly for 'fiction' and stories that allow the characters to experience certain senarios, not relive your past, not present your traumatic event and not to show others how things i.e rape actually occur. Those who write rape scene should be very, Very careful because it is a very delicate subject. I'd advise people to steer clear of it, unless you feel that you have enough worldly experience to handle it properly. And for those users on this site under the age of fourteen should not be writing rape, or abuse scenes. I'm aware that there are a number of people out there under that age who have been victim of said incidents. And you may challenge me on the topic and feel the need to express yourself here, but I must ask you why? Why? To a bunch of strangers who want to read fiction and who have no idea who you are, or don;t even care. Why would you share something so intimate over the internet? Choose wisely before you write something like that, people on the whole are less sensitive than we hope to believe as young kids. Talk to a close friend, parent, counselor, psychologist or doctor, don't write it across the internet to a bunch of strangers who are indifferent to your situation. It seems as a cry for sympathy, reassurance in yourself, I'm sorry that you feel so lacking, but it is none of my business, and its only your business. Your past, your memories.

There are probably more but I wont rant on.

Feeling warm and fluffy?

That's it. Bye

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